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Smiling Garden's - 1800W - 11 Strains - Ebb & Grow/DWC

Smiling Garden

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This is my first grow journal ever. It is only my fourth grow but i figured i am finnaly doing it right i should document it.

For years i have looked at this site for grow tips and help. This is the first grow journal of my own. I currently grow one plant and a bunch of tomatoes and herbs because of my housing. But now i am set.

I am setting up what i believe to be a great grow room, after a number of problematic grows. Any and all tips and help is greatly appreciated.

I am still in the planning phase of my grow but i plan on germinating on April 1st.

Here is my plan and layout so far:

Size - 10' x 5' (mylar covered walls) - constucted from 2x4 and plywood.

3 x 600 W (air cooled hoods) - MH for veg and then transition into the HPS

2 x 6" inlines cooling lights
1 x 4" inline with carbon filter in the room
4 x 10" oscilating fans
possible a/c - if necissary temps only get up to max of 90 f in the summer

Hydro set up:
This is my baby that i built and have been fine tuning for almost a year now.

Ebb and Grow bucket system- home made
The Control bucket made from a kit and a 5gal bucket.
The grow buckets is made from 3.5 gallon buckets with 10" net cups. (a little small for buds, i think i might go with 3.5 gallon buckets inside eachother, or even rebuild it with 5gal buckets if it is beneficial. what do people think.)

One reason i like the net cups is that I recently added a 70 L - 8 outlet commercial air pump that provides air to air stones at the bottome of each bucket. This way i can flood more often and longer without worries of overwatering, making it an integrated DWC - ebb and flow system.
I have it flooded about 65% day and 35% at night.

The resevoir is a 65 gal trashcan, it also has two micropore airstones in it. The res is outside the room.

Bluelab guardian Monitor for ec

perilite and grow stones.

Hydrogen pro generator
CAP - PPM4 monitor
reciculatory cooling with a 65 gal trash can and an eco 1264 gph (i think) pump.

Advanced sensi 2 part grow
voodoo juice

Connoisseur 2 part
voodoo juice
bud blood
big bud
bud candy

And of course the most important...


I know it is most efficient to grow all the same strain in a hydro setup, but i love to mix it up and get a rainbow garden. I will have 11 plants. Most all the plants have simillar medium flowering time.

My question is, Is this a big disadvantage growing different strains or not that big of problem?

Also any coments on the strains would be helpfull, i don't necissarily need to just grow one of each if one of the strains it great or especially if one of them has a particularily long flowing time.

pinnapple express
white widow
blue widow
blue hash plant
Deep grapefruit
katarak kush
Confidential cheese
sour cream

Well that was a mouthfull, hope someone can get through it all.

I will post pictures as soon as i start construction.

The last of the goodies should be here this week.



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re: Smiling Garden's - 1800W, 11 Strains, Ebb and Grow/DWC

Welcome to the website friend glad to see a new face, everything is looking good and sounds like you have been putting a lot of thought into your endevour. a few things i was noticing or kinda more wondering...

1- What Ph are you running your res
2- How is your timer set up for your pump
3- Are you adding any Cal/mag to your regiment (i am not familiar with all the nutes there)

Hope you enjoy it here

Keep it Green :peace2:


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re: Smiling Garden's - 1800W, 11 Strains, Ebb and Grow/DWC

what breeders did your seeds come from or are they bag seed?

Smiling Garden

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re: Smiling Garden's - 1800W, 11 Strains, Ebb and Grow/DWC

Thanks for the interest and the warm welcome.

I have put a lot of thought into this, i feel like thats all i can think about that nowadays.

To aswer your questions, I have not actually started this grow. I am waiting on the second half of my seeds. I plan on germinating on April 1st. But these are the numbers i run.

1- PH - always between 5.7-5.9

2- I have a 5 gallon control bucket that has a 500gph pump to fill and another to drain. I used to have it fill 5 a day for 20-30 min. Now, since i have gotten the air pump in the buckets i have been running 30 min fill, 20 drain alternating all day. and a few fills thought the night.

3- No calmag, I am not running an RO system because i have verry clean water here. It comes out of the tap at .2 EC so i don't thing i need any calcium or magnesium.

4. The seeds come from the Attitudes seed bank, all feminized. here is the complete list with breeders.

DNA Seeds-
Sour cream
Cataract Kush

Dutch Passion-
white widdow
orange bud

G13 labs-
pineapple express

Reserva privada
Confidential Cheese

Blue Hash
Blue widow

I can't wait to get it started. keep that coments coming, loving talking aobut it.

Smiling Garden

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re: Smiling Garden's - 1800W, 11 Strains, Ebb and Grow/DWC

Well i am still panning and upgrading.

I came across a great idea for a CO2 generator:

5L Marey tankless propane water heater. - $150

identical to the hydrogen and the advanced gen! same btu ratings and controls, everyting.

even has an exhaust for the co2

Also i talked to my friends at the hydrogardencenter.com, best growshop ive ever dealt with by the way, and they told me they could hook me up with a used hydrogen or similar at half price. so i might just go with that anyways.

I am scratching the ppm4 and i think i will spring for the sentinel chhc-4, looks too awesome.

Smiling Garden

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re: Smiling Garden's - 1800W, 11 Strains, Ebb and Grow/DWC

So i am considering a generator and can't decide between a green air products CD6 or a hydrogen. i can get them both about the same price.

First off i don't really want to deal with the water cooling and buying a pump and another rez.

I know the hydrogen is not the most reliable, what about the CD6

but on the other hand, how much heat do the CD6 type models produce.

Smiling Garden

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re: Smiling Garden's - 1800W, 11 Strains, Ebb and Grow/DWC

Always thought about getting a nice T-5 for my veg. but i do love the amazing growth under my MH. Also my elecric is not bad at all, and i have many other grow supplies i would like to invest in this time around.

I keep my light a good bit away when they are young and prety much use all my space i have all the time. like 4x4' space per light right now.

I only use one of my lights at first and work my way up to three as they grow and fill out the space.

Then i hope to use 1Mh and 2 HPS for the first half of flowering, then all HPS.

Smiling Garden

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re: Smiling Garden's - 1800W, 11 Strains, Ebb and Grow/DWC

My seeds and the rest of my nutes are here! everything except the roots excelurator. im set to start getminating in the next few days. So much variety. ill post some pics later.

I will be getting a tankless water heater and a sentinal day/night complete controler in a few weeks when i get paid, figure its not much of a difference when they are tiny. i can't wait to get this started right.


Smiling Garden

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Here we go

And we are off, lets call it april 1st.

I have twelve differnt strains and 15 total. I hope to grow about 10 of them depending on size. the rest if any will go ouside.

I can't wait, ill try and keep it updated on any progress.




im hoping for a high percentage!

stay green!

Smiling Garden

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re: Smiling Garden's - 1800W, 11 Strains, Ebb and Grow/DWC

Well it look like most of them have started to sprout little tails, i like to put them in as soon as the little tail pops out, cause they grow fast from there.

anyways, i have my rockwool soaking in some ph balanced water with a few additives. The roots excelurator at 1ml/gal, voodoojuice and b52 at 1.5ml/liter.

ive always started in ph balance plain water, im interested to see the difference in root and plant growth.
ill let you know if i notice a difference. and pics when they sprout.

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