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Smoker/Grower from Scotland


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Hi there

I have been using 420 for a while now and have gained some great knowledge and tips on growing, it dawned on me the other day that I have never actually posted or introduced myself so......

Hi, thanks for all your journals etc as they have been most helpful.


Happy Kitty

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Hi, welcome to the forums! Sounds like you have already found how much information you can find here.

Why don't you post some things about yourself and your grow, and get to know the people here. So much information to read, and so much to share.

So let's hear more from you, and welcome to the club!!:3:

Peace and happiness from California:peace:


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wooooooooooooooooooot scotland i want to visit there soo badly!!!!


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Welcome to the forums Matt. We'd love to see a journal from you some day on here. Always interested in hearing how cannabis is grown in other countries. :3: International sharing of information, I love it!!! lol Yes I'm baked. :laugh2:


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Ah, good to see another Scottish forumer, welcome aboard.


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Another Scotsman, eh?

everytime you guys join it makes me want to go visit over there. My grandparent immigrated from there to the US, so I still have some family over there I havent seen in years.

Cant wait to get the money saved up and go!

Welcome to the forums though

<3 Bunny


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Welcome and Enjoy! :)
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