Small pic update.


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Growing NLxBB
Now 7inches high.
Veg - 4 weeks and under 400w hps
16hrs day, 8hrs night

She is much more branchy now and has grown nearly 2 inches since
my last post.
I still feel she is a bit too small to take clones though.

I am concerned however.
I am going away for a week on vacation starting the 9th.

If any of you have suggestions on how i can keep her alive
i would love to hear it.
The only thing i can think of, is to shut down the hps, water her
right through, and stick her in one of my windows where she will not
be seen, and hope for the best. :-(

Anyways, here is my webcam pics...



In the bottom pic you may notice the yellowed branches...
They are just old, and will fall off in a few days to make room for new growth.


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how big is the pot its in. it seems a little small for that time and wattage but its all good. try giving her some ferts and shell explode


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amazing how many people are growing this strain i also have those nlxbb that i will be growing sometime soon


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I hear you homie, NLxBB seems to be really popular around here lately!

I think you can do what you said and hope for the best or maybe risk it and put a timer on the light and have someone water it for you while you are away.


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Vacation is a bad thing for plants. I did that on my first grow. I left for a week to go see my boy and they died. Looks good though. I've never seen a plant grow like that with all pointing up.


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^ Yeah i have her about 1 foot away from the light..maybe that is why...
I got her in a 10inch pot...maybe i should go for something bigger...

And yeah, no one in SK knows i am growing, and no one ever will,
so can't find anyone to water her.

The most i can do besides leaving her by a window is leave her outside
Question is...where?
SK is flat land for miles and miles...someone is bound to stumble upon
the plant.
I know if i leave it under the hps she will die for sure.


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I'll let you guys know if she dies.

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