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Smoking weed after nose surgery?


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On tuesday I will have surgery due to the bone inside my nose is a little crooked, causing me to have problems breathing through my nose. It's not rhinoplasty, or major surgery. I will be given anesthesia.

Im wondering if it would be okay to smoke marijuana after the surgery, to help with the pain and sleeping. I will be given pain meds, but still I would prefer marijuana. My only concern is that the smoke could irritate my nasal passages even though I exhale through my mouth.
(not sure if the smoke even enters the nasal passageways, just a concern.)

Any advice is appriciated. I live in Norway so asking my doctor is not an option. Not sure if it matters but the doctor said I could continue weightlifting 1 week after the surgery.


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Within the context of sinus surgery, smoking weed is same as smoking anything else. There are plenty of resources that address the dangers of smoking after sinus surgery.

From John Hopkins(Preparing for Endoscopic Sinus Surgery):

"Smoking: Smoking can severely affect the outcome of your sinus surgery. Smoking causes increased scar tissue and poor healing that leads to failure of endoscopic sinus surgery. If you do smoke your surgeon will usually require you to stop smoking 3-4 weeks before surgery and avoid smoking for an additional month after surgery."
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