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Small Grow: 1 Plant Dakini Kush


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Hey everyone on 420 forums. It's time for an early update today!

She's looking very happy! It's gotten VERY cold here and windy so my rooms freezing even with my heater all the way up...but my plants LOVING it. I also loosened up the curtain/sheet held down so there's a small open slit so some air can get in. Seems like it's working :thumb:


That's it for now! It's 430am EST and I took 80mgs of medibles for now until I can take another 80-100mgs in 3 hours or so. So I'm gonna put on some Men do Dope and chillax till I gotta do my next thing. I got a nice delivery yesterday so it's like Christmas here haha. Got some 200mg hot chocolates I love. And some lower dose stuff so this month will be a lifted one that's for sure! Also got a couple vape carts. But nothings more exciting than watching my plant grow :). Hope everyone here on 420mag and elsewhere staysstays lifted as well!

"Have a Dank Day" everyone!


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I also wanted to add that I'm not sure if it's genetics or because I moved the light up, but I'm very happy with how short the internodes seem to be starting. I hope it stays this way through the entire grow.

Stay strong everyone and keep growing! We need to OVERGROW THE GOVERNMENT & HEMP(Help End Marijuana Prohibition)! Being arrested/ticketed for simply growing a natural plant especially one thats harmless especially while growing to people, neighbors, animals, and everyone that's near, within 15 feet, or come into contact with is ludicrous especially as it's beautiful aesthetically and can help the planets atmosphere and ozone layer as it breathes and emits clean and fresh Co2 into the air. As far as I'm concerned, the Creator of this planet made HEMP/Ruderallis and Cannabis Sativa the way it is(short life, fast flowering, and very beneficial to the body and helps many issues ) so people and animals that have an endocannabinoid system can use it or parts at various stages and for medicine its naturally very fast to produce Cannabinoid Alkaloids and CBD(VERY medically healing to the immune system and body) and eventually Resin/Trichombs and THC/CBN. I personally don't consider anything like any Alkaloids that come from a plant a "DRUG" as IMO(and this is my view if you think/feel different that's fine and you don't need to explain why uvthink both are the same as I've heard it many times just giving my opinion which are like assholes,everyones got one so there's no right or wrong way to feel about something, everyone's entitled), only something that's chemically synthesized/created and unnatural to the body.

Sorry for going off topic but stay strong and feel free to critique and or suggest anything. :thumb:



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Although my dang on [emoji192] got to one of em again, I'm pleased with their progress. The eggshell water seems to really be working. Glad I caught it early on these small ones. Can't wait to see the difference the Epsom Salt mixture makes.

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Hey 420mag! New day new update!

Welcome aboard @Advocate420:welcome:

That's a beautiful girl ya got there man:thumb: I wish I could afford a LED but way out of my league for the time being.

I let it sit dry yesterday, so I went out to water it. It's sad and funny but I can relate to you COMPLETELY Advocate420. My cat got to my plant when I went to our shared bathroom to clean it out from runoff/soil and when I came back the plant was in the cats mouth!! Luckally (Thank God) the damage was very minimal. It was my fault, I should have put it up on something, but I have little room to move here. It's frustrating but I don't let that stop me:allgood:, I just work around the small space/clutter and do my best. I medicated with about 130-150mg THC infused hot chocolate:yummy: :hippie: so as the cat hasn't got to it yet(all my others though have had her eat some leaves a bit time to time but all recovered) I wasn't thinking about it and I had her I thought blocked off.
Anyway, it'll recover alright. I have had to use Epsom salt before, some plants need the magnesium. Yours looks beautiful though.


After my cat got it:

That's it for today! Stay Lifted and "Have a Dank Day" Everyone! It's a WeedNerdNation! :peace:


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Hey everyone at 420mag.

It's Day 18 so time for an update.
I will water her after I finish this post. Happy daylight savings everyone:rollit: roll one and Stay Lifted!
I initially was going to grow this seed out and try training on my next one after I know what to expect with it(how it grows, if it likes my soil etc, the shape/size of it etc). I dont fim as it's inconsistent, but I do top as you know generally what to expect. So I am unsure as I do want to see it in it's true form but topping has always helped me get more bud from a plant but as this strain is known more for it's resin than bud production, I was thinking of, as stated letting it just grow as I have 13 more beans:3: of Dakini Kush and many others I've yet to try I got from Herbies back in Aug(birthday gift to myself) so after Dakini Kush, I'm going to do my first auto-flower most likely. I wish I had enough space and light for 2 so I could get further faster but I've been learning over the years by 1 at a time so it is what it is.
If I do top it I'm going to do it soon as early is best, but I also need to transplant it from it's 1 gallon pot to a 3 gallon sooner or later and if I top it I'll have to transplant sooner so it's roots can expand well from the stress from topping it.

Here she is! 16/17 Days from popping soil and shedding its shell:


Side view to see progress of bottom nodes and spacing...

Top view(my favorite angle till flower):2:

Sorry again for the 5 days between updates. I need to be more punctual with my updates. So far for the state its in, it is doing well I think. So far no deficiencies showing, just some humidy stress I can't avoid. Once it's done and flushed twice, I'm going to be leaving it in the dark in dry soil for about 48-72 hours or so to slightly boost it's resin production and improve the curing of the buds as I've tried this tech twice and found it beneficial, but that's only twice. My next grow will be either a DNA 60 Day Wonder or Freedom of Seeds "Little Kushy". But that's some time away.

Alright everyone! That's it for this morning. Hope you all have been doing well and I hope Advocate420's girl is doing better from that Epsom! :thumb:

Remember, it's a WeedNerdNation! Never give up, Stay Strong, Overgrow the absent minded/destructive government and never stop growing one way or another! Time to water her(I pray). "Have a Dank Day"-Subcool420


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Ill take a seat for this one. Im also on the Eastside Growing in the borough's. Im using CFL's and T5's and Im 7 weeks into flower. Im also LST another set. They'll veg for 12 weeks :)

Sent with my Light and Love Happy Growing


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Well I guess I should join. M also East side grower lil further down south but on the coast of Va. Things looking good with your plant. M on my first grow and have been enjoying the hobby. Haven't been able to medicate in over a month. Gonna go for a new job in the shipyard and have to submit a hair sample. Sucks but its to better my life and more important my daughter's life. I started my grow when I did so I hopefully can harvest and cure and treat myself for getting a better job. Keep up the good work. I will stick around and see what your plants bless you with. Keep the updates coming!!

Pino's Coco & Perlite - Thunderpaws - First Grow Ever 2017


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Hey everyone.

I am new here and I love documenting my grows so I figured I would try and start a journal here.

I am from the East Coast(MA) and we aren't legally allowed to grow outdoors and I am very poor, but I have a good 5 grows under my belt using this or worse so I'm hoping this grow is a bit better.
I am a MMJ patient and among my conditions severe insomnia and PTSD are always present so I only use Indicas or Indica high hybrids(preferably 70:30 or higher like 80:20 or 90:10 with 100% indicas preferred.

I live in a small room, so I work with what I got. I also have a unliveable budget so I've spent years saving and gathering together what I have. I used to have tinfoil, I took that out and lined it with 2 Mylar coated bubble wrap pieces I was given. Smaller space but that's ok. I also got and added a hanging 2700 lumin 42w cfl. That took time to save up for.

Strain- Dakini Kush (Pre98 Bubba x Hindu Kush) (Centennial Seeds)
Genotype-100% Indica
How long? - 3 days from poping soil
Indoor closet grow
In soil
Started in 1 gal bucket to transplant eventually to 3 gal.
Type of soil- Fox Farms Happy Frog
Light- one 4 Bulb 2 foot T5 24w 6500k 8000 lumen and one hanging 42w CFL 6500k 2700 lumens.
Temp-no idea but I have a small white clip fan blowing 24/7 across the tops of the lights and onto the plant.
Ferts- Fox Farm Grow Big, Big Bloom, Tiger Bloom
Water- Every 3-4 days

I have no computer just this phone and I am unsure how to post pics but I will post them ASAP of my seedling/small setup.

I am very excited to be starting this strain as I have yet to have the pleasure of growing a 100% indica and as indicas grow small for my situation this should be a perfect strain. I'd like to keep a mother plant of this strain in there and just take clones off it till I am forced out of here and have nowhere to go but nowhere near enough light. This is an uber budget grow. All old/used stuff.

Until I figure out posting pics, for now ill just describe it. It's a small seedling with the cotyledons and first set of small 1 finger leaves getting bigger by the day. The pot is full and the stem is about an inch and 1/4 long or so. No stretching. T5 light is about 5-6 inches above the seedling canopy/top.
The seed was placed in soil on the 21st of this month and popes soil on the 22. It still had it's shell(looked like an alien eye haha) so I am calling the 23rd day 1.

Hope this helps, and I can't wait to see this beautiful strain grow. I want to get some more 100% pure indicas like Mazar-i-Sherif, Afghan Kush, Afghan, Williams Wonder and other hardcore indicas but most are not easy to find.

I will of course update this as I go. I am very excited to have beans of this strain. It's sad not many pure indicas are around anymore .

Keep growing everyone...F-the government and I say let's overgrow them. They can never stop this beautiful plant. As I am a MMJ patient you COULD call this a medical grow, but honestly it's only because it's an outlet for me/hobby and I love this plant and am a strong advocate for it.

Stay Lifted and "Have a Dank Day" everyone and happy to be here! [emoji111]

Subbed man, welcome! Insomnia is also one of my reasons, and because of this I also grow mostly pure indica and indica dominant hybrids. I have three clones of sour diesel for shits and giggles. Where do you get your seeds? I bet ordering from U.K. Doesn't get you screwed back east like west. I'm over in LA, but am from the east coast. I ordered 15 Afghan seeds that customs burned so I had to dig around out here for clones. Might have found a seed shop with some too, but they weren't able to tell me what strain afghani. Makes me wonder but they were a credible site that delivered quickly and discreetly. Most likely it's an Afghan from Hindu Kush mountains, given the popularity/demand of that valley's strains everywhere else. I am stoked to see your Dakini grow, are you going to try and breed it?

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Thanks for joining pino0911 and Miasma! Glad to have you on board!

@Miasma You are very blessed to be in LA, over here the state is really trying to screw us over on our legalization law. I am a MMP thank God but stick to delivery services as the cost of medical is insane. I usually order from herbies, but most things get through the NY customs. I have many seeds I haven't started as I can only do 1 at a time that I'm interested to grow. I got 10 Afghani seeds with my last order I was going to pop one of those or a World of Seeds Pakistani Valley(I have 2 of those) but I haven't yet. I honestly love landraces as they have so much to offer and are pure. I am not sure which variety afghani they are but I read a post around the same year I got mine by someone that got them from herbies and they were probably Seedsmans. I never used attitude as I heard years back they mostly sent old stock.
I love the thick dark leaves of indicas. I did a lot of searching and found a Rep for centennial in MA no less, so I saved up and instead of a better light I grabbed a pack of these Dakini Kush as I love the 2 amazing indicas in the cross. And I like how centennial contributes to research. They mostly have sativas(some heirloom too) but Dakini was their strongest(and only) indica strain. I read on seedfinder it's a very very rI also found out my favorite breeder subcoolTGA has a Rep here now so once I can get a better light(I could NEVER afford a LED sadly as it would be perfect for my small space) or get a small 2x2x1 1/2 feet or something tent, I'll check them out. But you are blessed to be in CA as MA is a mess. They are going after delivery companies here it's nuts. My last one I used got raided and shut down. They were doing it better than any of the 8 or 9 dispensaries we have here. I can't get clones though I'd like to. I hope your Afghani's do well. The sativa I grew by accident before I put different reflection in(I was using tinfoil) and lost space from it, it was very tall... Sadly buds we're shit aside from main cola as 8000 lumins is not enough light for 1 plant with many branches. So I'm now accustomed to my small spot and making the best of it. You should be able to find some bomb genetics over there in CA.

@pino0911 Congrats on the job you wanted. That's frustrating about the hair test. Glad to have a fellow East Coaster on and best of luck with your first grow! I hope it goes well and you have better equipment than me! :thumb: For me growing is my personal favorite thing to do and hobby so I hope you find joy and pleasure watching your plant grow!

@savingson That is a beautiful sativa. You are lucky man to have the room and height for those. That's an amazing cola! :thumb: beautiful man! So many budsites, that'll be a monster on the 2nd pic.

I am sorry I am not more fluent with updates, but I only have my Galaxy S4 to access internet so it's more of a process than being able to use a computer or both.

Here's my May 15 Day 20 update!

So, I gave into my urges, and because I don't have space for a round plant or one that's bigger than a couple feet around, I decided to early top her so I'll have an easier time overall keeping it in these small confines.
I think it's taken well to the topping, and I'm glad I did it. Once the new heads are stable I am going to transplant her out of this 1 gal pot. My vedge time will increase but that's fine. I need to get more soil before I can transplant into it's final 3 gallon pot. I was nervous doing the top before transplant, but hopefully it will work out. It's starting to develop a slight odor but not much. This young that tells me it's truely a strong strain, or maybe it's a male as I am not 100% but I heard males tend to have an odor when they are young and females do not...but time will tell. So far it's looking good I think.

Here she is:

Side view in confined open closet with curtain covering it

You can see the topping and the 2 new shoots starting to form around the cut. The budsites on the sides are looking well.

The top view

So far she looks happy and lush. I always look forward to seeing the daily progress.

Stay Lifted and keep growing everyone! Don't let anything stop you from what you love. Stay strong and even if you have no space to grow, remember there's always space.:2:

"Have a Dank Day"


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I just wanted to say I badly need to transplant my plant now into a 3gallon pot as I'm not sure if it's the size or how far it is, but it's growing much slower. I think(not sure) that from topping those 2 budsites, the budsites on the right and left are turning into tops themselves(that would be dope) but the new growth isn't past the 2 big top fans just starting(you'll see in pics later). The nodes and branches are so compact and small(I like that generally but it's hard to see what's going on haha) and one leaf from a new top looks like its missing a bit of the end of the leaf, but I'm not worried. Also one of those budsites isn't growing well compared to the other...i think it's lack of space plant in the 1 gal can't grow enough to support more than 3 tops maybe? I hope it's not lack of light but as I only have 1 T5 and that 1 hanging 42w cfl we will see. I was going to leave the aluminum reflector on the cfl but figured it would get more light I uncovered as I can't wait place it to shine sideways.
I will try to get the best pics I can, as well as attempt a transplant, despite not wanting to till the tops are formed, but I don't think I have a choice as it NEEDS room for the roots as last thing I want is for it to get rootbound and I think it'll need feedings soon as I n e leaf has a bit of yellowing on the side and another small lower one is getting yellowish veins.
Be good all. I wish I had more space as it's very compact so they can never stretch out, only up and just enough, but I enjoy everything about growing aside from transplanting. I can never get the plant to slide out, soil always breaks up and I end up with a hanging rootball or catch it in my hands.
Have a good and dank day 420mag members!

I'll have some pics soon before and after transplant.


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OK, here are my updated pics of the transplant before and after. It was successfully as for the first time ever the soil stayed together and it slid out and didn't fall apart. I watered it after transplant till it started draining to make sure there was no drainage issues as I filled the pot completely. Right to the top. Haven't checked it today. So this update is as of yesterday but good enough.

Dakini Kush before transplant, top view

Dakini Kush possible extra top side 1

Dakini Kush possible extra top side 2

Dakini Kush after transplant top view

Dakini Kush side view

Dakini Kush new tops

Dakini Kush possible extra top side 1

Dakini Kush possible extra top side 2

"Have a Dank Day"


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@pink0911 Thank you for the kind words. I really appreciate it. The frustration of being inadequate is catching up with me after doing it like this for 2-3 years now and in various states meaning I had tinfoil for the longest time and never had a bulb to hang of any kind so it was ONLY the one T5 and nothing else aside from the small shitty fan I'm still using. But with what I see today I am happy. Thank you for following and any suggestions that don't require buying anything are welcome! :thumb:

Thank you to Advocate420 for the same. Glad you guys are on board!!

Now for today's UPDATE. Day 28(4 weeks exactly from seed) March 23.

I left my plant alone yesterday after transplanting the day before. I needed some rest and so did she. The transplant went well so she's recovering nicely! I couldn't be happier in that regard. I know from reading this strain us very slow in vedge and I was told by the Centennial Seeds Rep to vedge it atleast 4-6 weeks as it's a very low yielding strain but extremely resinous. I am as stated a huge indica head and prefer my bud with no sativa but normally I have no choice. As I'm a MMJ patient and regardless it being legal to grow in MA(maybe not in rented units like the dirty rooming house I live in) but that won't stop me. It's a hobby that's rewarding in many waysand I love when the resin starts to build and I can practically taste it in the air. That's soon to come.
I have never in my life had a plant that looks like this but I wish every strain did. Almost no space between nodes and everything compact and branches almost attached to the stem. That I just love. The structure of this plant compared to the longer spaced hybrids I've grown with much longer branches and node/internode spacing. This is very exciting. I know the topping will cause the couple lower branches to stretch now but I was thinking of cutting the lowest branches and some of the big fans for better light penetration but I want to hear your opinions on pruning a plant this small/compact.
Whichever variety this is growing like, I want to find more strains with this growth trait. I have grown other kush hybrids, sour diesel, and some others but never seen nothing like this. I love it so far! Maybe Affhanicas are what I'm after? I really am interested in getting seeds for Maple Leaf Indica, or Williams Wonder(don't know where to find this strain, the closest I've found so far is DNAs 60 Day Wonder which I think I'm going to try next after this. I wish I could have the 2 going but not enough light). I don't have ANY 2700k bulbs so I've been flowering under all 6500k. It works and from what I read it just cuts down on overall resin production as I read a bit into flowering under vedge light. I'd like to get a couple 2700k tubes for my T5 but can't afford it. My goal is to get some much needed cal-mag. I read this strain likes Epsom salt also so I hope I don't run into issues from not having that available right now or in the coming weeks. What I use is just the Fox Farm Trio(Grow Big, Tiger Bloom, and Big Bloom. I was given calmag by a nice person from a cannabis culture social site, but it turned out to be for hydroponics not soil(General Hydroponics brand not General Organics brand for soil). So nice of them, but useless sadly.

Anyway, before I get to my pics, I would like to ask if it looks like it's growing 4 tops or 2 tops and 2 budsite branches?

First pic...looking happy when I moved everything and climbed to open the curtain :)

Here's a close up top down. It seems like it's growing in a pyramid shape sort of. Are these all topsites?

That's it for today. Any suggestions, answers or questions welcomed!
Never stop what you love! Stay Lifted everyone!

"Have a Dank Day"


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It does look like you have four tops growing there!! That's great!! As far as defoliation a very debatable subject. I am a believer in defol. I jus did my first defol on my plants and they releafed fast and seemed to grow out instead of vertical. I did it when my plants hit four weeks also. I seen the results of a grower up here Asesino. He also is more then willing to help at any time. Light is very important probably the most important to a plant. I also am really enjoying the structure of your plant. Got my fingers crossed that its a female. I jus took a clone if each of my three plants. One showed my pistils in veg but the other two still have no idea. M hoping for at least one more female but will always be happy with one if that's all I get. After I bloom my plants when the clones root I will know which ones will stay and go. Tryna have a mother plant for the strain Thunderpaws a hybrid (jack smack x critical kush) then m gonna do the same for another hybrid strain I have called Jackalope ( jack smack x Chocolope) both strains were bred by another 420 friend. Then hopefully I will have to mom plants to clone off of!! Good luck to you. Also have you ever thought about overdrive your t5 light. I overdrives my t8 fixture real simple and pumps out like double the lumens. Cheap to do jus have to have very basic electric abilities. Its jus taking a four bulb ballast and wire it to run two bulbs. Very safe if done right and works very good with light output. Just a suggestion!! Keep up the great work!!! M gonna try to update my journal this evening I been pretty slack with my updates.

Pino's Coco & Perlite - Thunderpaws - First Grow Ever 2017


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Yes @pink0911 I agree defoliation is a touchy subject as it adds time and stress to a plant. Light is one of the most important things for cannabis and spectrum is in the middle to me as it matters but u can grow to harvest under 6500k. Thanks for the advice man. I am not at all electrical savvy so I'd break my light than have nothing, so I'm leaving mechanics alone, but if I ever find someone who is, maybe I can explain what you said and they would know what to do. That's a cool idea. Would prob break bulbs faster but more lumins. That's why I added the 42w 6500k 2700 lumen CFL. I figured as light is mostly output from the sides hanging it would spread it around and give it a little more juice. It's already very humid/warm. I want a 125w cfl but I can't afford the 75 for one and the thick cord so I'm going with this till I can get something better. This is my first grow with the cfl added so hopefully it works out. If I put the Hood back on the light I know it would capture all the lumins better, but it would hang down as there is no way to make it shine sideways, so until I can get the higher Watt cfl in a year at best, this will have to do. I want a LED but that's a dream item. Same with a growtent.

I just wanted to post a quick update. It's definitely growing 4 tops. I've personally never seen 4 form from one topping and not fim. I'd like to get a real BX of Pre 98 Bubba but , this is a good cross. I believe it's going to be female as it's growing small and very short and slow which tells me this phenos probably leaning more toward the pre 98 bubba side but I can't be 100% yet. I know males Vedge faster so I am praying my instincts are correct. I planned to vedge it for another 5 weeks before flowering, but we will see as I initially wasn't going to top and look what happened haha. OK, here's some pics. One top seems to not be growing as fast as the others...strange. U can see both sides in the pics.


"Have a Dank Day!"
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