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Smokemup s Next Round aka Bindi

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Howdy all to my latest journal.. I've been very busy of late and not had time to catch up on things on here..My last grow was terrible, turned out to grow balls mid flower, so chopped her n thats the end of that!
Bindi looks to now be taking off in growth, 12 main cola s so far plus the main apical is still gaining in height and also pushing out more new mains. Color is good, no bugs :) Soil stable at 6.8 ph and temp of 30° n H @ 35%, since putting n new home she e now sending fresh roots all over and her stems are solid n vibrant .
Am going onto a 400 dual spec for few weeks before i flip her, shes over 1.5 ft total height but due to tethers i need to give her a week to reposition and then its just vertical from there on..
Im not going over 2.5 ft til i flip her, it asks too much in tye pots im using, Bindi is in larger pot so hope to sustain her til maturity..

Ok well i will update on pics very soon, thanks for stopping by - Im still around guys ;) TAKE CARE GUYS, HAPPY HARVESTING TO ALL AND GREAT GROWING TO YOU TOO !!

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Re: Smokemup s Next Round aka BINDI ..

Rico! ;) My man, hows things buddy ??
Yeah im getting back upto speed on things now, still got alot to update on this page, ill have to alter it later so everyones caught up.
WOW... My MH 400 i thought was stuffed as barely put 1,000 lumens out, i decided to go with my gut and i ended up grabbing myself a DUAL SPEC GLOBE :)
I checked the output on that and it was off my meter ! So thats got me interested, mate is using 600 Dual and his bush is just solid foliage and tight nodes, now my Bindi is just starting to take off - she s not far from flipping height and i have plenty of Apicals now for a decent yield if i dont get any bad luck like last time im hoping that i can get another pound at least??
I am flipping about 2.5 ft, dont want to ask too much of it.n come up short from root bound etc..Hoping for a bout 5.5ft of solid plant. Main stem is now at thicker than my thumb and branches are looking all like main cola s now, ive not trimmed as much this time ive been waiting for her to grow past its tethers now she is so im hoping to see her continue.
Ive also gone back to an old, cheapo organic nute mix i used to use and i believe it is better thsn others ive tried, has good N,P,K n calcium other blood n bone type stuff.. Thanks for stopping by everyone i will drop by ur pages asap ;)
Merry toke day everyone - Take care and will chst soon !!!
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Re: Smokemup s Next Round aka BINDI ..

Just added my NEWONE , Bindi grow link to my signature. Had to delete other links to fit it in but all good!! So ill be on this page updating it in due time ;) Cheers guys.. Smokemup ;)
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Re: Smokemup s Next Round aka BINDI ..

Welcome all to my latest update !
Bindi is doing well and is now into flower and looks good so farr, ive had to adjust her a bit as she s now got 9 mains and about a foot below is a nice top canopy of bud shoots so i hope that this should give me good yield. Ive just switched to tye 600w hoping for better penetration thsn the 400w dual, i checked output and 600 was putting out a few hundred more lumen than the dual but up closer it was bit higher so ill go with thst from now.
I am hopung to pull around a pound from her she should have enough in her to fo it, ive been feeding bit of N and P and her overall look is good, nice color and forrmation. Anyway will update with pics soon ! Thanks guys, Smokemup
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Welcome all.. Thanks for stopping in !!
Well my Bindi is flying, full of pistils n solid colas forming, have 10 mains and a nice top canopy of bud filling in too, maybe few weeks left i think, just noticing some kind of issue with my leaves , nice color but seem to be low on Potass or sumfin..just hooe she can make it another month without turnin to shit ??
Shes just on 4ft tall x 4 ft.. Running my 600w son t gro atm... fingaz crossed guys !!
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Well its bin along time since pics and now she s nesrly hslfwsy thru flower, not looking too bsd but think msy hsve slight potassium defic. Heres my Bindi !!
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She not as big as my others she s 3.5 ft. But hoping she gets some strecth over nxt few weeks. trichs. all. over just hesos of oistils.
Was thinking of defoliating some cola fans tolet. Light in has penetration to bottom but she could do with s a trim, taking about 30 fans off her. And getting mire light thru. Hope doesn t stuff her up.. Soz oucs crap ill post better ones soon.
Would i be best to defokiate now to let lower. Canopy to grow. Evenly and bukj yo. No cakyxes simo fsr just fuzzyvnugs atm.. Rhanks and wikk b back !
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Welcome guys, thought id update sum pics for you guys ! Shes showing good points, probably has s solid 8" of tops from the mains, and im hoping the top canopy will also gain a bit more bulk too.
Just looks like a Pistel party - theyre pumping out, she has a familiar scent so im thinking same as previous one ive done. I made sum mistakes again with this grow. I had to go over my past grows n have a good look into what my problem is. I think keeping light bit too close may have not made her stretch that much, but they gained 6cm in 5 days recentky so i hope to get another few inches n more calyxes bulking up.. Sorry bout the tiger stripes, old HPS dont likey camera !! Take care and hopefully ill have sum fat stink nuggets soon ;)
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Thanks Rico,
Yeah she s coming along ok gradually getting bigger, leavesvstarting to die off so she should be working on buds atm ! Still putting out fresh pistips and hope that she gains bit more bulk all over?
Heres couple more pics hope you can spot the difference !!

Thanks for dropping by guys ;) Smokemup !!
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Hey guys hope all is growing ok !!
Things slowly moving forward on my end, just waiting for her to finish up not so sure on getting much from her but will see what happens.. Ive been feeling a bit as my soil is off but im flushing her soon and will eave her be maybe a light. Feed in last week or so and giving her less light gradually too, im thinking i may pop another bean later and go back to my old style as i sort of did this time. It seems this girl is a strain. Ive done before, exact formation and smell. It wss a 70 day flower job or so. I have now had enough experience to put togrther pound plus single plants i need to do what i did not what others have as it doesnt always translate to others grows.
To start off i at least need a veg height of 2.5 -3 ft and set her out better. This time she reacted a bit different to others but i did LSt her bit late imo, if id let her veg til near 3 ft id be looking at a whole other plant. A guy i know is doing work on his girl but he trimmed it right bsck basically defoliating her and she looks weak but ya never know it may finish up ok, or due to its height /width it may struggle to build up bud , will be interesting anyway..
I should be looking at stacks like these ones ,not crappy 8 oz plant :)

Man they were huge !!!
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Hey guys,
Just a small update, my bush is now turning pistils orange slowly. Not noticing much weight gain yet, ive got ph to 6.6 in my soil. I have nxt one just popped thru seed and ive had to do a bit of back referencing of my grows to find my errors. I need to stick to my original few growing medium soils /pot mix n perlite so can get more air around root system.. Also i can Veg til 3 ft safely and hope for better gain during flower.
This Bindi is a sweet smelling girl, i doubt ill get more than 6 oz from her which is 10 oz less than i need..So maybe have to do one more round ???
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Well my bush s fans all dying off, pistils about 30% orange so far. Ive just fed her and will flush her soon ready for chop time.. Buds are average but smell great and gradually filling out. Got new bean popping am structuring nxt girl differently to this, need better soil mix too, this was too compacted imo and cant breathe the best. Perlite going in nxt batch. Take care happy toking all ! Smokemup ;)
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Ok so now she s starting to go into full on final bloom.. bursts of new calyxes showing up growing up wards for light while pistils below go orange. Her buds are sticky n leave a strong pine type odour stuck to ur fingers for ages!
Im flushing soon ,giving sum light but more dark than 12/12.. Cant wait to try this batch ! Least i know it does the job.. Anyway i will pic update soon. Smokem..
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Yeah ive got as much variables as i could thru my grows and even with pests i pulled pounds.. But, the veg height is essential if ur doing a one plant wonder. Ive found upto 3.5ft before flowering is acceptable in a 50L pot or so.. Then youre sure to get good size cola s everytime if your LST is done well enough, plus a solid canopy of bud below the bud towers. This is where ive lost out this time but it happens, better than the last failure - dont wanna go there, 2nd male now in 15 yr period. Major piss off for me.. Any way will update again once my gal ready.. Cheers everyone ! Smokemup..
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Hello everyone,
Well another day done and well my lil bush did ok i guess consideeing her height , got just over 9 oz off it. Nice smoke tho i didnt let her fully ripen as situation had to change.. Was close still and is ok to toke, still curing it atm. So thats that for now i will pos up sum pics soon !! Smokemup
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Hey guy hows things? Well all is growing well on my end, last harvest was a let down size wise - but 9 oz ok for now i guess..
Got a new protoge coming up later, real fat leaves, nice healthy and already started LST and its responding quickly, just taking my time as it started to grow levels not parralel to each leaf so i thought well id take advantage of it while i can and if i manage to keep it going ill have 6 base mains akready on thw go, need about 10/12? Thanks guys, Snokemup