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Small flowers in week 5

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Hello everyone....I’m a first time grower and have read so much contradictory information I’m totally confused. I’m growing Maui and believe requires 10-12 weeks of flowering. I’m in fifth week and buds are that full and I’m seeing lots of amber pistols. Also, as you can see from photos that some cola leaves are shrinking and curling downward. I haven’t noticed trichomes and bubbles of resin yet. From a video viewed, I heavily defoliated at week 3 of flowering. From viewing my photos, how do they look given the information provided. I appreciate any input....many thx....



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Looks like they need another 4-5 weeks. Get a magnifying glass to look at the trichomes. They are probably still clear, then they will go milky and then they will go amber, this is when it’s time.