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Smoke Report - Buenos Aires (Mar del Plata)

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Buenos Aires (Mar Del Plata)

Updated: 31/10/2006

Smoking tolerance level: 4.5 in winter 3.0 in summer

Legislation: Suposedly consuming cannabis is legal in uruguay and argentina, although it is illegal to buy or sell it, to grow it and to smoke it in public places. It is also legal to have a small amount "only for personal use" of cannabis, that is less than 5 grams, but in practice every time you smoke or carry it you may be stopped by the police. This doesn't stop some people from smoking in the streets and parks.

You can always "pay" if you know what i mean...

Law enforcement: In the winter the city is pretty empty and Police is not a big deal during the winter. Be carefull you can smoke in the beaches or parks .

In summer it's way worse: a lot more of police officers are on the streets and sometimes they act as civileans. The south beaches are a good place to smoke and chill withouth worry about the police.

Where to buy marijuana: A lot of stoners here just disc a number call a dealer and meet him somewhere other people grows. Your best bet its like in any part of the world to go to Reggae Concerts , Parks , Beaches and smell..
Also ask in the beaches for fellas smoking

Marijuana prices: Marijuana is pretty damn cheap but you are going to find mostly shwag brick weed . Weed cultivated in the jungles of paraguay and pressed into big bricks , quality varies from brick to brick but you americans/europeans will call it Shwag. its like 20 dollars for 40 grams of weed (eyeballed sometimes more sometimes less)

Marijuana brands: Brick Pressed Paraguayan weed includes a mixture of Sativa and Indica plants seeds and stems in a brick , if you are VERY lucky you will find a grower and you can buy top stuff maybe even hydro.

More information: be carefull where you go , don`t go to "Villas" always ask for a phone number. Also enjoy the partys in summer and don`t get too drunk lol.
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