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So let me begin by saying I am pretty new to this all and I searched before posting. I found a lot of great threads, saved them for future references. Lots of info.

But, I'm still left with a few Q's. I'm going to be building a new indoor room (something like 5 meters long by 5 meters wide) and will have about 2 to 3grand to put into Veg Lights, Bloom Lights, Nutes and Soil. My questions are -
Super Soil - Worth it? My last batch was nothing but a few bags of fox farms ocean forest, and that seems to work great by itself.
Veg Lights - I plan on using T5 CFL's, every plant I've had under them just seem to shoot for the stars. But any other opinions and advice for this lighting is welcome.
Bloom Lights - I'm thinking LED's. I've never tried LED's, and no one I know uses them. But are they as successful as HPS systems? Recommendations?
Nutes - I know how tricky these can be already. Any one got any go to formulas for Veg/Bloom cycles? I'm already doing Open Sesame/Beastie Bloom/Cha Ching in Bloom.

Thanks in advance anyone/everyone.


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I would say yes to the T-5 lighting for the vegetative phase.


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How many plants?? thats a big foot print to fill,my new room will be finished this week,its 10x24 I split it in half so the plants sit on the back wall,it will house 6x600 hps,1 light per plant.

t-5 will work great for veg,they will also work great for flower,In changing bulbs and using a different spectrum,they can be customized to suit any needs..

I prefer to use the coral line from zoomed,these lamps are designed to penetrate water up to 3 feet,living tank coral reef needs the light



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Fox Farms Ocean Forest, I've heard lots of good stuff about that. No idea about Super Soil. Veg lights sound ok, I only have experience with HID's though. As for LED's, they seem very tricky. I remember reading they are more difficult to grow with, you should probably research them very well if you are dead set on using them. A HPS can't really go wrong as long as you have the equipment/means to use it. I don't have much experience with nutes either, but I've heard of all the ones you named before.
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