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Small grow room set up


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I'm building a small 9ftx6ft growing space in my basement utility room. In this room houses the furnace, water softner, water heater, sump pump, fuse box and air cleaner for the house.

Lots of appliances that could go wrong which will leave me mostly relying on friends and myself to fix anything that would happen to break. Plus side the house is less than 8 yrs old.

The 9x6 will be split into a veg and flower rooms separately. I'd like to make my flower room at large as possible. I was thinking 7x6 for flower and then 2x6 for vegging and clones/mother plant. I know 2x6 might be a bit small so maybe 2 1/2x6 would be better?

I got 12 2x4's and panda film to construct the room. I have a 600w digital ballast and cheap reflector type hood for the flower room and 3 65 watt CFL for the veg room.



There is already some duct work I can see myself exhausting the flower chamber into but I'll need the air cleaned with a carbon scrubber.

Any ideas or threads with similar grows would be awesome to look at. I haven't really decided on a growing media yet. I like the idea of hydro but I take care of my garden myself and wouldn't feel very comfortable leaving a hydro set up more than a couple days. I'd like to be able to leave them for 5-6 days if I HAD to so I was thinking some type of soil mix.

The room does have a drain but it will be outside of my grow room only by about a ft. I'm trying to think of a system that would drawn safely the runoff water to the drain.

Also whats the best way to create some type of door so I can enter the veg and flower rooms separately?

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Well bro it sounds great! But for a 7x6 flower room you would need more than just 1 600w light...Probablly like 4 600w's...IMO a 600 can cover 4x4 MAX or you could use 2 600w and light movers....never used a light mover....PITVIPER uses the light movers and his grow/s are AWESOME! Check out the "Vipers Nest" in the Grow journal section...I'll be looking forward to see what you do with it bro :thumb:


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luckiestman13 - I would suggest you visit Growers-Forums they have everything from grow room setups to grow box ideas. Lighting, ventilation, and so on.

Sub-Forums: Grow Supply Product Reviews, Cabinet, Closet, & Grow Room Setup, Do It Yourself, Grow Lighting, Seeds, Clones & Strains, Vegetative Cycle, Budding Cycle, Harvest, Preparation & Curing, Indoor Soil Cultivation, Hydroponic Gardening, Outdoor Growing, Organic Growing, Hash, Kief & Concentrates

You will find a link to mine below.
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