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Smells and flavors


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You always hear what people think strains smell like. I for one never really get it. Great smells and flavors yes. Identifying them is a whole different story. Over the years I have grown lots of strains and tons of plants. Even now smells and flavors catch me by surprise.

It happened twice in just this grow. One great strain I have came to love was Dark Cherry Soda. I never thought it smelled or tasted like Cherry or soda. Still loved it. I was totally surprised to have that smell show up in Killer Queen but it did. It may not be perfect but it is the first smell that came to mind. That's enough for me. What the flavor will be is still unknown.

The real surprise came from Chemdawg. I have heard about lots of strains that are supposed to be Gassy. Tasted and smelled a few. Hints of gas yes Gassy no. Then I grew Chemdawg and found something special. I know different phenos are going to smell different. It happens to every strain. No ones strains are exactly alike.

I smelled Chem plant last night. Holy crap I got "Unleaded". This is not hints of gas. This is stick your nose in a gas can Gassy. I know I did it a lot as a kid which might explain some things LMAO. I loved the smell as a kid and still do. I can't wait to see how things finish up. Just because it smells like now does not mean it will stay that way.

Marijuana never ceases to amaze me. Even after all these years I am still finding surprises. People who stick to a few certain strains are really missing out.


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The last sack I got some sort of diesel something or other omg it about knocked my nose over I wondered if my bro was soaking his product in it. My LA Confidentials have very little smell, pretty much like any other variety of rogue yard plant I mow up. The new round of bag seeds I have coming up are stinking up my basement at 3 weeks.

I am also amazed by the taste of weed these days, seems like I pick out fruity, gassy, lemony, piny sometimes....crazy! Am I just more sensitive and aware or is weed more fragrant these days?


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Terpene levels are a lot higher now days. It will only get better if my guess is right. For lots of years strains were bred for low or no odor. I am pretty sure what we are seeing is people not having to worry about smell as much. Plus with the charcoal filters of today you can grow nasty smelling weed in one room and not smell it in the next.
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