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Smoke outs get you less high

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Me and a few other friends always have a smoke out every friday. So I smoked at three peoples house. I noticed that I seem to get less high as I smoke more. I can have one bowl at home and get twice as high. We smoked some good chronic but I didn't even feel it. After a while I didn't even feel high.
Sometimes being around people when you're high can make you very self-conscious, and if you have low self-esteem, it can kill your buzz. I don't know if that's the case here, but it's been the case with me a number of times.


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i realise that if you smoke whit and you are in a place whit no one in a perfect silence you ill get more high.....like when a go home friday ..(quit the friend) im alone in my room , my high goss high loll.
its like you reach a peak very quickly and its hard to climb back up the ladder of enlightenment.. my suggestion is make sure to hold your hits in. ghost em if you can.
ive heard 16 seconds is the sweet spot for thc to be absorbed in the lungs
If you smoke less and less you'll get higher and higher. Before long, you won't need to smoke anything and you'll be wasted all the time. I'm just kidding, except for the first part.