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Slow growth rate

Yaniv levy

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Hi, I have two cannabis plants that were planted in the same day (middle of April). Both are cutting . One is Purple Haze (the small one) and the second is Tutankhamun. Both are growing hydroponic (DWC) in the same condition. Electrical conductivity around 1350us/cm, PH 5.7. Growth room temperature 26.5, RH 53%. The roots look healthy in both plants. The light is 250W dual spectrum, cool tube reflector 35 cm above plant tip. Sometimes I use fan in the growth space. As you can see in the photos the small plant looks "tired" and its growth rate is slow and stunted compare to the second plant. Do you know what is the problem according to the photos and the data I wrote?

Many thanks


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Yaniv levy

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A few issues

Nutes are clumping, how are u mixing them
Looks like water is too close or above the bottom of the cone or waterver it's in

What nutes and what strength? Any enzyme cleaner like hydroguard or z7?
What do you mean by nutes? There is space between the cone and the water

Yaniv levy

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Your nutrients in your water?

I assume you have bubbles in it as well

Water should be 2" below the bottom of the cone
I pretty sure the tip of the cone doesn't touch the water. I will check it today. My nutrient solution is 4:2:6 +micro nutrients. And yes I have air pump for each pot

Yaniv levy

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No, I don't have any goopies or animal in the water. I don't replace the water only add more if is needed. My nutrition come with one solution.
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