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Slight nute burn?


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Hey guys,
this is my first plant, so i'm might be a little but worried too much, but i want to improve as much possible so any advice and comments are welcome :)

it's a northern lights #5 x haze from sensiseeds put into a rock-wool cube 2.5 weeks ago and is now in a ghe aquafarm with dwc mod.
the lady got fimmed (at least i hope so ) 2 days ago and seems doing well :circle-of-love:

only the first and second set of leaves are looking kinda strange, like i had/have some nute issues, dunno for sure ...
actual ec is 0.45, ph varies between 5.7-6.3
i'm using hesi for hydro and RO water with 0.025 ec.



First Leaf - Single Leaf:

Second Leafes - Tri-Leaf

Third Set - Only tip this time

to much nutes for the first days in her life ?
seems healthy to me in any other means as far as i can tell.

Thanks for any help :thanks:


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Plants are looking fine but maybe you are right with nutrient burn.:50:


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what is your pH?

oops... just saw it... yep, that looks ok... I agree with the AP'er, back off the nutes just a bit... but looks like something might be missing too... dont like the looks of those lower fans


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it might not be burn... you might need some cal-mag with that RO water. Magnesium deficiency is definitely being suspected here.



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ok, i'll definitely take that into consideration, still got some Epsom salt stored if the new leafs start to yellow ...
could it be, because of the lack of nutes the first days, that only the first and second set of leaves are affected ? normally hesi hydro grow should give enough calcium and magnesium with RO water, referring to a support mail from hesi where that question got issued and those are listed on the contents of the hesi nutes, too ...

thanks again, i'll keep an closer eye on mag deficiency as well :thanks:


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ok, i read some stuff about mag deficiency and got myself some Sensi Cal-Mag Xtra which i started to use as foliage spray with 2ml per liter as in the description ...

when using it with RO water, it increases the ec to 0.7 without any other nutes, so i decided to try it as foliar spray first to cover the urgent problems .... before messing with the entire reservoir.

when things start to get less 'yellow' i might reduce some nutes to make room for calmag, till then it's time for a little shower xD


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still looking not nice, some leaves had worsened their condition, though generally plant seems doing fine.
applying calmag as foilage spray several times a day and at the end of the day cicle when lights go down, sometimes with clear water before to prevent any surface covering on the leaves from not absorbed nutes.
should i increase foilage dosis or intervals ?!? additionally i'm going to change water tomorrow as i found some clumped not slimy stuff in the reservoir, which i think could be clogged nutes ....... then adding calmag to the fresh nutes as well. :D

the affected leaves got some bleaching ongoing, turning them yellow/white and some rusty spots appeared on the third set of leaves which i think could be another proof for magnesium deficiency.

will of course provide further pics and intel whether things get better or worse.

some new pics


First Leaf - not looking good at all ...

Second Leafs - starts like the first one did ...

Third Set - now got some Rusty spots ....


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you might want to add it to the mix now that you have it figured out


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I would look at the drip ring being too high off the hydroton and splashing the leaves. I have grown in GH water farms and this happens if the nutrient solution is splashing the leaves, get that drip ring flat on the hydroton. And maybe a little hot on the nutrient solution giving some tip discoloration.


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first pictures from 08-11 were made with 0.4 ec. at those pics from 10-11 she's already at 1.4 ec (since 4 days now, no burned tips or anything suspicious not already present in the first pictures showing yet, so i think she loves it as she's going crazy right now .....



no further leave bleaching occurred, symptoms stopped spreading and the rust patches stabilized, she started to be happy again, no burnt tips, yet :)

i cut off the lowest leaves 3 days ago, as they withered they started drooping down ... and then i had BuddoGreens splashing problems, so before they started to rot i removed them.

so, my conclusion in this case:
serious problem of to long to careful with nutes and calmag deficiency (maybe because to low ec, maybe because hesi has not enough mag in their nutes for RO water despite claiming otherwise ... dunno, i bought some calmag extra before trying to increase hesi dosage) and now it seems fixed.

thanks for the help everyone :goodjob:

don't mention the holes in the upper leaves until you wanna hear how i nearly got a heart attack when i cut my plant the first time, think i caused more stress to me then to her .... xD
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