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Small Buds and time is about up


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I need help with something i'm doing wrong. I'm a total noob, This is the second plant, and while the first was a mystery seed, this is a pineapple chunk. 1&2 have had the same basic conditions with exceptional leaf and bush like growth in veg, but in flower both have produced very small buds. I did have a "too close to LED" problem and un checked PH with the first, but on this pineapple, the ph is checked twice a day and I added a 185w MH lamp. The setup is a DWC, recirculating system, GH-3, big Bud, Bud candy, calmag, 2 plant grow tent with 2 180 watt LED, 8 CFL's and one 185 MH lamp at 2700K.

The pineapple shown is past it's 55 day flower by a week, and the tricomes are just now starting to turn amber. I've flushed the system and they are running on pure water. There is a northern lights auto on the same system, while it's bug growth is a million times better, it's not all that wonderful either, but being an auto, it has been moved around a lot in once and dump pots in different rooms. The only thing i can think of after reading is that maybe I shouldn't have pinched them. I knew that made them bushy, but i'm seeing now maybe that I have a ton of tiny buds, none of which seem ready or developed.


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It was a bacterial infection on the roots. Locked out nutes. My mix was too strong and I needed to redesign the dutch bucket for a complete back wash. The next one should be great. The buds are small, but man....they work none the less.
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