slowly growing


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hey wuts up every one i dont know wuts going on .
here r the plants the biggest plant is abut 10 days old and starting to show the 3 points fan leaves and the others r a diff seeds and germed 2 days ago and the last pic is the best nute if found in egypt and also got compost any body know what is that.
and the clone is in a bubbler that i just transferred to and was in soil for the last 9 days and didnt die;) .
so wut do u think my problem is and the ph of soil is 7.1 and 7.2 for water and sometimes soil drops tp 6.5 thats it.
and the nute is 125 grams :
22%is nitrigen
phosphate 8%
potash 11%
and other micro nutes like zinc,iron,manganese,magnesium,copper,molybdenum and citric acid so is it good and plz help>


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Hi pyro2006, I think we'll need some pictures to help you out with this one.... can you post up a couple and we'll take a look?

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