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slow growth? please help


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hi all,
i'm a new grower.
at start my seeds evolved very quickly and somewhere the way they decreased they're grow rate.
the light is 2 CFL 32W cool white 6500K will be changed to two 18W led lights (grow light 18X3w leds driver at 1W)

the soil is a mix of a plain simple gardening nursery soil 75% mixed with 25%perlite.
till yesterday i've used some generic fertilizer and from yesterday i', using biobizz's biogrow and alg a mic(2ml +2ml per 1 liter of water).

should i use there fertilizers on every watering?

and for some pictures.
there pics where taken on the 11th of august .

first plant


second plant


the following pictures where taken today.

first plant


second plant


the cabin


ןi'll be glad to know what you're thinking about the plants

the species is unknown...

indica vet

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gday mate , your plant looks like it has minor nute burn from the fertiliser being a touch to strong .also check your ph as this can lock out certain nutrients when it is out of usable range which can slow your growth down.
other than that mate your plants look fine:)


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i did a water ph test and it came to just a bit below 7(color test with the ph paper tester)
was greener than ph 6 but not as green as ph 7. so i should be in the right ph level right?
how to water the plants? to water with fertilizer every time the soil is dry?

is the progress is ok? it doesn't look slow?
thanks for the help

indica vet

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yellowy greeny ph is perfect for your soil mix, but also check the ph from the run off coming out the bottom of the pot as this gives indication as to the ph of the root ball.
as to nutrients ,yes add when soil is dry and probably good to water with fresh ph'd water every 4 feeds,ie:so three feeds with nutes then one feed fresh ph adjusted water,this reduces salt build ups and ph problems.:)
your the only one who knows how quick she is growing mate, as they put on more leaves the quicker they grow.
CFL growth rates are a bit slower than the growth rates under HID lights.
hope this helps;)
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