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Smokeless Marijuana Recipe

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found this through google and was wondering if anyone has done such a thing and if this even works? if it does work someone holla with the 411...

Smokeless Marijuana

This is an excerpt from Loompanics Unlimited, an underground press publishing company.

Up in smoke! That's where 85% of your expensive purchased pot is going. Only 15% of inhaled burning Marijuana is absorbed by your lungs when smoked. The rest is simply blown away!

To make smokeless Marijuana, THE THEORY:

THC ( TetraHydroCanabinol ) is the active part of Marijuana, the part that gets you stoned. The tiny little cells of the Marijuana plant contain oil, most of which is composed of THC. The trick is too release this oil into your body thru digestion. However, God did not intend for man to chew on grass as cows do so our digestive system is not geared to eating and digesting the Buds and Leaves of Pot. If you should eat these organs of the POT plant they will simply pass thru your digestive system relatively unchanged. However I don't doubt that some of the pot cells will burst in your stomach and digestive tract to release the stoney THC but a high percentage of them will not. So the trick is to brake open as many of the pot cells of the plant as possible and not disturb the THC inside.
To make smokeless Marijuana, THE PROCESS:

The first piece of equipment you will need is a blender. One with exceptionally sharp blades. Sharpen them with a small round file. HINT: a coffee mill or grinder will also work. Put your very dry Marijuana leaf into the blender and grind the stuff up.
( BUDS work great too !!! )

NEXT: Strain the ground POT thru a brass screen. A 000 ( triple-000 ) gauge brass screen easily obtained from your local hardware store. Blend and re-blend the stuff and filter it thru the screen repeatedly.
The object is to end up with ground weed near the consistency of flour for the maximum surface area.

Next we will need to rupture the tiny Marijuana cells and capture the stony THC. You will need a Microwave oven for this. ( However I have found that any significant heat source will work. ) Place your very refined Marijuana powder in a clear, Microwave- able pyrex/glass container. Add an edible cooking oil to your POT powder. Mr. Salemi recommends olive oil 'cause he is an Italian However any edible cooking oil will work. ( Try Peanut butter Oil !!! ) YUM The amount of oil cannot be specified as it depends on your amount of POT powder Mr. Salemi recommends a 20% oil-to-powder ratio.

Next NUKE your delicious concoction of OIL/MARIJUANA powder. Add oil if necessary. The mixture must become oily, thick, black, and of a tar-like consistency. Repeat this NUKEing process several times if you must and between each NUKEing stire the batch to homogenize and distribute heat evenly. What is happening is that the Microwaves are bursting the stoney Marijuana cells like popcorn and the THC is escaping only to be trapped by the cooking oil thus making the Marijuana totally digestible and almost 100% of the THC to be absorbed by your digestive system only to go strait to your brain !!! ENJOY!

Next: let the stuff cool. Then at room temp. place in your freezer. This freezing process might cause the stuff to be even more potent because the freezing process causes the last few remaining POT cells to burst from expansion by crystallization. Also if you don't freeze immediately your brew will become subject to rotting!! So, use this oil in Brownies, or anything else you can think of quickly or freeze it.
After the stuff has cooled for a few hours then begin stuffing the near-solid oil into empty 00 ( bouble-00 ) gelatin capsules you can easily obtain at a grocery store or pharmacy. Store these POT caps in a clean dry jar in your freezer also to prevent spoilage.
Take one ( for a good time ) or two ( for a really good time ) caps right after a good meal and just before going bar-hopping Right after a meal because this is the time that your digestive system is in high gear.
It should take about a half an hour to an hour for the stoneing to take place. Don't be dismayed that you don't seem to feel the effects as rapidly as smoking it. The effects of fully digested THC lasts about four hours as opposed to 15-30 minutes for smoking it. Also the stoning is much more intense!!! TRUST ME! ZZZZzzzzapp!

Twice the munchies inducing power as smoked Marijuana. ( counteract with lots ofd munchies )

Greater irritation to the eyes. (the old red eye) Counter act with Vizeen <SP? or anti-histamines.

GOOD POINTS: No Marijuana on the breath to give you away.
No Paraphernalia. No bag of stash. etc.
Near 100% realization ( absorbtion ) of THC
into the blood stream.
st0ned sk8er said:
if you think anyone is gonna read the whole thing your outta of your mind..come on..
I read the whole thing. Makes sense, kinda.
well, that is basically how you cook with weed, you nuke it with butter then strain the leaves out and use the butter in whatever you are cooking. i doubt that you need to chop it up that much, hot oil has a way of destoying organic stuff (like plant cell walls) i'm sure it wouldn't hurt to chop it though. also, when you ingest weed most of the THC will be taken through your liver first where it gets turned into a different form of THC that has more 'dopey' effects. it does get you really high, but i don't do that often because i don't like getting all tired and shit. when you smoke that blood goes straight up to your brain before your liver gets a shot at it.
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This is hilarious... sorry bud!

Firecrackers is the easiest, best way to get ripped.. Yes brownies too
has anyone tryed it becuz i want to make so i get high as hell and how much weed do i need to make it i always want to try thc pills so has my friends :48:
This is the whole premise behind our
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there is a nearly identical recipe posted here using the microwave also...
I personally think using an oven allows for more control... I would think microwaves vaporize some of the product... But ovens are for if you have to time and quantity!
I have used the microwave to cook buds into oils before, it does work. And significantly faster than using the oven! Great for making smaller quantities IMO.
I am sorry to inform you but the theory is WRONG. The THC as well as CBD (Just as important for a non paranoid balanced high) are not located inside plant cells, they are located on Trichomes. Another thing that you got wrong is getting high from that THC is impossible because its in a form of THC-A which is NON psychoactive and can be made psychoactive by heat/burning or time (LOTS of time; say you can chew some weed the Pharaohs left in their tombs and then it should be converted from THC-A to THC without burning). So when you cook with it that is why heat is REQUIRED, otherwise eating THC-A is pointless.

Also when you ingest Cannabis you don't get high from THC as opposed to when you smoke it. The THC actually before passing the blood-brain barrier must be processed by the liver, and it is converted into another psychoactive Cannabanoid. That is why many people report eating Cannabis produces a different high compared to smoking it.

Hope this info clears things up, I really don't want anyone wasting such a great plant because they believed what was written in this post.