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Smoking with parents (and vice versa)


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I was looking for a reasonable response to this, and 420 seems to be the place to ask. (less idiots here)

My parents are old school hippies, so I was wondering what your thoughts are on generational smoking.

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If you were over 18 and confident enough to broach the subject with your folks, I think you would find they would be delighted to get high with you. I say that from a parents perspective.


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your thoughts are on generational smoking.

My thoughts are it's just fine.

My Mom is 82 years old.. always indulge when at her place in Vancouver. She doesn't mind a bit. But I don't smoke.. I vape or eat.. I know she'd be opposed to smoking. She's dealt with it since the 60's with her 5 kids.

My kids.. get stoopid with them but waited till they were out the house. Always indulged when they were growing up. They were quite aware when Dad was stoopid! They always got a giggle out of it.

My daughter is a purchasing manager for a SD computer company, my son, who graduated cum laude in micro-biology at UC Santa Cruz starts his first year at med school soon.

My kids get stoopid but they're not stupid.

Ask your parents about it.. you may be surprised at how "hip" they may be!


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My dad used to smoke, and though he's said he wishes it were legal so he could smoke again, I never seem to have the balls to bring it up. Not really so much because of what he'd say to the offer, but because I'm looking for a job and wouldn't approve of my Quick-Fix using ways. Maybe once I get the job thing secured and everything I'll see if he wants to burn on with me. He says the weed now is different, that back in the day he could smoke a joint and have a nice, functional, buzz. But the last couple times he's smoked with anybody, he takes a couple hits and gets all retarded. I think I can show him how to enjoy it, though. :3:

My uncle and I have smoked together a couple of times. He always starts out jokingly saying "I should be smoking with you." and then gets more and more serious about the statement as we go along, so usually he only sticks around for a few hits and then decides he shouldn't be doing it and leaves. :laugh2: It's cool though, he's a lightweight anyways.


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as a young teenager i would never have even dreamed of telling my parents voluntarily. i did get caught by mom when i was 16 and she was mad.

now, i have smoked with my mom and my dad. my dad is a regular smoker and will never quit. mom doesn't smoke as much anymore, she likes the bottle

when my 14 year old is older, if it ever comes up, i will smoke with him someday. but thats about 6 years away before i feel comfortable having that in common

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what experiences have you had with your parents/children?
I've never smoked with either of my two boys. One I would love to smoke and chill with, and one I can't and won't because he is a lieutenant in the Australian Army.
The issue of parents smoking when children are involved is a sensitive and often hotly debated topic. I think where children are involved, one must look at cannabis in a hard light and determine whether the cannabis consumption is use or abuse. I am firmly convinced that where one or more parents are abusing cannabis, the children will suffer. I think it comes down to the fact that cannabis is not suited to everyone.


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I started smoking with 2 of my kids when they were out of high school. We all sort of caught each other at the same time. 3rd kid doesn't care for it-- makes him sleepy. I talked to them about over-using. They all went to college on their own and have held responsible jobs for years and are very good citizens. If I had never smoked and my kids turned me on, I would consider it the greatest gift. My own mother would never consider it under any circumstances. I think different generations smoking together is the best but only if everyone handles it well.


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I would have no problem smoking with my parents, but that is ofcourse- If I did smoke.
Smoking makes me have anxiety attacks, but I'm happy and have come to terms with that fact that I don't smoke anymore.
It still interests me, and if If i did smoke I would have no problem toking up with my (future) kids, as long as I knew it was the right time. And the right time is what you feel in your bones, not 'when they're 21' or whatever.

So if you ever get to the point were it's comfortable to smoke with your parents/kids -Go for it. It's just another way to fish
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