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Smoking Weed at Work


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Ok so this morning I was at work and the boss's wife was in and we are all in the backstore talking and she goes to the washroom. The boss comes in the backstore and is like "Where's Lisa?" and the dudes I work with are like, she's in the washroom and anyways, the boss starts knocking on the door and starts screaming "Lisa! No smoking in the washroom!! Open the door! I said no pot smoking in the washroom!! Open the goddam door for fucks sake!!" And the 2 dudes and I are looking at eachother like what the fuck and and start to laugh. The boss seemed to be mad serious. Comes around the corner and looks at us and says "Fuckin' pothead wife, thinks she's all smart, smokes in the washroom with the fan on.. pffff..." And he goes back and pounds on the door.

Anyways, at that point we were freakin out, laughing so hard, cuz he seemed so serious, we tought it was true. So anyways, it was just a gag in the end. But the story doesn't end there...

So she comes outta the washroom and we all laugh and stuff and I was at the machine to make signs about the specials and stuff. So I make one real quickly that said:


So i print that sign out and go in the washroom and stick it next to the light switch. Anyhoo, that was like at 11am. The sign stayed there all day. That means all the customers that went to try on cloths (like Under Armour gear - that's the only cloths we sell, the rest is equipment) or just needed to take a piss saw the sign... We only realized that at 5pm, once we locked the door... :laugh2:


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LOL. I smoke all the time at work, but I work mostly non-buisness hours so no one is around.
All I have to do is go into the paintroom turn on the fan and no worries at all.
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