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Small Space - 900W LED - Moby Dick Pineapple Express Lowryder - 3rd Grow - With Love


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HELLOOO weed lovers! :love:

I am back with another grow and things are a bit different this time, but we'll get to that.
First of all, if you haven't seen my other two grow journals, please check them out. I documented the whole preparation of my grow closet, and in this thread I will just talk about the upgrades I made.

300W LED - Hydroponic - Moby Dick - First Grow - With Love

300W LED - Northern Lights & Pineapple Express - Auto - Hydro - 2nd Grow - With Love

Alright alright, Day 1 - Germination

The last times I had always gotten three seeds at once, so I had some "old" ones laying around, that I didn't want to go to waste.

Moby Dick, Pineapple Express, and a gift from a friend Lowryder. All Autoflower.

The beginning is never that spectacular. Just three tiny seeds swimming in their own shot glass, filled with water.

While they were busy coming to life, I could focus on my biggest pain in the neck. - cooling -
The attentive reader will remember what troubles I've had and all the things I have tried to combat high temperatures around my planties. Lastly I had split the upper hotter airflow at the lamps, from the lower cooler growing area and by also adding two Peltier coolers, I was finally able to have somewhat stable temperatures, around 24°C/75°F.

A big problem with the coolers was that they would recirculate the same air into the system, which reduced efficency and raised electric consumption. Hence I isolated the air intakes and added fans at the exhaust, to support a directed airstream through the system.

Doing this on both sides (out- and inside) really ramped up the effectiveness and will keep the power supplies from overheating.

Oh, and it looks cool as shit!

I can only recommend styrofoam to anyone thinking of making this. It's cheap, easy to process and you end up with something sleek and costum designed.

I also got rid of most of the tape which held the electronics in place. It sticks well and all, but especially if you're dealing with fluctuating temperatures and intense light, sooner or later it will come off and drop whatever it was holding up. I came up with this simple solution, of adding wire to sticky velcro strips and stapling the counter parts to the walls of the closet.

Screws with big washers hold the cables in place and I never have to worry about bits of my setup falling apart ever again! ^_^

Looks way cleaner too.

OK! With the annoying part out of the way I could get back to my babies.
After they had sprouted I put them in a demp napkin and enclosed it in a layer of aluminium foil. 5 days had passed and they were big enough to be transfered into soil.

Day 6

I mixed a bit of perlite, coco coir and soil...

... cut slits at the top plastic cups for air exchange and on the bottom for drainage...

and put it all together.

They were more than ready for it.

Then they said hello to their new and final home of three months.

This is always a memorable moment for me =)
Almost birthlike.

Look at the little things doing their first streches.

The Lowryder had taken two days longer to sprout. For some reason she was, from the very beginning weaker than the other two.

With the dynamic trio hanging out at their favourite spot, I could get back to further improofments.
I already had a water pump with a timer, but it was powered with batteries, which I found suuuper annoying. So, I did some googling and came up with this fantastic little trick, which I am pleased to share with all of you guys!

You cut wooden pieces, a little bit shorter than the batteries you desire to get rid of.
AAs are 5cm/2in, so I cut mine 4,6cm/1,8in

Then you drill a hole in the center of each side.

Now you screw in two screws which you connect with a wire. Make sure the actual cable touches the metal and that you trim the overlaying wire bits thoroughly.

That's your first dummy battery. I needed three of those and one to which I connected the actual power supply.
The pump runs on 6 Volts, so I got me a 6v power supply and connected its wires to the ends of the dummy.
(Important: Black is negative. More important: Handle wiring and electricity with extreme caution!)

Now I just had to fit it all in the compartment...

... and make a gap in the cover, for the wire to go through.

Et voilà! A timed water pump that runs on AC power.

Four more days had passed and I decided to make the next big step.

Day 10

My seedlings were loving the light, but the clear cups and especially the little amount of soil were a problem for the roots, which had already grown to all sides of the enclosure.

Because I don't have much space to work with, I decided against the regular round shaped flower pots, in fact against flower pots all together. I got me a Heavy duty storage box from the hardware store and drilled holes in the bottom, for drainage.

The internet advised, not to put the holes closer than 5cm/2in, which I stuck to.

Now it was time to mix the content. I used 18 litres of vegetable/tomato-soil, that I had left since spring...

... 6 litres of coco coir...

... and about 3 litres of perlite.

I am planning on using the nutrients that I still have from my hydroponic grows, which means I don't need the most nutritionous soil for my undertaking. All the growing medium needs to be, is nicely loose for the roots to spread quickly in.

My idea was it, to have one container, with seperating boards, so that the roots won't fight for space, or nutrients and I use all of the room available too.

Then I put 1cm/0,4in of perlite at the bottom of the box, because I am not fully confident in the holes to properly drain the huge container and I don't want to have to deal with root rot later.

After filling the soil back into the tank, the little ones were planted carefully into it.

I left more space for the moby dick, because she is expected to grow the tallest. Not just because of her genetics, but also because of all the empty space she has all to herself on the left.

But we'll see if that was the right thing to do.

Lastly, I only had to prepare the water tank. In the future I will add the nutrients directly into the water, so to keep algea from growing inside the tank I layered container and lid with aluminium foil.

The lid also got a slit, for the tube of the water pump.

Then I had a bucket of tap water out in the sun for a day, to get rid of the chlorine and adjusted the PH to 6. Filled it into the tank and put it all in its designated place.

By now, two more days had passed,...

Day 12

... but the major upgrades were finally complete!

I have the 300W LED growlight running at 60% and will turn it up carefully, if I feel like the plants can take it.

They seem to have settled though.

One thing left to do, is to somehow spread the water streams from the pumps hoses, but that problem shouldn't be impossible to solve.

The lowryder is still weak looking. One side of the first leave didn't develop at all, but I see new growth and I hope her crippledness will be a thing of the past, once she fully embraces the light I give to them. She's also only expected to grow up to 50cm/20in, so maybe that has to do something with her slow coming.

The Moby dick on the other hand is getting stronger every day!

And that's it for now. I literally took the last pictures and sat down to write this bit. Hope some of you enjoy my new blog thingy and can maybe learn a thing or two from my mistakes and advances.

Will probably post an update in a week or so. Until then, sit back and enjoy the ride.

Peace you guys, :peace:

- Pipo


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Re: Small Space - 900W LED - Moby Dick Pineapple Express Lowryder - 3rd Grow - With L

Your like a mad scientist lol I've grown that pineapple express from barney before.. a real nice plant


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Re: Small Space - 900W LED - Moby Dick Pineapple Express Lowryder - 3rd Grow - With L

Alright, Day 13

one day after the last post I actually tackled the watering problem right away.

I closed up the end of the tubes...

... poked holes with a needle...

... and had satisfying results, when I tested that rudimentary dispersion tactic.

Unfortunately, the holes were too small and clogged up under the soil just a day later or so. Which meant I had to dig 'em up and be a bit more brutal!

This is Day 15 btw. and the hoses were just part one, of a bigger upgrade.

Those slits have been working out quite reliably so far!

The Moby dick had been flourishing and growing at a healthy rate

This was actually the morning, that I had come home from a totally shitty rave. I was still a bit high and thinking of those unmatched expectations of drugs and partying hard, that the DJ didn't fulfil, when it finally hit me!

I had been treating my babies the same way! The setup was well thought through and ready for high power light bombardement, just like the nutrients, that I had been giving them dop by drop, to not overdo it.

But it was time to step it up! Looking at my plants, I could see their thirst and my responsibility to give them the ride, they were teased to have.

But first things first. We need some "before pictures", for comparison. In case something crazy happens over night:

Surely, this was only two weeks after the seeds hit the water, but they were all a bit small. Especially the Lowryder, which might have gotten a bit neglected by me. Maybe instead of giving her the smallest space and least water/nutes, I should have given her the most intense care and greatest resources. Well as I said, that night I made her the promise, to not treat her like a disabled grass anymore and make her strive for... normality, at least.

In case I have some new readers, who haven't checked out my first grow -> These are the nutrients that I'm using. (Oh, and hello btw.!) :welcome:

And by using, I meant that these are the exact same bottles, which I started this lovely journey with! They come in a try pack, which drops the price a bit and these biologically produced tinctures actually turned out to be very abundant! I can only recommend them. (thumbs up-emoji)

But to step it up, I also got me some further additives of the same brand. I haven't really noticed a real difference yet. Light, air and heat definitely play a greater role in making healthy plants, but I guess my setup isn't full established yet.

After mixing them at seedling strength, I put the weekly rations in these syringes, for precise and controlled feeding.

And right here I noticed a strong advantage of a hydroponic growing system. if you give nutrients directly into the water, you don't need to worry about dispersion, or the roots actually getting in contact with the brown, smelly goodness. Now that I grow in soil, I had to make sure, that the nutes reach the roots and that they wouldn't be too highly concentrated. Hence, I sprayed the area with some PHd water afterwards.

Okay, what else could I do, to make this better?..

You know what, let's get rid of that high wall. It just hinders the fresh air to get to all plants equally.

And the other one too! No healthy acre has boards between its plants.

Perfect! With a little bit of time and the moisture seeping its way trough the soil, this should turn out just fine!

Another thing that got my attention was the fact, that I had to keep propping up the Moby Dick. It probably was trying to get to more light by laying sideways and letting its stem absorb some of it too.

So I moved the lamps further up. In this position the heat gets trapped unter the ceilling and sucked out right away by the fan on the top right. (And the chimeney)

This way I do lose a bit of light through the distance, but I don't have to worry about burning the pricesses. Also, I shouldn't be cheap and just fucking turn it up. Woop, woop!

50W 6600K Corncob light + 80% of a 300W Galaxy Hydro = (290W)

50W 6600K + 300w GalaxyHydro + 30% of a 300W Galaxy Hydro = (440W)

And this is where it's at. Some more upgrades are coming. Will keep you posted.

Enjoy your day, :37:

- Pipo


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Re: Small Space - 900W LED - Moby Dick Pineapple Express Lowryder - 3rd Grow - With L

Hey everyone,

a couple of days ago I had a flooding in my wardrobe. As I had stated before, did I ramp up the watering system and from looking at it, I was able to let the pump run several times a day without any water coming out on the bottom.
Then a few nights ago, I woke up and the water had filled the entire collecting tray (which is basically just the boxes lid) and flown over the edges, covering most of the closets floor space.
Hurrying to sponge it all up, I didn't get to take any pictures, but from this one, that I had shown before, it becomes clear, how impractical the whole water collecting setup was. -->

After I had dryed the flooding, water kept coming out the bottom of the tank. I suppose it just took a while to fully hydrate the dry soil, but now that it was, new moisture was passing straight through the openings.
My only option was to sponge it up tediously, but with the heavy tank on top of the lid, this would have turned out to be a never ending and much time consuming hassle.

But by my use of the conditional sentences, I believe you already expect me to present a fitting solution. So here it is... ;-)

First I thought of stilts for the tank, but anything touching it with a downward angle, would have been a guide for the water to run down on. Putting the stilts on the tray, to collect those droplets would have made it extremely difficult to empty it, without lifting the whole container, which would have turned it into a two man job and not been an improofment to prior situation.

After a few contemplating hours in my local hardware store, I came up with an idea, that appeared promising in my head.
This frame is built from two different, cheap steel rods through which one of them I drilled holes. I thought, that I had to somehow also apply glue, but the slight crookedness of my drillings lead to tension and the frame became pretty stable on its own.
... Thankfully so, because I don't own any welding equipment.

Then I attached these lugs to the side of the wardrobe. I used four, to spread the weight evenly. Didn't want to have to deal with broken out holes, because I cheaped out.

To these I connected cables...

... that ended on the steel frame, on the other side.

This might be a bit overkill, could have probably used thinner ones, or less cables too, but I didn't want to underestimate the pressure that the tanks plastic will endure at those bearing spots. Possibly even for the next years or so.

All that was left to do, was to put the box back in its place and it was all set and done!

The hardest part of it all, was to get all the measurments right, especially of the cable length. Some oldschool trigonometry and visualization definitely helped, but it still took me a good seven hours to get the supplies and carefully build it step by step.

I probably could have made it half an inch lower. The inflexibility of the cable took more from its length, than I anticipated, but I am still pleased, that it fulfils its main funtions.
... Having it half an inch too low would have been a real bummer too! X-)

Some styrofoam pads on the feet prevent it from scratching up the moisture resistant varnish and it is surprisingly stable, because the weight on the cables actually pulls the frame in and close to the tank and the lugs on the other side.

It really is a solution that saves space and makes a growers life easier! In case anyone would like to copy it, and needs more precise measurments, just go ahead and ask. We're all in this together :love:

Will be back with more updates soon.

Take care stoners,

- Pipo


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Re: Small Space - 900W LED - Moby Dick Pineapple Express Lowryder - 3rd Grow - With L

I don't usually show this stuff, but most of my time and work goes into tedious shit like that. -->

A rule of thumb that I have learned:

"A little bit of overkill will keep you from working twice!"

Stay strong you guys, :18:

- Pipo


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Re: Small Space - 900W LED - Moby Dick Pineapple Express Lowryder - 3rd Grow - With L

What's up dudes and dudettes,

It's day 17 and I have an important update!

We all remember the little Lowryder, that wasn't doing so well. This is what she looks like after several days of intense care.

Especially in comparison to the Pineapple Express she looks pretty small.

And you know what guys, I don't want to "do the right thing" and pull her through the entire grow. It will just result in a much smaller yield, possibly even bad bud, which would be horrible! That's why I'm sayin' "Bye bye!"

I'm sorry little one. But the world is unfair to the weak.

Say goodbye to your friends. In all honesty, they won't even realize you're gone.

It's not like I didn't love you. I just don't want to prolong the inevitable.

Rest in peace. You will always be my first Lowryder.

Replacement has already been sitting in water for almost a day.

Oh, and she is ready to rock!

That's what a healthy seed should look like after a few hours in water.

Since the watering system is already in place, I chose to put her right in the earth. Hope she gets settled soon, there is a bit of catching up to do.

Almost indestinguishable from the rest of the soil, the little baby.

All that's left to do is to tuck her in and tell her to...

"Be better." :wood:

Will be back soon, :;):

- Pipo


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Re: Small Space - 900W LED - Moby Dick Pineapple Express Lowryder - 3rd Grow - With L

A lil' update (and bad news :-/)

Day 19

So at this point I was getting curious, because the seeds usually don't take long to grow bigger after popping open.
I dug up the Lowryder and low and behold it hadn't grown a bit!!
I thought the humidity might have something to do with it, so I gently placed it in a wet paper towel like I always do with seedlings.

At this point I knew something weird was up, but it actually got worse!
After another day or so of no movement I decided to germinate the last seed that I had and once again it popped open just a few hours after hitting the water.

"Lucky me" I thought. "The third time's the charm" I convinced myself.

After another two days of no growth I took a closer look and what looked like bits of the roots desintegrating were actually MAGGOTS digging their way in and out of the pit!
The quality is probably too bad for you to tell. I didn't want to give them the gratification of high quality images, after they had just eaten my third strain...

So that was shit.

Thinking of shipping times and the time it would take for a new seed to catch up and get used to the current level of nutes, I decided to call it quit and just go with only two strains. It's a nice backup to fall back to anyways.

And they were doing quite well at day 19. Here's the Pineapple Express.

She seems a wee bit weaker than the Moby Dick, But I guess that will balance out over time.

Still, after her sister def. the healthiest plant I've had so far.

And the Moby Dick.

Strutting like there is no tomorrow.

I guess my take-away from all this was to always prepare for the worst. My decision to thow out the first Lowryder was a rational one and I am not sure if she would have ever developed non-crippled leaves.
If any of you is thinking of getting "Plant Of Life" seeds, I would really reconsider, because 3 out of 3 duds is a devastating statistic!

But we make mistakes to learn from them. What I'll be left with is two healthy babies and one empty spot in my heart, which will hopefully soon be filled with perfect bud.

Rest in Peace. :rip:



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Re: Small Space - 900W LED - Moby Dick Pineapple Express Lowryder - 3rd Grow - With L

I'm liking the depths of detail your going, I'm subbed


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Re: Small Space - 900W LED - Moby Dick Pineapple Express Lowryder - 3rd Grow - With L


Time for a little update.

It is day 26 and the ladies are flourishing!

The empty spot has been a constant reminder, for me to be more patient in the future. It's time to work it into my setup though.

I decided to take out the right wall, thus giving the Northern Lights access to over half of the tank! The internet sais, her roots are never going to fill it, but leaving her confined can't be helpful either.

Next it was time to relocate the Lowryder hose, which pumps just as much water than the other two, but will moisten parts of the container, that have been dry so far. The plants are big enough now, to reach into those corners.
Since the area is so big, I unwrapped the loop and layed it as an arch. I'm planning on adding nutes through the water in the future, therefore it would be unwise to have an uneven amount of irrigation going to the different plants.

The Moby Dick also got a second hose, for the same reasons.

To finish off the enhancements I mixed a whole 1,5 litre bottle of additives, which will help them get settled into the before unused soil.
Msg me, if you'd like to know the exact doseages.

A pour spout keeps me from spilling drops onto the leaves (That stuff will actually burn them!)

Alrighty, that's it for now.

Let's see if they embrace all the nice things, that I provide them with.

- Pipo


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Re: Small Space - 900W LED - Moby Dick Pineapple Express Lowryder - 3rd Grow - With L

It's day 29 and they seem to have liked the treatment.

The have a healthy green and they show 7 finger leaves! (For the first time ever, I think!)

The internet told me that's a sign of good living conditions, so I'm proud =)

- Moby Dick

- Northern Lights

But I do have to take care of the arrangement a bit. They are on the verge of stealing light from each other.

That's why gently tied down the Moby Dick to the emptier side of the wardrobe.

3 Days later on day 32 I took these pictures.

- Moby Dick

- Northern Lights

So, things are good.

Will be back soon,

- Pipo


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Re: Small Space - 900W LED - Moby Dick Pineapple Express Lowryder - 3rd Grow - With L

Quick update,

it's two days later (Day 34) and I have to tie her down again.

They're doing really well. The nutes seem to do their job!

Next update is a big one! ;-)

Stay tuned,

- Pipo


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Re: Small Space - 900W LED - Moby Dick Pineapple Express Lowryder - 3rd Grow - With L

Hey there, it's time for another update.

And we're starting two days later at Day 36!

As you can see, the babies are strong and healthy, and the Moby Dick has fully turned towards the light again.

They've grown a bit unto each other again, but I can tell you already, that I haven't done any more strap downs. Ididn't really see the necessity.

For anyone who measures his growth by height. (I don't really ^^)

At this point they were starting to show signs of the transition stage, but I was still waiting for the rapid growth that usually ocurrs around that time.

Beautiful lil' babies.

For six days I hadn't taken any more pictures and neither done anything to my setup. Just added nutes daily and let the timed pump run 5 times a day, each for 3 seconds.

at this point we had reached Day 42

The Moby Dick was doing fine, even though she wasn't quite filling up the space on the left like I had though she would. That's probably because of the fans also. But her buds started forming, sooner than any of my plants before. I took it as a good sign tho.

The Pineapple on the other hands had started to get droopy leaves. Nothing concerning, but definitely something I noticed.

A day later at Day 43 her hanging leaves continued on and I started to get worried.

My first thought was over watering, but since this is my first grow in soil I did a little test.
Right before giving nutes and letting the pump water I took this picture.

Three hours later I shot the following. My cell phone cam is quite bad, but I could still see a definite raise of the leaves.

Unfortunately it didn't give me the answer, that I hoped for. The leaves could have raised, because of the nutes, or just because of the
plants daily cycle, not necessarily because of the water.

I mean they're still both healthy and growing. I just worry about the little fuckers, that's all.

Another three days in at Day 46 nothing much had changed. At this point I had turned off the pump for a day and just given them their nutes (in watered down, liquid form)

The Moby Dick is doing great, filling up those buds day by day! She's smaller than I'd like her to be, but my other plants were actually smaller at this point too. I wonder at what time I should trim the lower parts of the babies like I had set my mind on doing this time.
Any thoughts on this guys?..

And the Pineapple... (sigh...)
I think I did a mistake by watering less, but more often. So far I've kept the Soil moist, but had no runoff. The internet sais, that in soil there are salts building up that need to be washed away, so that might be the reason for the droopyness. I will let them be for a little longer until they get really thirsty and try the traditional runoff method, with nute mixed water.

A few days before this I had also lowered the lamps a bit for greater light bombardement. The sole fact, that they withstand all thee 300W LED + 50W corn cob light at that close of a distance tells me, that they're more healthy than some of my previous plants.

Still, The droopyness is really bugging me. I had actually planned to mix in the nutes with the water of the pump for greater automation, but if that salt theory should turn out to be true, I will probably go back to my hydro setup for the next grow.

Either way, we learn to make mistakes, right?... ;-)

See you guys soon,

- Pipo


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Re: Small Space - 900W LED - Moby Dick Pineapple Express Lowryder - 3rd Grow - With L

Day 47

They look alright, but the Pineapple Ex still has droopy leaves.

Moby Dick strong as ever.

It was time to water. The internet said, there were salts building up, so I first rinsed the dirt with fresh, ph'd water. This time I added a highter PH, because Nitrogen is absorbed with higher PH.

Afterwards drowned the setup with nutes.

By now I think the hanging leaves are because of nitrogen deficiency. Symptoms are droopy leaves, that look like overwatering, very early flowering period and yellow leaves on the bottom. And look what we have here:

On both plants. :(

Just 1 day later on Day 48 they seemed a bit fuller/healthier.

Moby very ect.

Pineapple a bit more vital.

The buds look like little stars.

Moby enjoying the light...

...only possible with proper ventilation/cooling.

at this time I felt like it was time to focus onto the buds a bit.

Pineapple hit the flower period later, but properly.

I like her this way. All strong and healthy.

She's starting to fill out the space.

It's time to tie the Moby down, for better light absorption.

They're still pretty small. Gotta watch that PH closer.

2 days later. Day 50

Moby Turning toward the light again.

The next day on day 51 the Pineapple had droopy leaves again. I thought it might have to do something with heat.

hear peak is "very" high and experiences a higher temperature.

Hence I decided to tie her down too.

The next day on day 52 I just felt like taking some nice pics.


Don't worry, I wont bombard you with that many pics again. I just took'em and had to share.

In conclusion; The babies are smaller that hoped for because of wrong PH and (STILL) too high temperatures. Will try to be better next time. But for now I hope the quality will be worth the hassle!

Keep it up!

- Pipo


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Re: Small Space - 900W LED - Moby Dick Pineapple Express Lowryder - 3rd Grow - With L

Yoo, I haven't had much time to update this thread, but things have happened!

Day 56

To combat the heat problem I realized a plan which I have had in mind for months now:

I got me some aluminium tubes from the hardware store and put together a frame, onto which I layered some cling wrap.

The aluminum on its own would have been too soft to stay all the way straight if I would have just bent the corners. Instead I had to get creative with extra rods, that went in the tubes and some construction glue.

The finished frame was put right in front of the lamps, to seperate the hot lamp-airflow from that of the babies. A 5cm gap on the right is just enough, to have a steady, heated-air blowoff.

Since the Lamps radiate so much of their heat through the light they emit, the drop in temperature was not overwhealming (up to 2 degrees). Considering how little the frame cost to put together though, and how much I was able to turn down the exhaust fan, I'd say it was still more than worth it!

My little ones were doing fine. (Apart from their small size)

The Pineapple looking strong.

My last post has been over a month ago, so you guys probably expected some more progress.
The next reply is going to be a bit more extensive and cover just that.

Just as a hint. - It has to do with this pretty slut

Stay tuned,

- Pipo



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Re: Small Space - 900W LED - Moby Dick Pineapple Express Lowryder - 3rd Grow - With L

Finally an update yay !!! Lol im subd !


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Re: Small Space - 900W LED - Moby Dick Pineapple Express Lowryder - 3rd Grow - With L

Yoyoyooooo, what's up weed lovers :smokin:

this is the update, that I've been waiting for since day one! Well at least half the update...

So we continue on Day 62. Almost a week after the last pictures.

I really just did a few crappy snaps, to see how far along my baby was.

The quality is shit, but you can tell, the trichomes are a mix of mostly milky and somy glassy. I think it was that day, that I decided to start flushing.

The Pineapple still very young.

---> Four days later: Day 66

I got some good shots that day. The trichomes look really friggin' juicy!

If you look close, you can see a few amber ones too.

Again, the Pineapple not really up for comparison.

---> Three days later: Day 69 (teheee :12:)

I went a little wild that day with closeup pics. I think I was just jittery, because it was day 7 of the flush and I wanted to cut down the beautiful baby!

But holy smokes. How gorgeous she turned out!

You can clearly see the amber trichomes too!

I decided, it was time to harvest. Some leave their plants to ripen longer, but my last Moby Dick was really young and it was the best "active" weed I've ever had! Just a clear headed energy boost!
I wanted to see though, what the high of a more ripe plant would feel like in comparison.

This is a pic from my first Moby. You can tell she is just on the verge of being ripe. So about 17 years and 51 weeks X-P

---> One day later: Day 70 Moby Dick - Harvest

She really did not turn out big in any way. The nitrogen deficiency clearly stalled her growth.

Since she was an Autoflower the worst thing about it was, that she started flowering early and couldn't fatten up in size.

From what I remember, she actually went into flower just a bit after a month!

Anyway, her bud/plant ratio was out of control!

Will still grow feminized next time. That's for sure.

"Alright, I take this last one of you and then it's time."

Honestly, I was surprised about how gorgeous the single branches were on their own.

What a healthy, easy to grow slut.

From all sides.

Wanna see her naked...?

No but seriously, I pride myself with a meticulous trim. Don't want to waste, what mother nature gives me. Out of my closet

Same with the main bud!

Gotta respect the bud.

(Yea yea. Ha Ha. It looks like a Penis. - Grow up, you stoners.) :icon_roll

Always looks a bit sad. Like the End of an era.

Thank you, dear living thing. I hope, you also enjoyed your stay with me.

The Pineapple has a friend less, but more room to flourish!

Then it was off to drying!

Really, not a big harvest, but still a good moment to take in.

This is how I hang 'em. Not pretty, but simple.

And the buds seem to enjoy it!

Little bit 'a trim. Already made brownies from them. (quite yummy! ^_^)

All that was left to do, was turn the whole box and strap down the pineapple for better light absorption.

I can already tell you, that I will wait for her harvest, before I give you the next and final update.

She's doing alright, but looks far less healthy compared to how she looked back then.

But hang on tight. I'm hoping to cut her down in like 2 weeks.

Want her really ripe this time. The last Pineapple was a bit heavy on the head, so hopefully this time I get a nice positive and light buzz out of her.

See you soon lil' darling.

---> A week later: (Day 77) Moby Dick - Curing

The buds have lost a bit in size and are ready for the jar.

Dried main bud.

And that's pretty much it. I just trimmed the stems down and put away the jar for curing. The Buds are beautiful, the quality is great!

Here it is. The final weight turned out below an ounce! As I said, this stuff is mainly for me and my friends, so it's more than enough, until the next grow :p

The high is quite nice. Was really psychodelic when I smoked the buds fresh!
I recommend everyone though to try out having the Moby just on the verge of being ripe (/milky). I have more use for a picker upper like that, so I guess that'll be what I do the next time. And maybe even keep a bit of the plant ripening real good, just out of curiosity!

And that's it for the Moby guys. She's hanging out in my dresser and being nibbled on from time to time.

Will post the next update in 3 weeks I think.

Until then, keep it up friends and love each other.

- Pipo



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Re: Small Space - 900W LED - Moby Dick Pineapple Express Lowryder - 3rd Grow - With L

Heey guys,

I actually have a moment free, thus it's time for a little pre-final update! =)

So, after repositioning the bauty I just kept checking her ripeness, by taking pictures of her trichomes.

These are some quick snaps at Day 80

As you can see, even 10 days after harvesting her sister, she's still way too young to cut down.

--- Anoter 11 days later! Day 91

At this stage I was a bit shocked at what had happened to her.

As you can see, all the leaves have evenly died off.

I thought this must have been part of the ripening process, but ...

... the trichomes show a different picture.

Still way too young to harvest.

My best explanation would be, that now with more space and light bombardement she shed leaves, because she didn't need them any more to support her buds with energy.

All my other plants just grew bigger with more light and had the nicest resin all over their buds.
Even though she looks like shit, the nuggets seem alright. They will just be a pain to trim! -_-

--- Over a week later! Day 99

Just took a few snaps.

Couldn't believe that she was still not showing signs of amber trichomes!

--- Almost a week later! Day 105 - (today)

She looks more mature.

I mean, she still looks like shit...

... but a bit more developed. Nice plant/bud ratio. (If she was just a bit bigger :17: )

Buds seem very dense.

But they have these weird tiny fan leaves, that will be horrible to trim!!

I mean yea, she's pretty in her own ways.

But way different looking, compared to her strain sister from my second grow!

Anyway, her trichomes actually look a bit more developed.

There was one amber one, that I spotted after zooming waay in.

I believe I will give her nutes for another week and flush her afterwards for another week.

But I guess, I'll have to keep checking and see what the resin tells me.

<-- This is the main bud btw.

Anyways, I hope to give you some positive updates soon!

Does anyone have an idea, what could be going wrong with her?..

See you soon guys,

- Pipo

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Re: Small Space - 900W LED - Moby Dick Pineapple Express Lowryder - 3rd Grow - With L

Hope all is well in your world.

Thanks for sharing this grow with us.

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