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Smoking Acsessorys

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Vaporizers are great. I bought one just a while ago and i loved it. it doesn't burn your weed and doesn't have any smoke or smell. This is good for people in appartments because some rooms have smoke detectors and you can have some bitchy ass neighbors. You plug them in the electrisity and put your herb in the bowl and put the cover on it. This heats just enough for the weed to resleas just the thc and not any other plant mattirial. So this gets you high faster because it is pure thc that you inhale. Im attaching a link from were I bought mine at. -BC bud vaporizer

these are high quality vaporizers and are cheep in price. i like this one the most out of all the vaporizers i have tryed.

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arent you in 6th grade? thats fuckn awsome dude i wish i started that young.Ive been smokin since the summer of 7th grade, really got into it 8th and now im a senior trying to get into keene state. crazy shit man, have fun.
yeah it does burn to a degree. just not at the rate fire makes it :)
but i thought the bud dried to ash in those? or do u not use the bud to it's full extent?