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I have NLxB, NL and PH all autos
soil mix NLS, coco loco, perlite, vermiculite, worm casting and top layer of mulch
Does living soil have to be moist at all time?
I read a 7-10 moist ratio is a good way to keep the soil moist, does this slow the growth down?

inside grow; 5x5 tent
Light: 600 Rspec- 400 PPDF
30" from canopy

They are 11 days old 4/14/2021
temps/hum: day 75/70%-night 70/60%
when is the time to back down the humidity and temps?

I have been watering them with rain water: been having crappy weather here with snow and now rain.

day 12.jpg

day 12 NL.jpg
day 12 NLxB.jpg
day 12 PH.jpg


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Just put a circle of water/nutes around per seedling . Don't soak the whole bag til later when the roots can soak it up if that makes sense? When there is mad roots later then you pick them up and see if they light. Water too a bit of runoff?
with living soil and super soil thought that there should be no runoff ??


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they look good for 11 days , do not let dry too much or your microbe herd will also go to sleep , i use a bottom watering way ,seems to be working so far for me , keeps it moist not soaked with no to very little perched water table to worry about , haven't seen my plants grow so quick , they are enjoying life so i am too :thumb:
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