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Smoking with a Detached Retna


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Back in October, my dad had to have surgury due to a detached retna in one of his eyes. He had to wear a patch for a long time and hold his head down. Well, Tuesday, after it was almost healed, his retna re-detached. So he had to have some surgury today to fix it again.

The thing is, he likes to smoke a little herb now and then. He told me that smoking might have effected his healing eye, and that he probably shouldn't do it anymore. I said, "how can smoking effect your eyes?" and he said, "well don't your eyes get all red? It's got to be doing something." so I said, "make some brownies" and he said, "they still get your eyes red."

I was just wondering, do any of you know if smoking could effect his healing eye? And do you think brownies would be cool? I personally don't think it was smoking that hurt his eye because he's smoked since October and everything was fine until now, and this sort of thing is isn't that uncommon to happen to anyone who has had a detached retna.


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Rastoner said:
THC supresses the immune system and cuases increased blood flow to the eye. Now this can be a good or bad thing. For people like me, who have an auto-immune disease and who have a higher risk of getting gluacoma (from family history and pills that I'm taking). This is very good.

For people like your dad, Its bad. So I would tell him to stop smokin herb untill it fully heals. Brownies won't help becuase it's not the smoke, its the THC that makes the eyes red.

OK man, thanks for the info. He's gonna be bored as fuck for a while, but I bet he'll be smoking again in no time anyways.
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