Slinks' Lemon Amnesia & Money Maker - Coco - Wilma XL 4 Pot - 400W Tent Grow

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Hi Guys, first grow journal but not my first grow.
I plan on making a time lapse video of flowering as I'm fairly sure my lady is getting me one for christmas.

So I just moved to super sunny Lanzarote in the Canary Islands 100km from the coast of Morroco and the Sahara, perfect weather for growing cannabis outdoor almost all year round. However I live in rented accommodation and despite the legality of cannabis here I chose to do an Indoor grow, as I got a fair few years of soil growing in cupboards n attics back in the UK. I had a budget when choosing equipment as most growers do so I chose a setup based on wanting to try new things like a cooltube and wilma system and also utilise my previous experience without switching things up too much.

So set up:

One 1.2 x 1.2 x 2 m grow tent... (stupidly its only got one set of vent ports which i didnt think about when I was cheaping out)

Wilma XL Dripper System with 11litre pots... (I've previously grown in rhizo and aeropots but for the sake of testing the system and having never owned one Im gonna use its standard set up and start to possibly modify it next grow)

Canna Coco Coir as my substrate. (I've used coco with Aqua pot system before)

Air Cooled Lighting - Cool Tube with 400w Sylvania dual spectrum light. (Never used before)

ET1 Ballast had to wire it myself- scary shit. If you cross wire it it will blow your rcd on your houses fuse board. Obviously I know from experience)

125mm rvk extractor fan (pulling cool air through the light). (I've never ventilated my grow before as its been in an attic or stealth grows in cupboards and even in my shower in Liverpool student halls -The shower curtain rail was perfect for hanging my light off. I had to move plants to go to the loo or have a wash, but was worth it)

Oscillating Tall Fan

Nutrient's: Hesi TNT,Hesi Coco, Hesi Supervit, Ph Up n Down

SEEDS: 2 x Strain Hunters - Money Maker and 2 x Barney's Farm - Lemon Amnesia

My tent is currently sitting around the 27c mark... which is pretty good for the climate and no ventilation system installed. Humidity is low 35-45% not sure how to control and sort this out in a tent my size, air conditioning unit or something maybe.

I got another extractor fan rated 260cfm which I was gonna install but I got no spare vent ports. (Considering buying a y junction so I can port my light heat and exaust out the same hole - will that work?) Saving money for xmas presents at moment but we will see what happens wont we ;)


Germinated my seeds in coco Jiffy pellets on a plate with a plastic tupperware over it, left in a dark cupboard with temp 25c during day. The Money Makers popped out a day before the Amnesia Lemon.
Repotted them both on same day (today 13/12/17) and stuck em straight under 400w HPS bout 50cm from light maybe a bit less, not sure where exactly I should have the light as my first cooltube. Its not hot on my hand and I been monitoring the seedlings all day, they are looking nice and green.


Lemon Amnesia

Money Maker

Drip Fed for 15 minutes with 25ml Hesi TNT and 2 drops Super Vit per 10liters of water... (PH corrected to 6)

Temp ranging between 26 and 30c depending on if I vent the top of tent (undo the zip and open the window to allow fresh air into the bedroom)

At night all lights and fans are off for 6 hours as I don't wanna piss off the neighbours with the noise.

Please feel free to give advice and constructive criticsm on my grow.

TO BE CONTINUED so check back in a few days :tokin:
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re: Slinks' Lemon Amnesia & Money Maker - Coco - Wilma XL 4 Pot - 400W Tent Grow

Feels weird to be growing legally, I even told my mother in law about it.. She has a Sweet Kush seed I gave her to grow outside in her villa..i'll get some pics of that too.

She 62 and smoked for first time 2 years ago. She was in a car crash about 12 years ago and paralysed at time. She can walk now,but on huge amounts of meds to sleep :( Convinced her to smoke bud and vape oil instead of taking prescription drugs, triptamines and diazepam to sleep, when I stayed out here a few years back. Problem solved ;) Next time we arrived on island, she went to dispensery before we arrived and greeted us at airport with a "smell my handbag" ;) It smelt very nice!
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DAY 2 ...
So I've never used Wilma pots before or a dripper system. Previously done coco with pots that absorb water from underneath, through a membrane into substrate from a reservoir from a tank fed by gravity but not used this method, so hope its set up correct.
Plants are green and healthy.

So my local grow shop doesnt sell hesi root complex... any recommendations for alternatives?

I know its only day 2 and the MM are a day older than the LemAm but the Money Makers are massive in comparison.

Amnesia Lemon Day 2 :

Money Maker Day 2
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Does anyone know the actual par rating of my bulb? "
The Sylvania GROLUX bulb was the first bulb in this country that was designed from the ground up specifically for growing plants yes, even the Hortilux bulb was not originally designed for plants. It has the highest PAR rating meaning it has the highest plant-usable light output of any 400 HPS bulb on the market, in addition to having 30% more blue spectrum than a standard HPS bulb."
Apparently it has 10% more par than other brands? It kicks out 58000 lumens but thats not relevant to plants? Just been looking at PAR ratings of some of the newest led lights.
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So update on Day 7 n 8: Just ordered a Black Diamond Perfect Sun Mini. Coming from USA so might be a while but if I'm impressed may upgrade my lighting. Gonna use it as a secondary source during flower. saw a Sponsered grow with the bigger lights and figured this one was pretty cheap and adding it in with the 400w is only gonna bump up the yield :)