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Hey 420mag! It's 4:27am so time for Day 29 update!

This will be short but it's official...there IS 4 tops !! I've never seen this before from a simple topping but I am in shock.'ll be a beautiful plant and the backside top is growing well also! I am very excited!
There are some what I call mutant leaves I think and some twisting but I think that's humidity.
Without further ado...


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The plant is looking fantastic IMO and the tops are really pronounced now. I also cut the lower 3 finger fans off and the bottom small branches. I'm iffy about any more cutting. I was planning initially on a tall cola with few sidebuds but now it's a completely different animal. She's doing well and new pics to come today if not tomorrow, so keep checking! On a top there's like a random leaf starting to grow. Don't know what's up there but we will see. Today's Day 32 and still hasn't shown any signs of sex though with how it's growing I'm getting a feeling it's positive but we will see. It's putting out stipules, but other than that more budsites. I hope to see some indication soon but I know males show faster and grow faster so I have a good feeling. Pics soon! :thumb:

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Well that's crazy cause i thought the same thing. But out of my three plants the female showed pistils early and is out growing the other two in every way possible. The other two i believe or know but hate to admit or come to terms they are 85 percent male. Since it have so much veg time in them (two months) m gonna bloom them but as soon as i see the definite pollen nut sacks m throwing a bag over top and cutting at the base. Since this is my very first grow other then jus dropping bag seeds in my mom's flower pots i want to be 100 percent sure. It sucks hoping the odds was 2/3 female to male. In the end m just thrilled to have one FEMALE to take to the end and hopefully get some super dank nugs. Sorry for rambling it's jus i thought the same thing and had to smaller plants and a tall big one and the smaller ones turn out male and the beast turned out female. I clones her so if yields and taste great gonna keep genetics going!! Loving the structure of your plant and i have all fingers crossed that it's a female. I want to see what if she will produce. Haven't never seen a plant get a regular early topping and push out four heads!! Did u do anything different at all that might have caused it or was it just pure luck? Either way great to hear from u and will be looking forward to the next update!!

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@pink0911 Hey man. I appreciate the kind words man. I've been growing for only 8 years on and off sadly mostly off because of my bad living situations I'm always in. I have had 0 support all my life and because of my honesty and openness my family who I of course drink, and are religious of course hate weed and believe anything done to yourself not through a doctor is wrong and bad and of course anyone doing so should be culled from the flock so to speak so I've never been able to start my passion till recently. Them and others might have kept my wanting to grow down but i have spent years researching religiously and still do as well as advocate as much as I am personally able. I volunteered to get legalization passed here in ma and it wasn't easy as I have no computer of course, but I also have sent letters as if you read the state(who was against legalization and fought tooth and nail still lost by 1.8 million votes but now they are tearing it apart and among raising taxes want to ban any concentrate or edible, possibly raising the legal age from 21 to 25, but the best is to cut the home plant count from 6 per person 12 total if 2 or more ppl live there as the bill stated to 3 per 6 total but here's the kicker...drop legal possession limit from 10 ounces at home in a LOCKED container to........2! That's right, 2 ounces so your plant yield will be illegal. It's such bullshit and despite lots of people fighting, they will do it anyway it sickens me) Sadly as where I am now, I'm lucky I have 1 as it's a rooming house aka place owned by a slumlord people in homeless shelters who get on ssi or ssdi go to as it's "cheap" rent and shitty living and conditions. I hope your first goes well. As long as you've done your research and
Anyway, to answer your questions, of course it varies strain to strain but I have seen grow vids and other things where the plants people thought looked female and were smaller turned male so it's hard to know until you sex it, but there is a good method I've since read to help determine sex by the end of the seed. Personally I can't say how true or untrue it is, but I also watched a video and the person got 100% success from his labeled and selected male/female seeds so maybe someday I can try this myself. As a hardcore indica lover and indicahead I've always wanted real Afghanicas and of course real Afghan #1. I got 10 of the freebie Afghani's from herbies but I have read over 40 pages of posts on Google and I'm reading mostly negative reviews. Apparently herbie said they were excess unreleased stock from seedsman. By bad I mean I've read so many abandoned journals of it and complaints of shit like hard to grow and only white calyxs 5-6 weeks into flower so I'm hesitant to start any but might to try out that theory. Hopefully I'll find some good strains like Garlic bud, NL#5, Maple Leaf Indica, Deep Chunk, Williams wonder and some other 90-100% indicas. TGA has many strains I'm interested in trying. I've been growing on and off mostly off for 8 years but studying growing for 10+.

Day 34 and 35 update

I added 2 sets of pics so u can see the progress from one day to the next. I gave it it's first feeding of nutes very small drops of Grow Big. It's definitally is showing more vigor as I gave it 2 days dry soil not 1. A bit of yellowing. I need cal-mag but no way to get any.

Day 34 unwatered

Day 34 side pic

Day 35 after feeding u can see the difference :thumb:

Day 35 side view. Tops are getting longer and thicker. And more bud sites starting.

Day 35 top down my favorite view :)

That's it for now. I gotta check it today but that's as up to date as I can get for now. Stay lifted 420mag!

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Keep it up bud! Things will get better it always does!! And I read the same thing bout the volcano on the seeds! My next grow m gonna do it! U should follow! After I bloom my first grow m gonna get things going. Gonna buy a 48 by 48 grow tent today found it on let go for fifty USD can't beat that! Ur plant looks great!! I got six seeds of a F1 hybrid a 420 mag friend bred!! The strain my running right now is also his creation. M goons do the volcano inspection label n see what I come up with. But do keep ur head up. I also was in bad living conditions n my father left at a young age. Long story short he passed away n come to find out didn't make a will n me n my brother was next a kin. I ended up with a five bedroom house. So u never now I still have to pay what lil is left but didn't have to jump threw hoops or have credit in check to own my own house. Sorry bout ur family to b so closed minded. That is one area I was blessed even though all I have is my brother n mom but we stick together!!! Looking forward to ur next update! M gonna do one later today hope I see u there!! Loving them four tops. U wait a good while before u feed. I feed very small doses like one week in but I grow in coco. Guess ur soil has what it needs to this point. Until next time roll it light it then smoke it!!!!


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Hey @pino0911. My humidity issue has caught up with my plant. New growths getting dark spots on the tips and they are cupped and curling up. It wasn't doing this much before I tried to give it some nutes. I know I NEED cal-mag but of course I can't afford shit or get to any place that has it. I've always run into problems before but never this
I've also never used these reflective bubble pieces I was given before either. I have 1 small fan right on it. I'll upload some pics but it won't matter. I was given calmag by someone but it's for hydro systems so doesn't work in soil. Sucks. Congrats on the tent. I don't use eBay or PayPal but I know someone who does, sadly they won't order me one and let me pay em back it's rediculous. I'll upload some sad pics. I have no possible way to vent just that small fan in the covered mini open shirt closet or w/e it is. I'll look for your post sometime as I'm sure your looking good.

Be well I'm depressed at the moment but will update with issue pics soon. Right now I'm almost out a meds and feeling like shite so I'll take em later. I don't want to spray the plant but I can say growths slowed big time.

Peace and "Have a Dank Day" pino man


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Hey 420mag.

Sorry I haven't updated this I've gotten very sick out of nowhere some odd thing is going on inside me, and I checked my plant today since 2 watterings, it's starting to look a bit better since I stopped using that extra CFL, but it won't matter as I am seeing signs of balls starting to form. I was afraid that all this stress would make it male up and I was right. I didn't know this but Dakini is very sensitive so it's gone downhill ever since I tried feeding it a small bit of grow big and a tiny bit of hydroponic calmag as I don't have any and can't get it. Now I am seeing what I'm about 100% is the beginning of balls. It's got mutated growth. So I'm going to kill it in a day or 2 or let the balls grow a little, try to save some pollen, than kill it. I ensure. I'll put up some pics. It went downhill fast. I've never had a plant put out 4 tops and it males up. Mother fucker.

We'll, I'll add pics of this sad turn of events soon :(


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Hey buddy! Well jus move onto the next one! We do this hobby to learn. I have a plant that's also showing balls also. It does suck to put so much love into a plant then have it b what we all don't want!! But the great thing is there is always a next time. Sorry to hear bout the male. Glad to hear your are better from your illness though. Guess we should always appreciate the good and F the bad!! Can't wait to see the pics and checking your next journal out!! Till next time! M ordering m filter this weekend and when I do m gonna bloom my plants! Been vegging almost three months! Too one clone from each of my three plants and all rooted. Didn't think I would get 100 percent success on my first go at cloning!! I know one is a male so that clone is gonna go along with its punk ass daddy!! Damn just hate them males hope I don't have two. I know I do have one female threw pistils at seven weeks!! One not showing at all and the other m sure is male. I think the other one is undecided!! Everytime I feed my male I get pissed at the nutrients m wasting on the ass hole!! Lol but guess I don't have the balls yet to kill till I bloom and know for a fact it's a male. This is my first real grow so I want to be extra sure even though I see the lil spade. Hope all is well in ur world!! What strain u gonna go with next?


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First, here are my last pics ima put up of this. I have seen males before and generally they show within 3-4 weeks of vedge and females 4-6weeks but that's not always accurate but general I've found. I've had many grows, none amazing but I've played around and done some fun stuff like 12/12 from seed in a solo cup, and I grew a Sour D that grew into my T5.
I have the other day found someone who kindly in a trade ordered me a cheapo LED . A Beamnova 300w led . I've obviously never used them as they are way to costly for me but it's hanging low sadly so now I only have about 2-2 1/2 feet total height. I am trying to start a 60 Day Wonder bean in a paper towel. I watered it as I'm going to try to get some pollen and try and get some of my own seeds but if I fail or the seed germs, no biggie. I'm going to try to do the 60 Day Wonder in a 1 gal pot as I've read pot size is meaningless for autos and big pots like 3g is a waste of soil with them. I'm not new to growing, just never been able to put my knowledge into practice very much or get whatever I lack that something needs. I think this was a female but turned male from heat, and nute burn and ph issues. I did a lot of reading and found someone mention how Dakini Kush throws probs if the ph goes high or low it's gotta be legit just right. I didn't have ANY issues really other than canoeing leaves until I tried to feed it a little FF Grow Big. A tiny bit caused it to freak out.
I'm doing my first auto now or going to try to as I want to keep my est harvest date around the same time. I'll try another DK and let it grow untopped after. I need a tent. Being able to use my 4 bulb T5 and the LED together should allow me to be able to do 2 at a time I figure. But it'll give me the height I need and space for a decent girl.
I also appreciate the kind words but I'm far from better actually been putting off the doc as out a nowhere I woke up with horrible chest pain from acid reflux and it's like there's a huge bubble in my chest, very sore, and I'm always like burping shit up and feel odd and shit. More to it but later and I'll be sure to check out ya grow.

Anyway, so u know what to look for with male preflowers, here's a bunch of pics of it before I put in the shitty cheap led. It's only able to have like 4-6 inches of space in between light and top but it is what it is.

Here are some pics of the preflowers and how it looked 1-3 days ago.

Best of luck on your grow pino0911. Males are sad but take that guy u know of out ASAP man as ANY pollen can fuck up a sensimellia grow and ruin a whole grow. You got the passion man. I shouldn't get a tent or be growing where I am living in, landlord might take issue and yearly inspectors will but f it I'm tired of not being able to practice my passion/desire. Keep going and growing man! Trial and error for sure. I'll be starting a new one once I get one of these seeds to germ.


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Well you proved my worst grow nightmare there is a asshole in the bunch!! Thanks bud!! Sorry you still under the weather!! Sorry for the male wish I lived closer I would give you a clone of my female. My clones are doing so good. I believe I know which one is gonna b my mother plant. At least my Thunderpaw mother. My next grow m gonna b looking for my Jackolope mother. I grew in Coco this grow but I think on my next one m gonna bust out my ebb n flow table. Got a botanicare table off Craigslist for 100 dollars just was scared to use on my first grow but my next one m gonna put it to good use. I do love Coco and not sure which one I will like more yet. After I get my two mother plants m gonna do some fun experiments with clones hope you stick around. I could use someone with your knowledge to help. M such a noob but have researched so much matter fact that's all I read about these days. Happy bout your LED you are gonna love it! That's all I have grown with and I love it. M a bargain shopper and got a dormgrow G8 450 watt brand new in the box for 200 and then jus got a advanced Platinum 150 for 100 dollars. And they have been growing the hell out my plants. They just get so leafy I have to keep defoliation and three days later leafy as hell again!! Enough bout me I want you to get another bean popped so we can grow together!! Your plant was looking good then the dreaded balls came. I only grow reg seeds myself so m sure m gonna have to get use to balls and I hate balls!! Lol!! I hope you don't have nothing serious going on with your health!! Well I hope you have a dank ass day and get better and pop a bean that will make you feel better!! Till the next one keep em Green!! pH thanks for the close up pics they really helped!!


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Update Day 59

Hey everyone at 420mag:420:

Time for an update as instead of axing this I couldn't do it unsure. I have a feeling it will go hermie, but maybe it's strong enough to have taken all the accidental abuse and will keep on truckin. I got a 5 Gal pot to transplant it into once I can get more soil. Anyway for the news...since my last post I started another journal thinking I'd try and save it but it was a Conner and started an auto. The hell it's been through is as follows...for the first months of its life it was in my small closet which I was growing in because I live in a small rooming house(small bedroom, squaresize(idk length but if u put 4 twin beds 2 in a row side by side you would fill up the room to the door) and very small but as I stated before, I won't let anything stop me from growing. So it's initial life was under a T5 and very enclosed so it suffered BAD humidity and heat stress. I then tried to feed it vedge nutes and it got nuteburn, but this was after I tried some older General Hydroponics Cali-Magic I was given a year ago and it got a PH issue. Since then, I had the luckiest thing ever happen, and someone after 8 years finally offered to help me and did a trade to order me a MUCH needed tent and a cheap "300w" Beamnova Full Spec LED. I've never had anything this nice in my life. So I've been keeping it alive and once I spent a day throwing out half my room to fit the tent, it was under LED. After little progress I've assumed it was uber stressed so I gave it time. I've never had to worry about distance, so I spent awhile stressing it out too close or too far. Took me awhile to find a "sweet spot". After I thought I did, to figure out sex I turned it to 12-12. After 10 days of stagnant or no new growth or preflowers, and 0 progress I thought I'd put it back in vedge to try to save it, so while high I set the light to 16/8...started another journal thinking it was a lost cause, and put it under 18/6 after a few days. I then after a few days defoliated it a good bit. I dont recommend anyone let their babies get this stressed. And I flushed it which fixed the PH and nute problem. Today at 1am after I woke up, I watered it, and took off more leaves as a few sites we're starting to grow outwards. PROGRESS FINALLY! So I let it be. I checked it after I woke up mid sleep, and it's looking sad again. Other than some leaftwisting, it's looked good. Now it's wilted.
I need someone with some deficiency knowledge to chime in as I can't pinpoint it. I don't believe it was over water as I gave it an extra day after it was dry half finger down. Now, normally I keep a vent on the tent open for air as I have nothing to push it in/out but I left it closed today during on. My mistake. It was pretty warm in there I can say that. I also noticed some leaves showing nitrogen burn, but I haven't been feeding it as it hasn't wanted me to. I also think from the wilting, it revealed a calyxs pistals! So it WAS/IS a girl unless it hermied. It's definitally Pre 98 Bubba dominant from the growth of the smell branches and smell of caramel/coffee. Or I believe so. So, what caused the wilting do you think, and do you think it's got nitrogen burn as it's in a 3 gal pot and needs to be transplanted/flowered? That's what I can't figure out.

Here are some pix:

I hope I can get some answers, and on the last pic it looks like 2 pistils we're hidden. So I might have saved it but gave it another problem . The switch has me all messed up as I'd be OK if I had this from from the start. Hope everyone's having a great day. Stay Lifted!

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Hey :420:!

WeedNerd420 here. I will post updates here now as I have a feeling my 60DW is done for as it's an auto.

I have defoliated it and added another light to get my branching started. Considering what it's been through I pat myself on the back for it doing so well now. It's showing some calyxs with pistils around her. Hopefully more start growing with these branches. I am going to transplant it into it's final 5 gallon flower pot tomorrow and pray it flowers well after enough branches are started.

Here are some updated pics:


Hope to get a new fan soon to help cool down the temp as I can tell it's very warm and my AC needs replacement. OK, hope u all have a great day and Stay Lifted!

"Have a Dank Day!"

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