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Smoking etiquette!

Captain Kronic

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I was wondering... around here, we like to corner the bowl. I had never heard this term before about the last year now, I thought maybe some of you hadn't heard it yet either.
Alas, Google had the info so it's nothing new or earth shattering but... I have noticed that not many peeps that I know of use it... I think it's the only way to share top shelf!

"If you're offered the "green hit" (first hit), take it, but don't light the entire bowl. You can take a nice hit and still leave most of the green intact. This is called "cornering the bowl." Hold the lighter at the end of the bowl and suck the flame towards one corner of the weed. If the bowl is packed, there should be enough green for three or four people. (This tip is most appreciated with smoking expensive marijuana.)"

So I was wondering what others might consider as proper MJ smoking etiquette? :Namaste:


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YES you corner bowl or die! I don't want to see my bowl come back with no green.
Roller's rights and/or privileges (whoever rolled it gets greens) and sometimes packers privileges which is just mostly not done we just continue with whoever didnt hit it last.

Always use my bong mostly GOTTA corner with that or it eats lovely miss maryjane :bong:


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Totally agree with the "cornering." If I pass my fresh pipe and it comes back with no green on the bowl I simply ask them to "corner it" if it comes back again and it's burned - they get skipped next time.


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never heard the term,,, but, been doing it for years... GREEN is GOOD.... hehe


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I guess just sitting there and smoking the whole bowl yourself while those around you watch (with mouth agape in disbelief) is out of the question then lol


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Thanks for posting this, Captain! I have smoked for years but never heard of this. I'm always down to pick up 'good manners', so this is perfect. :goodjob: :tokin:

Be Irie

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Yep, if someone doesn't corner it then they move and stay at the end of the line... I don't give warnings, toast it and you are at the end of the line.... We call the last hit the butthole hit and that is saved for the buttholes.... :)
yeah i didn't know of the term but I've been cornering for years. My girl has caught on but sometimes I see her torching the whole thing. It sucks to get the dirty hits

Be Irie

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girlfriends and wifes are a different story though, cut them out of the green and they cut you off of the pink...... :yahoo: :)

Captain Kronic

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Another thing about etiquette is... if it's not your weed... don't take hits that you can't hold... EVERY TIME, it's just piggish is all!

I dont know about other people, but one thing that really bothers me is people who light a bowl that doesn't need to be. If its already cherried, don't torch it again, PLEASE. bugs the shit out of me hardcore

Wild Heart

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Well I have no reason to complain now because its all fat ass snaps from now on. My wife decided to take care of our 1 year and my birthday early. 20 inches tall palm tree perc with 22 tubes with 3 slits in each.




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So, after this cornering conversation with my friend, I told him that he gets no more warnings! He's going to get skipped next time he torches the bowl.

Late last night, I had just refilled my pipe and I passed him the green hit. He takes a hit passes it back and the entire bowl was black. I just asked him to stand up, and after he did I kicked him right in the shin and I said "come on son, learn to fucking corner the bowl!" damnit I was mad lol

I then smoked the rest of the bowl by myself and later apologized for kicking him.


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Great topic!!! I hate when you pack a bowl for someone and it comes back completely black...and roasted...like WTF!! If you get greenz....definitely you gotta corner or half the greens....I am also supprized how many don't know this.....

When I first moved to Cali...it was weird to me but people here pack what they call "snaps" Instead of packing the entire bong bowl, they just pack enough for one solid rip and that person clears it from green to ash...Kind of sucks when your last in rotation, but usually that spot is for the "scavanger smoker" anyways...lol... this ensures that everyone gets a solid green rip!!!

Some more etiquette:::
When passing a bowl/piece whatever you call it...if your a slobber smoker or even if your not...wipe the bowl end where your mouth goes before passing it...

If your sick....and you know it....don't be hitting other peoples pieces!!!! bring your own hitter and smoke by yourself...yea we like to share greens, but not the shitz...lol..

Don't puff on a blunt like its your first bit of oxygen in a year!! take a hit...hold it in...if you sit there puffing it like a cigar, your wasting the weed man!!! and you don't look cool doing it....lol I look at you like, why you wasting my weed homie!!! lol

When passing around a joint or blunt....don't crush the living shiz out of the end or tip....don't you understand common sense, if you take a garden hose and crush it...very little water comes thru.....

Never, I mean never pass someone an ass hit...cashed hit....unless that person is a scavenger smoker or someone that needs to get the hint..bring your own....there's nothing worse that not knowing u got a cashed hit that seems to powdercoat your throat with ash....

If a blunt, joint or piece is in rotation, hit that shit and pass it!!! dont babysit it and finish your conversation, because at that point, nobody is listening and everyone is wondering, when is this mofo going to pass it!!! lol... u hold it more than a minute is too long...lol

its puff puff pass with joints and blunts...I don't see why thats so hard to understand...u hit it 2x and pass it...not 3 or 4....unless its your greens..then do with what you like...lol

If you eatin some messy shiz, wipe your mouth before hittin the pipe...I don't want to taste cheetos when I'm smoking some kush....unless its a rare strain...lol

When your smokin with peeps...stay positive...nobody like a downer to sit there and complain...smoking is fun...keep it that way!!
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