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Smoking MJ when sick


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I recently got a cold, and was wondering if smoking MJ would be a good or bad idea



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The smoke might irritate your throat. I think vaping would be the best option. Or edibles would do the trick too.


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Brownies, muffins, pancakes. Anything that you can cook with Milk, Oil, or butter is able to be laced with brownies.

get a double boiler and boil water in the bottom and put what ever of the 3 liquids you plan on using on top and let it go for a few hours and BAM, your kickin it up notches.


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I get colds frequently and bronchitis once or twice a year (this has happened since I was about 7, well before I smoked weed). In fact I've got a mild cold right now - woke up with a headache, and my nose has been alternating between stuffed up and runny all day. I'm still smoking though, although exclusively out of water-filtered pieces like bubblers and bongs. I find that helps cut down on the throat irritation, along with taking smaller hits.

If you feel PAIN when taking a hit, however, I would say cease and desist smoking immediately and contact a doctor if you get any worse.:cool027:


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i personally hate smoking while im sick, i love some marinol or brownies though, but smoking while sick makes my skin crawl


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I've never really found smoking while sick to be worth it. Maybe if it's mild, like just a stuffy nose and a cough or something, but if it's any respectable illness, I usually don't get very high, and sometimes even feel worse than I did sober. Usually I just hold onto my buds and put them to better use when I get better (tolerance will go down as well. Hooray!)


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Have you tried anything over the counter? Cold meds work pretty good these days, and eliminate your symptoms in just a few hours. I'd stay away from the smoke until your better.

Remember germs spread very easily this time of year. Keep your pipes clean, and wipe them down with anti-bacterial solution.

Your not using my pipe if your sick:nicethread:


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i remember the first time i smoked when i was sick... on a tidepool rock surrounded by the ocean down on the beach, nice summer day no one around ... ahhh i loved it:rollit:

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I had strep throat all week and they had me on meds. But the one thing that took all the pain away was some bud. Not saying it works for everyone but smoking always helps the pain go away for me.


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I always smoke when I feel sick it really helps me ge thru the day. Im sick now and haven't missed one day of work thanks to good ole Marijuana.lol.


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if u got phleme/mucus buildup in ur throught a nice bong rip helps cough up alot of that shit but kills ur throat

That's true. Especially when you use ice cold water and add some peppermint extract.
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