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Smoking better


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Hello people

I'm new here and I hope my english is not too bad.

I would like to ask you if you've got some special smoking techniques or something:D Or do you have a special way to build your joint so it gets stronger? Is there something to eat to increase the effect?

I'm not the most experienced smoker here haha I usually just smoke weed in joints and rarely in the bong..and my only trick is to smoke half of the joint, wait 15 minutes and then smoke the rest. I don't know if its just imagination or reality but I think I get higher if I smoke it this way.

Do you use any "techniques" to get "higher"?:D

thank you for your answers and have a nice day:thumb:


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Welcome LordLou :welcome:

I've tried a "technique" that can work but for me - unfortunately it wasn't that enjoyable.

It doesn't matter how your smoking - joint, bong, vape, etc...

Exhale. Hold it out as long as you can. When you take your next deep breath - take it off the joint.

The theory is that your hit will fill your lungs and it will be taken in more rapidly.

I'm also more of a "grazing" smoker. I don't like getting totally stupid - just a few hits through out the day to keep me chill. :Namaste:


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Eating a mango about an hour before you smoke Bongs or Water Pipes can give you a stronger, more euphoric high. Even better, that mango may stop you from eating all those unhealthy munchies, and it gives you a dose of helpful vitamins and nutrients.
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