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Small leaves turning yellow with brown spots


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After reading a plethora of information I believe that I have found an answer to what the plant is telling me. This is my first grow so there is a bit of a learning curve, so any information provided will be appreciated, so I say THANK YOU:thumb: in advance to all those who can assist me in learning to grow my medicine.

The plant was given to me in May already in the pot. Unsure of the strain and what type of soil it is in. Pertinent information provided as per the sticky thread:

What Strain is it? Unknown
Is it Indica, Sativa or Hybrid? What percentages? Unknown
How Many Plants? 1
Is it in Vegetative or Flowering Stage? Flowering
If in Flowering Stage... How Long? 10-14 days
Indoor or Outdoor? Outdoor
Soil or Hydro? Soil
If Soil... What is in your Mix? Unknown
If Soil... What Size Pot? 3 gallon
Any Pests? Leaf Hoppers and mites
How Often are you Watering? Was watering daily using water that is treated by Reverse Osmosis in a new system.
Type and Strength of Fertilizers used? Worm casings from empty fish bait boxes, 1 treatment of Epsom Salts 14 days ago and bi-monthly Miracle Grow

I realized after finding and doing a lot of reading I have been watering the plant too much. Since the plant is outdoors I know that is being fed upon, but afraid to use any chemicals on it for pest control so i inspect and clean to the best of my ability.

Shortly after I got it in May. Picture dated 6 June
The 19th of June
Today 52 inches tall and yellow fan leaf.
Ittybitty buds
I have a lot to learn and planning on doing an indoor grow from here on out.

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:welcome: umm your pests of the mite family I spray with safers insecticidal soap at sundown or almost that, stand around till you see it starting to dry and spray with water; repeat this daily for 2-3 days then once a week for a good time. Leaf hoppers I would have to research before offering advice but if they are soft shell/skin or whatever like a mite then soap will help

Unknown plant and soil is fine but you addressed the other issue for me, don't water until you can stick a finger in the dirt and it is dry for ehh 3/4-1 inch. don't let her dry like if she was vegging but don't flood her on the daily, prolly more every 2.5 days.

One bad leaf on a plant that size is a very good sign and the other leaves have no curl or scorched tips


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The safers soap is fine to use but try to focus the spray more on leaves and especially leaf undersides get every leaf saturated then wash it off before it dries. this is because soap only does the job when wet and once you spray the water 99% of the soap residue is gone plus all the mites you just killed


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Update: From what I have learned the RO water has been flushing the nutes out of the soil and causing the plant to cannibalize the fan leaves for the nutes needed for essential growth. I have been adding nutes to the water full strength with the weekly worm casing addition.

Between over watering and the lack of nutes she survived and looks to me like she has stabilized. Now the buds are not very big due to my inexperience but at least she is has many "popcorn" buds all over her. I figure she has a while left before harvest and the buds will enlarge also.



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I didn't want to start a new thread but need some help here please. Been raining a bit here lately and to keep my only fragile abused plant on a watering schedule I have been moving her around a bit to prevent over watering, anyhow this morning when I went out to inspect her and check on her I found a couple of things that looked interesting to me.

She has been in the flowering stage for 5 weeks now.

#1. There is a small brown droplet on one of the buds. This is not the only time I have found small brown deposits on the leaves. Usually I find them after they have dried out and resemble a piece of dirt. I have been carefully removing them since I don't know WTH they are. This is the first time I have seen the droplet on a bud and I am concerned.
#2 this bud had a lot of clear liquid emitting from it and from what I can tell is the only bud that has this much liquid. Last night she did not get wet, so rain water is out of the question.
#3 I have not taken the time to count all the buds but they are numerous , small all over the plant and getting bigger but not by much. The rest of the buds have mostly clear tricomes with some milky and some starting to turn amber.

Should I reduce the number of buds with selective harvesting to try and force her to produce bigger buds or leave them with the theory that every buds counts. #every bud counts?

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#1 idk could it be something that blows around room and then sticks there? Do you have a microscope to see if it looks like dirt, random thing, bug?

#2 BeanTown answered better then I could was gunna say just the plant putting out moisture

#3 never remove actual buds in the canopy always bend, tie them to keep distances between and the more the merrier :ganjamon:


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Thanks, I have noticed that the flies have been attracted to her more here lately so that sounds right. She is still outside so she is a prime suspect for all of the critters/bugs. :(

Since I have selectively removed all the larger fan leaves after being cannibalized due to my over watering, the light is able to reach the interior of her all the way to the main stalk. Not all of the buds have the same lighting of course but my thoughts were to let them all grow as much as possible.

The strain is unknown but 99% sure it's a kush strain since the guy who gave her to me only smokes kush. With the stems of the leaves turning a dark red almost purple color is there any way to take a guess of the strain? Mebbe a wild guess.

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You can try some sticky trap for flying bugs. As for strain if it originated as bagseed even for your friend then you may be surprised how little he actually gets kush strains lol people here say anything when selling it to you :19: :lot-o-toke:
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