Smokemupm8's MYLEY Experience - Next Round! LST Back To Basics


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Welcome everybody to my latest grow journal!! My last grow was a lesson learnt and I hope I can get on track to good big bud..
Let me first fill you in on the set up of first - The soil, Sprouting, Transplant and current lighting etc;

POT SIZE: INITIAL 2 Liter / FINAL: 32 Liter


MEDIUM: 65% HUMUS SOIL / 20% GOOD ORGANIC POT MIX / 15% PERLITE ( Dolomite Cal/Mag added, Slow Release ferts )


GROW TIME SO FAR: Broke Surface: 3.5 weeks ago..



G/ROOM SPACE: 8ftx4.5ftx2.5ft

OK, So that should bring you upto speed on what im doing atm, I am at present training my new girl with LST, She responded quickly by sending the opposite branch to its tie down direction outwards and up!
Ive only taken a few leaves, she is now pushing out 11 finger fans that are fat and wide with a nice deep green to em.
I started with 2 girls but FATE stepped in and killed one off :( Oh well, survival of the fittest I guess.. So I was stuck with this one and I hope she will be ok if I maintain proper feed and such monitoring of her. Im feeding more plain water this time round, and wont be trying to grow it to over 6+ft, around 5ft at harvest should be fine as long as I get the buds to hold weight like my Lucy grow before her, she was solid, and I found a stash of some of her buds recently - MAN I WAS HAPPY :) Great smoke after 7 months cure.. Hope that I can get more than the 13oz from last harvest - BUT IM NOT GOING TO BE AIMING FOR SUCH EXTREMES - with possibly too small pot for its size and PH probs imo may have hampered the end result?
Ive taken some pics of MYLEY - No, she not on a wrecking ball:) But yeah, from a sprout to the starting of hopefully something good..
Heres a brief look at my LST grow with Myley::::

Aww.. Just waking her up..

Then we forward 2 weeks>>

Well there you are guys, What do you think of her so far?? Hope she will keep pushing along well, Ive got temps about 20*C - 37*C at peaks, humidity is low at 38%, but oh well! Cant control it all unfortunately..
This plant is very solid, branch wise and structurally - I like how she s formig, Ive removed 1 branch, and may take one or 2 more if needed - I will be working on her mainly early during Veg, I think that trimming/traingng should maybe be performed in a certain manner ( not too aggressivey ) and in a way to allow each bud site to get the most out of them.
But yeah, So Ill be loking for a just over 5ftx4.5ftx2.5ft plant come flower end wanna restrict her to below 6ft anyway..
Will see how I go and if I am lucky enough to get good results from her, I gotta slow it down and as said " BAKTOBASIX"
Cheers to all my friends and hope to see you all on board this new journal soon as you can! Thanks again to every one and will talk soon:):) MERRY CHRISTMAS AND HAPPY HARVESTING!!:thanks::welcome:

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Re: Smokemupm8's MYLEY Experience. Next round!! LST Back to Basics..

Hi Smokem :ciao:

Miley looks really healthy and happy :thumb:

I hope you are too.

I think working on her earlier in veg, then letting her recover before flowering is a great idea.

BAKTOBASIX :high-five:


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Re: Smokemupm8's MYLEY Experience. Next round!! LST Back to Basics..

Cheers Rico !
Yeah thanks mate im goin along ok ;) And growing along too ! Lol.. Thanks for stopping by mate, good to see a couple here already, and hope. few others drive by too.. I was away for bit so missed a bit and hsve only just been bak after last harvest. I was gunna do two girls but one died so im left eith this fine plant you see here;) Hope she is an ok strain, look ok so far, just going to go easy on her til she gains bit more then again will trim a fan and position branches hoping to do better bud wise nxt harvest, I do really need 1 lb p/ plant to make it worthwhile but its eluding me in past 2 grows. 13 oz or just over last from Teresa. But i aimed too high n paid the price, if i had a 40 L pot it may have been different?? Coullda,Shoulda,
And cheers, Myleys looking the part so far and is growing nicely for her age, responded well to the LST - Never. Know maybe another C99xPR?
Ive got a bunch of nuts from uncertain provider, some may be average like Teresa was ccome harvest, she did well to do what she. Did I guess as I was startin to expect 10 oz or less !
Take it easy buddy will have to drive by n say HI ;) Catch ya Rico. Smokem


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Re: Smokemupm8's MYLEY Experience. Next round!! LST Back to Basics..

Hey everyone !! Hope all is well in ur gardens of green goodness :)
Myley is coming along very nicely so far, shes still only recieving water and some seaweed juice and maybe a little of VBlue every.other feed untill she is around 1.5ft overall height , the Apical top is still showing dominance but is surrounded by a circleof other tops from the other branches forming her base. Ive trimmed a few fans, no branches as yet but im sure ill have to soon.
OH AND GOOD NEWS ALREADY - MYLEYS ALL WOMAN!!! Yes thats right, shes already showing me her sex pistils, she has 4 pairs of.white hairs popping out :) Shes beautiful.. I hope tho this time that I get better results with my basic growing ways n taking more.attention to feed amounts.and hope the PH will not be as high as 8 this time, 6.2-6.8. Ill be happy.. Fingers crossed that i can manage to do ok as those hollow buds really depressed me n I rekn it was due to asking too much of it size wise, no higher than 6 ft for my space as the penetration of light is greatly reduced when you see buds up top,they shdow growth below so i want to get maximum out of what she grows for me.
Anyway cheers for stopping by and wishing u all the best for christmas ;) Later peeps, aSmokemup


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Re: Smokemupm8's MYLEY Experience. Next round!! LST Back to Basics..

Ok, Well I have to say I am pretty happy thus far with how Myley os forming..
Ive kind of split her down the middle with my training, spreading branches out to one side so shes nearly ready to be attached to some adjustable tie points hopefully giving me bettet results from the branches being set this way? Time will tell, she looks really nice like some ive drooled over among these journals :) Lush deep green, showing white pistils and shes just over 1ft in total height ( LST tied branches down to create. even canopy ) some are gaining well, a couple are being shaded, below so theyll not grow as well but thst is par for the course in my world!!
I am keeping my 400w about 12" from tops, cant go closer as it creates alot of heat and I think 1ft above is adequate for 400w?? She seems to be doing ok anyways, ive got her feed time dialed in now, I kno in 3 days the pot is basically dry except for bit of moisture.
She on the SeaWeed diet - Like me - I SeeWeed n I smoke it :) lol..
Only minimal VBlue at moment, im not sure on these 3 part nutes now, ive also been reading alot about carcinogens as my local guy gave me a book on some
ferts that have toxic carcins, but I assumed the stuff i got and cannot name, was organic and free of any such materials.?
So will see how my girl responds to what im doin later, but for now im keen she MAY get to the mythical 1pound mark again.. If I dont push her too far shee should produce the goods, hope its a nice strain want some diffeent smoke, i still got quart oz of Lucy :) Shes tasty ;) And ive got 13.bags of Tereda left ( about 10/11 oz now, its Flufffy! ) Thank fully as my chimney is in fine form.. Im not tokin as much but dam my gal is like a furnace..
The stone is average, 6 out of 10, just better than average, it does for now tho, I rate my Lucy s lil stash about a 7-7.5, it kicks in better n stays longer..
Well thanks for dropping in again and hope u all ok. Be cool, Smokemup..


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Hey everyone, Merry Christmas n hope all had a great New Years too !! I partied til I passed out, got couple hours sleep n back to it :)
Well, my girl Myley is doing her thing nicely so far, temps been pain in butt tho getting thru. Shes at just over 2ft high now and just over 3 ft wide, her branching is great its forming well, ive added some B n B with 6.5% Calcium i hope that ill avoid any deficiency this time im going easy on food, shes getting alot of plain water. The soil mix is light and it drains well, so i have to monitor it until her roots become more structured, hoping guys that this will be an ok grow, toking on my last pull is ok, but lacks head high, ive cracked open my jar of my Lucy grow n her buds look like Acapulco gold now :) And Yes.. Im baked -_-
Thanks for stopping by, nxt post will have pics !!!!! Take care n will be bak soon. Smokemup. Cheers everyone happy harvesting..


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Hey BAR, thanks for stopping by !!
Well i have good news still, Myley is looking great atm, shes pushing out branches all over now and im trying to avo
d removing too many fans as im attempting to let her bush up abit more then prior to, flower ill give her a light trim n let her be.
She now is just on 2.5 ft H x 3.7 ft, good color and she is keeping her nodes together rather than them growing a little un even, she has female pre pistils all over , got her water schedule sorted now too, temps are also under control. I will flip her just over3ft H this time not going to 4+ ft again, hope that ill get more even bud production and more large buds along each branch, and I hope that buds will fill out better n hold more bulk in the calyxes than last Teresa grow.
Soz pics up shortly !! Cheers guys, Smokemup:thumb:


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Wow.. this is gunna show the difference a couple weeks can make >> Watch this space !!

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watching! :D


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Jimmy my man!!! How are you buddy???
Sorry Ive been absent from here for a while, much has been happening over my way and getting on my PC has been kind of last thing on my mind..
CRAZY - is all I can say! Things with my girl Myley have also been hektik, She has suffered thru under watering and over heating a few times, its summer here and the temps have been around 40*C, then add the MH/HPS and theres an extra 10 or so degrees..
I came to check on her a couple times and she was limp, VIAGRA limp!! Luckily she made it thru, Ive been trying to not over feed her, shes been getting water mostly and a feed every other time, or diluted..
At the moment she just under 3ft height by 3.5ft wide, showing ok structure and YES - FEMALE PISTILS!! :) Hope I dont Hermie her?? So I trimmed her just before flipping her, she looks ok, but again, some branches are wasted due to positioning..
HOping all has been ok on your side of the fence mate:thumb: Ill have to catch up to everyone asap, Take it easy buddy and will chat soon... Be cool, Smokemupm8:high-five:


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HEY EVERYBODY!!!! Sorry for my abscence.....
WOW, where to start.. Ive had so much on my mind and plate over past month or so Ive been running ragged..
My girl Myley is growing ok, She s had a few near death experiences from excess heat and under watering, the soil is very light so I had to adjust feeding pattern. I think I got it nailed now, Im trying to not overfeed her, she s getting plenty of water, not nutes ever feed, mainly seaweed juice and some VB. I was hoping for more branches but during her stretch she may push up a few that have started to show some gains on other ones. Ive trimmed her a few times, only removing around 5-10 leaves max., and most where dying, damaged or such, But I did have to take some good ones ( 13 Fingaz ) for lighting down lower shoots, Im trying to maximise her growth bud wise, Hence why Ive flipped her at just shy of 3ft H x 3.5ft W. Think she has 11 dominant branches atm, hoping to get better bud structure with her.
My last harvest, while it wasnt very dense, was abundant and thank god for that! As I should make it thru til Myleys mature enough to have fun with! I helped my old mate out with his latest girl, and for what he did he got an ok plant, It Hermied near the end ( NO wonder after what it was put thru! ) but it had one main top that was basically as wide and long as a 1.5L Coke bottle - think he may get around 8 oz,maybe a little more? He s donating a sample when done so Im keen to see how it tokes..
Hope that Myley is a different strain to last grows, and I can get her to do well in the production department - I wont be asking too much of her by aiming for a +6ft plant, maybe 5ft but solid, without attempting to do something I found I couldnt do?? Turns out the pot I grew my biggest gal in was actually 5L volume larger than what I used last time... Best to check these things before attempting feats of majikal Ganja Greats :)

ANYWAY S HERES WHAT YOU VE BEEN WAITING FOR< FOR APPROX. Well Bloody ages!!! lol.. I have others but these are recent and give you an idea of how she s going.. CHEERS!!

The gal Sideways :)
Couple from above, bad pics.. SOZ!

So there you go finally some pics for you guys! This is the most lame journal growing on here I think atm, ILL TRY TO CATCH UP!!!! PLease dont forget me!
My Myley will hopefully give you something good to look at in a few weeks, She s under the 400w atm, I may put on the 600w bit later, But as I said I gotta keep in check my temps. Passive system aint so effective when youre going thru summer at +40*C!
Thanks to all who have dropped by and left a post, much appreciated.. Take care to everyone, Hope you had a Great Christmas and New Years!! Yep, I kno Im late :(
HAve a good one, Chat soon, Smokemupm8:thanks::high-five:


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looks very sativa style Smokey.

I don't think I'll be doing a journal this upcomming grow, but lets just say I stepped up the game a lot.

I still have a few untrimmed Ps from last year lol... Its nonestop work I tells ya Smokey.


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Welcome all to my journal, Wow sorry I been away so long, Busy and stuff lately.. Hope everyones growing ok :) Well anyways I been taking it easy on Myley, she s about 3 weeks into flower??
At just on 4ft she hopefully wont strain to much this time and fill out buds more..Lots of flowers, and Ive trimmed her up ready for a light final trim as buds form.
The soil is light this time round and Ive had issues with it but got it sorted for now, Heat has beenm worst thing tho..
OK well I gotta go do stuff so heres a few pics of Myley now - fast forrward a few weeks..

Base didnt form as usual??

There you go guys, Hope you like my gal and I will BE BACK VERY SOON OK:):):) Take care my friends!! Smokemupm8


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Thanks for stopping by everyone!! Sorry I havent been here as much as Id like, think most of my friends have moved on :( But I am still here!!
Myley is 4ft now at 3 weeks of flower, guessing maybe just shy of 5ft final height allowing for stretch - I have about 10 main branches this grow, hope to have a decent rate of growth down the branches and smaller buds this time as Ive opened her up abit after last trim. Theres light getting all the way thru to the floor with my 400w atm, I may go to the 600w later but with heat atm it maybe risky for now. I dont know why she didnt form her base as well as my previous girls?? I didnt tether her base in a 2nd point so maybe that was the cause as instead of the compact but stacked base, Myley was more like just grown on an angle..
Either way, I should have enough plant to gove me some good ol majik herb:):)
Take care my friends, happy toking -:thumb::welcome: Smokemup


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Yeah I noticed a lot of the peeps I like on here are gone too Smokey. As for the most part am I.

But its good to know your grow is still going nicely. hope you get some good smoke.


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Yeah I thought it may just be me as my abscence has been more so than usual. Shits bin hektik as here, Im at war with ppl atm, theyre starting to cross the line and I cannot afford any issue but gotta sort this guy out big time...
My girl Myley is nice n healthy, I changed my soil mix and have not fed her as much, just water mostly then with about 75% strength nutes when I feed her. Flowers are good, her 12hr dark period may not be fully un interrrupted light wise but she seems to be ok so far, Usually by now my plant would have burn or some Defic starting :) SO HAPPY ATM! I am not sure either which strain this is, whether I grown it before or not But long as long as I get solid bud Ill be happy, I did get BULK amount of buds last grow, But not as much weight.. It barely gettin me high at moment.. NEED THE SATIVA HEAD KILLER SKUNK!!! Cheers, Jimmy you da man - Gimme a holla now n then bro, Ill pop in to say hi to ya matey;) BE COOL, SMOKEMUPM8
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