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Small Grow Room, questions!


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Hi, so basically i got a small grow tent but with big ambitions haha! this is my first "proper" grow..... i grew 5 plants when i was 17! under a floodlight dangling off a rope in my garage roof haha! wish i had pictures!.... dad found them and smashed em to bits.... got my own home now so that wont be happening!

80cm x 80cm x 160cm grow tent with reflective mylar walls
400w hps with reflector and ballast
extractor fan and carbon filter
6" clip anywhere fan
Digital themometor with humidity
5 gallon bucket X5
BioBizz Lightmix for seedlings
BioBizz Allmix for veg and flower
Nutrients: BioGrow, BioBloom, Flowering booster and BioRoot stimulator

Northern Lights X BigBud
Northern Lights

Learn to grow 5+ oz every 3 months
experiment with different grow techniques
Always keeping plant count below 10, including clones.

Is it possible to get a yield of 5 or more ounces with this set up?
i feel comfortable applying the LST method to enable lower branch growth, is this a technique i could utilize for my setup?
Would one plant in a 5 gallon bucket prove the best option?
the tent can fit 4x 5 gallon buckets, or would it be too crowded?

Any input is greatly appreciated

Sorry for my Noob questions, just cant find theses specific answers


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Well I'm Gonna give 4 x 5 gallon buckets a go.... its gonna be tight but want maximum growth for each square ft... I plan on using LST until I have a minimum of 5 bud sights on each plant equal level.... then gonna let em veg a bit longer for extra height.... any input from anyone?


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I'm very new to this so can not give a lot of insight, but I can tell you the results of my first grow just completed. My grow space close to yours I think, maybe a bit smaller 22"x36"x60". Ran two plants in there under a 600w Hps bulb using a RDWC system. Pulled a total of 1800 grams of bud out of that space after trimming. Don't know yet what the dry weight will be but expecting around 12 oz of dried bud when finished. So it seems as if you goal should be achievable, good luck. Careful with not vegging them to long, when the stretch hits I found it amazing how large the plants got and actually overgrew my space, it was very tight from the tops of the plants to the bottom of the light, making it difficult to get the light to the corners of the grow space.


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Hey... that's an amassing yield mate! Well done to you! Did your plants gain allot of height when you switched to 12-12? I won't expect anything as much as your grow! What strain were you growing just out of interest?


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The stretch was amazing, the amount of inter nodal growth pushed the plants from a height of 7 1/2 inches at the start of 12/12 to over 3 plus ft high. Ended up with over 20 inches of lollypopped stem that was just wasted space in the grow tent. Strains were Trainwreck and Ice, pulled 1100 grams from Trainwreck and 700 from the Ice. You might be surprised at how much of a yield you get from 4 plants, I was never expecting to pull what I did from this grow.
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