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Smoked a 1 pointer


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the second leaves, after the cotyledons well it was turning yellow and falling off so I smoked it. ICE plant and it actually got me stoned. not TOO stoned and now 30 mins later it's wearing off but still. maybe shouldn't have thrown away the males. i tried making one of the males into butter but the high was like coming down=not pleasant. anyone know a strain that doesn't have that bad coming down feeling like 4 hours later?


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Those first leaves, or "true" leaves, do not contain any THC, nor do any leaves for that matter. Smokeable amounts of the substance THC is found only in the buds, which are the ovaries of the female cannabis plant. You most likely only got a buzz simply from the act of smoking something. Any time you inhale smoke you will encounter a sensation, that sensation is not necessarily caused by the ingestion of THC. Any time you inhale burning material the carbons can make you, at best, dizzy.

My advice, wait for your plant to mature and show that it is female. Only smoke the finished buds from your plant. Patience grasshopper! Also, if your true leaves are yellow, thats a bad sign. Your plant is for some reason under stress and in danger of death.
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