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Small CFL Grow - Blueberry - Hydro - First Grow

This is the setup. I inherited this box from a buddy who moved to Vegas . We are in Hawaii so it's cheaper to leave everything. Score ! I'll only be using 4 pots. Im thinking of doing a sea of green with the 4. Any suggestions on which 4 pots ? Also should I leave the bottom lights off to do sea of green? I'll be using general hydro maxi grow for veg and dyna bloom for flower. Peace this thing is small jack! It's 25 x 16 ish. Only room for 2 med size girls. But 4 small girls are gonna roll on this trip. Fingers crossed


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Damn wish I could answer your questions. But led and hydro is still new to me, hopefully a more experienced grower will help you out. Try hitting up the faq section if you don't get any bites and wack a link to your journal in your signature, so people can find you easy!

That looks like an awesome set up, what a score. Got my fingers cross for your germination!

Happy days mate!
here we go. Seeds popped in 2 days. I then transplanted them to a rapid rooter plug. I have 19,000 lumens plus a few. 23w x 12 lights 8, 6500 and 4, 2700. Should I leave the bottom lights off if I'm attempting a sea of green? I'm having a few light leak issues . The carbon filter which I don't need now stops air flow almost completely. Boooo thick ass filter ! I'll figure it out in a couple months. I'm going to let future Brad worry about that one☺ I put a couple drops of water on top of each rooter plug . I used about 1 /10 of the veg nutes . PH 6 it was 5.6 last night . Should I add nutes to drop pH later? I'm wary of the hth pH minus. It says for pools. Same stuff ??? I'm not killing my babies using this hand me dowm stuff am i? Should the fans be off right now to build up humidity? Please help if possible. Thanks so so much B-rad
I'm germinating onsome seeds and I placed them in the system to keep humidity up and for some air flow. They were getting a little to wet under the bubbler so I pulled the rapid rooters out of the rocks most of the way. It seemed a bit cold in my box so I turned everything off. When the seeds come out of the rooters fully I'll turn everything back on. Is it ok to have to rooter s in the box just working their magic no power of any kind? I'll add a few drops of water with about 1 /15 nutes later. Is this cool?


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Hey, JPB! Great to have you here!

I'm a newbie grower who started with CFLs and I really love them. I've got an LED now but the CFLs are fabulous for stealth and cost effectiveness :)

I'd love to know the exact BB seeds you're growing: are they feminized? Autos?

Here's some things to think about (and take it with a grain of salt -- I'm new)

1. germinating seeds: make sure they're warm. I killed my first set because they got cold :( I don't know anything about rapid rooters or bubblers, but you won't need any nutes of any kind for a while -- the seed has its own built in source of energy that it will use to make the first few real leaves.

2. Your LED won't do much -- I bought one remarkably like it early on and it's basically a toy. You need each individual LED light to be at least 1 w (and 3 or 5 is better). I don't know if it would hurt, but it doesn't really count, as far as I can tell :)

3. You could ask the mods if they would add the word "Hydro" to your thread title -- to ask for a change in title click on the little triangle at the bottom of your first post and ask the mods to make a change. This will help interested people find you!

4. Another way to help the many helpful people around here find you is to add your grow link to your signature. Go to User CP > Settings > Signature and add it in there. Then visit other CFL/Hydro grows, sub in, and people can find you!

5. And, as Wreckedsummer says, check out the FAQ section and post questions there. There are amazing people who just hang out there, helping folks. Frequently Asked Questions


here she is. I'm calling her Jayne like Mary. There is another popping up in the back. That one is Jackie the rooter felt a little dry so I gave them a drink at the bottom of the rooters. They should be getting some moisture from the bubbles even though they aren't that far down in the system. So pretty ! I'm proud
Thanks wrecked summer. I'm excited as hell. I'm running the lights 24 right now. Probably switching to 18/6 tomorrow. I'm having a few heat issues. It's running at about 90 so I'm off in search of a fan. I'm hoping longs or Walgreens has a little clip on one. I'll keep you guys posted. The other plants popped out earlier so I'll throw a couple pictures up in a little while.


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Awesome jack! I think they will love that change, each to their own of course. But I feel there is a rhythm to life and plants need that dark time,

Yeah good luck with the fan, not sure where you are but here in Antarctica I just went to the dollar shops and or computer places, they have those desk fans with the USB add a phone charger and you are good to go. Happy days my friend

And ps mad signature :thumb:


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I would not recommend pool PH down. There are different formulations, but generally they are sulfuric acid and salts. Some use muriatic (weakened hydrochloric) acid. Hydro PH down is food grade phosphoric acid. Will pool PH down work? Yes, unless it's the kind that buffers the PH and maintains 6.8-6.9. Would I put it in my soil, DWC water or plants? No.

IMHO air temps in the 80's is OK. Add some CO2 later when they are older and take advantage of slightly high temps.

Water temps need to be cool or your DO drops and root rot becomes a problem. If your air pump is putting out hot/warm air you can cool it before it goes into the tub. If you're a DIY person an easy solution is to get a coil of 1/8 or 1/4 copper tube and run the air through it. The coil could be A/C air cooled, or submerged in a container of cool water. Bleed off the BTU's before it goes in the tub.

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