Slow & curly Bubba Kush


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Hi. New to the forum and to growing this particular crop, though I am an old hand in the garden and have been doing my own indoor starts from seed and cuttings for years. I am growing in a deep water bubbler, which is also new to me. I'll add the details and a photo below. Or at least I'll try. It's a poor photo, the white on the fan leaves is just some build up from misting them when they were rooting- hard well water.

I have 3 clones in a dwc bubbler, two Sour Diesle and a Bubba Kush. Cut from their mothers 35 days ago. The two SDs are doing great. Good color, steady growth. The Bubba Kush is not behaving. There is a cluster of new growth, but it is moving slow slow slow. And it is curly and cupping. I have read that the strain is slow, but expected a little more than this. I also saw several discussions regarding the strain wanting more nutes and less humidity than others. Trying to keep the leaves off of the clay medium, but I really think it does not like the bubbler like the Sour D does. And I hesitate to add nutes since the others are happy. So I am thinking about taking this out of the bubbler and putting her into a perlite/spagnum mix, which i am more comfortable with anyway. Any insight is appreciated. This baby needs something different than what I am giving her.

20 gal bubbler with top feed,
1/2 portions of general hydroponics nutes
300w LEDs at 37"
Ph range 5.3-6.0. Was shooting up to 7.3 for the first few weeks.
TDS 475
Water temp 74 -76 F
Room temp 73 - 77 F
Oscillating fan, but only for the last week.



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Well, it was suggested via private message that I try a larger photo, so we'll see how this one works. Anyway, my gut kept telling me that I need to put her in soil, so I did. I have given her dappled shade with a net pot for the last few days as well. I figured that at the rate the sativas are growing, they are not likely to be ready to move to bloom at the same time anyway. The good news is that her roots have been growing since I put her in the net pot. Still hoping for a diagnosis...Lia.
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