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Small colas big lower buds


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I dont get it. Too much light? Too much airflow?

The top colas are smaller than my pinky and looks like it stopped growing at 35 days, but the lower buds are the size of my thumb.

the top bud's flowers started to brown out even though its no where near done.

1k HPS
450w LED supplemental.
5x5 room
Temps 75-80+
Res temps 65-72
Humidity 50-55%
20"+ away from reflector.


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Its very strange. The fan barely hits the colas and mainly just circulates air above the canopy. Its not just in one spot, its every top, even ones that dont get direct wind.

Heres the tops

Heres the bottoms

its on all the plants. tiny dense tops with bigger lower buds.


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Welp, all plants has seeds. somehow they got pollinated. Couldn't find a nanner to save my life, I did have a 24hr period where the timer on the led got reversed and turned on when the HID was off. They are frosty as all hell. so ill let em finish flushing and ill chop them. Ill pick the seeds out of the big buds and turn the rest into some oil.
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