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Since I'm running some new strains this time I figured it was time for a new journal.


TGA Subcool Plushberry
Plushberry is the first TGA offering from the kush family. While this strain has a unique trait of Pink/Magenta Calyxes this was not the motivating factor in the selection process, from the start it was all about taste and smell.
The Black Cherry Soda carried a strong Black Berry smell and taste and our goal with this new Kush Hybrid was to use this terpine profile combined with Space Queen to increase potency and resin content.
Tested under the name Pink Lady this new kush hybrid called Plushberry has a very strong Blackberry smell and heavy resin coating. The coloring trait is present in high numbers and adds to the overall bag appeal of the strain but its the smell and taste that is truly unique in the field of cannabis. It truely has a one of a kind terpene profile.
Phenotypes: Two main varieties occur the smaller dreading pink phenotype is my favorite. The larger more Indica dominant phenotype is the heavy yielder
Height: Very tall when grown untopped from seed, clones that are topped tend to stay shorter
Yield: Medium yielding plant with lots of resin encrusted sugar leaf for hash making
Best way to grow: Top and train into a bush
Harvest: 55-65 days
Sat/Ind: 20/80
Hybrid: Black Cherry Soda x Space Queen
High Type: Relaxing and heady, very calming and good for stress
Taste: Black berry jam, raspberries, Life Savers assorted pack, and strong fruit overtones

Picture from her grandmom

TGA Subcool Hurkle
Phenotypes: Phenotypes range from 1/1 CBD/THC ratio's above 10% with some having higher THC and some having higher CBD the strain seems evenly balanced

Height: Short to Medium

Yield: Medium

Recommended for Indoor and Outdoor. This strain is super powdery mildew resistant.

Best way to grow: Topped once, limited stretch on most phenotypes.

Harvest: 58-62 days

Sat/Ind: 40/60

Hybrid: Harlequin x Querkle

High Type: The high is calming and comes on fast both in the head and the body. While the Cancer fighting properties of this strain can't be felt the combination of Cannabinoids certainly can and this is a great strain for pain management as well.

Taste/Aroma: Rich Merlot flavor hints of grapes coffee and chocolate

Nearly two years was spent creating this new HIGH CBD strain that also incorporates a Indica style high as well as a yummy grape flavor.

Stock photo from Herbies

Humboldt Seed Organisation Blue Dream Feminised

Type: Sativa dominant
Outdoor harvest: Mid october
Outdoor yield: Very high
Flowering: 9 weeks
Indoor yield: High
THC: 18%

This cross of Blueberry and Haze is known for its very pleasant fruity- tangy- earthy taste, blue color, and strong and lasting, mixed mind and body high. The high starts with a sativa high and finishes around 3 hours later with a relaxing indica like muscle easing and pain killing effect.

It is one of the favourites in California and in fact it is among the top ten most demanded strains in there, which gives a good measure about the quality of this jewel. Taste is described by users as sweet, tangy, lemony, and earthy. Produces big plants that grow fast and wide, and it is appropiate for commercial purposes.

Stock photo from Herbies

Gear being used.
5x5 Gorilla Grow Tent
6" can fan hooked up to a phresh filter for exhaust
Hurricane Super 8 Digital Stand Fan 16 in for air movement in tent
Saturn 5 controller, not hooked up yet but I will probably get around to it this weekend. Should give me better control of day/night RH levels
8" phresh hepa intake filter
Lights 1 700w MarsII and 1 400w MarsII both full specturm
Containers Hurkle & Plushberry 7gal equiv air pot, Blue Dream is in a 15gal equiv.

Veg time and lighting
They were vegged under two 48x3 reflector series topleds for about two months from seed except the plushberry she was a clone taken at the same time I started the seeds. The plushberry has been chopped down a lot, I was not planing on running her this time but one of my hurkles was a male so I had an open slot. She should take off the first couple weeks of the flip.

Temps and humidity
80-82 with lights on with around 50% rh
72-74 with lights off with around 50-60 rh

Soil and Ferts being used.
Doc Buds High Brix kit, second run for soil :cheer:

Planned Feeding Schedule for drenches
Week before flip, Energy Drench
Week of flip, Transplant Drench
Week 2 No drench
Week 3 Top dress with recharge and EWC No drench
Week 4 Cat Drenches (2 times during the week, back to back waterings)
Week 5 Energy Drench
Week 6 No Drench
Week 7 Transplant Drench
Week 8 Energy Drench
Week 9 Energy Drench

Flip times
The blue dream was flipped on 11/25 and the hurkle and plushberry on 11/29.

I think that covers most of it for now, let me know if anyone has any questions.

Some pictures of the ladies I took yesterday.


Blue Dream



Thanks for looking all!:Namaste:
re: SmokeyMcFly's Hurkle - Blue Dream & Plushberry Highbrix LED Grow

I'm subbed.

I've grown Plushberry and that Blue Dream. Both great strains. I have one very tiny nugget of Plush left from over a year ago that I can't bring myself to vape yet. Enjoyed the hell out of that strain and will probably finish it up on New Year's Eve.

The Blue Dream is pretty good, but I got spoiled from growing Dynasty's Crater Lake v4. Great version of Blue Dream and the only strain I've grown that clogged up my Santa Cruz Shredder bad...

Looking forward to your grow. I just purchased the same tent and will probably be starting a grow in the next week or so...
re: SmokeyMcFly's Hurkle - Blue Dream & Plushberry Highbrix LED Grow

Great to have you here mate! I looked that Dynasty's Crater up and it sounds fantastic! I can't wait to see how these taste in the high brix, I love the way blue dream from the dispensary tastes and I almost didn't grow my plushberry because theirs didn't taste like much of anything but they could of came from different growers too who knows. Anyway I am really excited for this round it will be my third time growing the plushberry so I am determined to not mess her up this time plus I love blue dream and most important of all I am really really hoping the Hurkle helps with my pain management. The other strains are great and get me stoned but other then making me care a little less about the pain they don't really do much. Hopefully she changes all of that :thumb:
re: SmokeyMcFly's Hurkle - Blue Dream & Plushberry Highbrix LED Grow


re: SmokeyMcFly's Hurkle - Blue Dream & Plushberry Highbrix LED Grow

Subbed, and looking forward to the ride.


I just put the plushberry back in the veg tent, both her clones flopped, I cut two more today but I don't want to risk flowering her until I have a healthy replacement. She only had one or two nights of reduced time so hopefully she doesnt go into full on reveg. Regardless I will probably just leave her out this run I have a feeling the blue dream is going to be huge anyway. I will have a better idea if I am going to run her this round in about a week. :thumb:
re: SmokeyMcFly's Hurkle - Blue Dream & Plushberry Highbrix LED Grow

I'm here...<pant, pant>

Looking good smokey. Always fun to follow happy plants through flowering. :cool:
re: SmokeyMcFly's Hurkle - Blue Dream & Plushberry Highbrix LED Grow

Not a whole lot going on, they got a transplant drench last night and I took a couple clones from the blue dream in flower as I was cleaning up a little bit of the under growth.


Blue Dream
re: SmokeyMcFly's Hurkle - Blue Dream & Plushberry Highbrix LED Grow

So I took some pictures with the lights off to show the color better. The blue dream looks like the new growth is a little bit on the light color side. What do you think does she look hungry and if so what should I give her, some stress or an extra brix spray, some more drench? I just gave them 2.5ml each of transplant and 1.5 mil each of tea a few nights ago.

Thanks all!


Hurkles for comparison
re: SmokeyMcFly's Hurkle - Blue Dream & Plushberry Highbrix LED Grow

Great looking plants. i take the pale green growth as a healthy sign. i think, a while back, doc commented that the paler growth is a reflection of the roots drawing nutrients from biological action vs absorbtion.

my explanation seems kind of simplistic..plants that ive grown that exhibited those traits turned out great.
re: SmokeyMcFly's Hurkle - Blue Dream & Plushberry Highbrix LED Grow

LOL, yeah that lime green color means to just sit back and watch that plant do its thing. Beautiful!

Very nice! :thumb:

Ditto! Dont we automatically sub when You enter the thread? :)
You only sub if you post. :cheesygrinsmiley:
re: SmokeyMcFly's Hurkle - Blue Dream & Plushberry Highbrix LED Grow

Thanks for the input guys. I know the blue dreams can be heavy eaters so I wasn't sure. Sit back and watch them grow is my style lol I got no problem with that :thumb:
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