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Small plant fried like KFC chicken can it be saved?


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My bigger plant still has greenery but burnt leaves as well its severe. I believe I should cut off burnt heat stressed leaves ? Not sure...... my Lil baby plant every leaf is burnt sad to say..... no fans tho inside grow box.... box is outside is cold out now... would that cold air make my plants suffer even with hid light on ? I also have a led light but there's no heat coming from it I just bought revive and sensitive mag but with further reading I'm looking into buying rhino skin nutrient I also have terpinat or fox farm grow big and also soul bloom..... I'm looking to change nutrients..... help first time grower in dyer need.....p.s. bigger plant is in its very very first stage to begin to flower....

Thank you in advance for any tipsheat


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A pic will help. Im no expert but I would leave the leaves alone. The plant will need photosynthesis to grow new leaves.

She will shed leaves when they serve no further purpose.

Guessing here but it may be the light was too close to the plants? I dont see how the cold will help.

Good luck and welcome to :420:
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