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Smoking, or rather vaping, with a cold?


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I have one of those fun summer colds. Since I am just going to be sitting around resting and drinking gallons of water and orange juice, I'll be bored and not feeling great. What relieves boredom and makes you feel good? Weed of course. But is it a good idea? I know smoking isn't going to be good for me, but how about vaping? Any reason why I shouldn't? Right now symptoms are sore throat, cough and post-nasal drip.


I say vape on my friend. Dont think it will hurt anything all at this point. Possibly relieve some of ur symptoms. Definetly vaping is a better idea than smoking with a sore throat.

:peace: malibu


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Yeah, I had a cold once and vaping didn't make it get any worse. If anything, it relieved my symptoms for a while.


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Yeah, you might as well vape yourself some relief...I've always done that in the winter. Some older studies said pot lowers your immunity to colds, but more recent research has shown it's such a minor reduction of immunity, that it doesn't even matter. And vaporizing won't bother your sore throat! :13:


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Vaporizing is the best of the 2 choices IMO, because you will be less prone to the hacking cough and possible sore throat you could get from smoking with the cold. When I have a cold, I feel extra buzzed because of the fatigue & congestion I have, so I tend to go pretty light on the stuff...If anything, it may help you relax enough to get some sleep, if you choose to go ahead & use. I wish you a speedy recovery.:peace:


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So I vaped a little tonight and it was definately nice. I forgot how nice vaping was. No bloodshot eyes, my heart rate didn't go up, no excessive coughing (at least more than usual right now), and the come down doesn't make me feel as stupid. I need to vape more.

Wierd though, is my nose got stuffed up when I was high but nothing came out when I blew my nose. Maybe the change in pressure or something? Hope this doesn't turn into a sinus infection or anything.

Anyways, as you can tell I am still a little buzzed, so I think I will go vape a little more and go to sleep.


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If anything, it seems like vaping some weed might actually be helpful in your situation; smoking, not so much; but vaping? Why not? Sure helped me a couple nights ago when I had a super sore throat (felt swollen. No idea what caused it).
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