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Slow DWC growth


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Hey guys,

Am currently growing dwc for the first time under a 1000w led (first time as well) and although I initially experienced a BOOM of growth for the first 2 weeks, I feel like things have slowed down a bit. My plants are currently about 8-10in tall with a diameter of about 22in. I had a run in with light bleaching a week ago and after raising them, the plants peeled up a bit.
Ambient air-75
Water temp-68-71 (no signs of root rot)
Nutrient line-GH 3 with hydroguard
Water-distilled h20 replaced every 7 days
Pump-240gph with 4 outlets going to 4 3.5g buckets via 6 in air stones

Had some slight issues with pH rebounding to alkaline levels (about 7.2) for a few days but then started using ph down and it has stabilized (although it did form a precipitate in the solution).

Maybe I’m paranoid/impatient but I wanted to see what you all think.


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