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Small grow box ventilation


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ok so hears the scoop. area is 1'x1'x4'. plan on using 6-8 cfls, combo of both 26w and 45w. will be makin an inclosed light hood with fan attached to cool it some.. k so ventilation, i was thinking of running a box the size of 80mm fan all the way up the box in one corner with the light cooling attached somewere up high. question is can i run say one or 2 more fans inline inside the 80mm box that goes up the box say one at 1/3 the way up and then one at 2/3 then last one would be connected to the light hood pretty close to the top? if that would work is there anyway to control the 2 lower ones so they only run when they need to ex... say temps get a tad high so the 2 lower fans kick on and get the cab back to normal then shut off? does this sound like way over doing it or even possible? thanks for the help everyone.


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well, you dont need to worry about heat with cfl's unless there packed really closely together, or their thoes big like 5inch long ones. as long as you have some kind of ventilation you should be fine.
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