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SmokingBowl's Simple Outdoor Grow


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What strain is it? bagseed
Is it Indica, Sativa or Hybrid? What percentages? good question
Is it in Veg or Flower stage? flower
If in Flower stage... For how long? early
Indoor or outdoor? outdoor
Soil or Hydro? soil
If soil... what is in your mix? composted cow manure
If soil... What size pot? holes dug varying size
Size of light? the sun!
PH of media or res? good question
Any Pests ? of course
How often are you watering? never
Type and strength of ferts used? none yet
# of Plants: 12


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Hello everyone and welcome to my grow.
i guess i will introduce myself now. i have grown 3 other times outodoors and this is my 4th. this is my first journal on 420mag or anyplace online. this is just a simple method im using and hopefully it gets me good results. im posting this online so you guys can comment and help my harvest out and give me some ideas for improving my next one


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lets call this plant one

plant 2

plant 3

plant 4

plant 5


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this is a branch thats burning up on plant 5 im not sure what it is

this is a broken branch i found today the outdoors are always full of unexpected dangers for plants

this one was killed when a slug ate the skin around the stem near the bottom theres not much left


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i have 7 more plants i have not visited in like a month i will have to go there soon so i can get some pics to post, they should be bigger and alot more exiting than these.
also i will add that i have not watered these plants or done much of anything since i brought them here even though we had almost no rain for a whole month and the drought broke when we had 7 inches of rain in one week. my compost holds water very well and i used no perlite to make it more airy.


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i started these girls in early may when i germinated them in jiffy pot starter pellets. let me add that these pellets worked fine for my purposes, they had a low germ for me so if your seeds are valuable to you i would advise using them. i used the 72 slot starter and had about 40 come up which was kinda low since i knew they were good seeds but i had pleny of seeds and didnt want that many plants anyways. Then i transplanted them into 3 gal flower pots full of my compost. my memory is a little hazy if i put them in small 4in pots first or not lol. anyways i would advise not putting seedlings in large pots simply because they can drown easier especially when the pots are outside and they get watered by rain. once my plants were 6-8 inches i put them in between some white plastic wrapped hay bales where they were to veg hidden from sight. apparently they got a little too much shade in there because they all sexed in june. at this point the bales of hay seemed like a blessing to me because i wasnt going to waste effort planting males! but unfortunately slugs love white plastic wrap and i noticed them all over it one day when i was out trying to sex. at this point i knew i had to move out the ones that had already shown hairs and sure enough they started killing my plants fast! i lost about 6 plants in the next week. in the end i had 15 plants that were female that made it to their chosen spots to finish outdoors. there are now 12 plants left for me to make this journal with. Actually i was planning on growing 10 plants this year i only started with 72 because i knew from past experience to start with more than i need. germination till 6 inches tall is where i loose about half my starting seeds, then 50% of whats left will be males, and finally i account for 30% "casualties" between sexing and finish and i must say when growing outdoors, these percentages have proven true for the last 3 years for me.

this is about how big the plants were when i moved them to their spots in late june


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i bought some nutes at the hydro store and i would love to get your opinions if i should give them any.

this is the stuff i bought for an indoor grow i am working on and i might use some outdoors to what do you think would be best for them?


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oh i forgot too add. the plants are in 3 spots. spot 1 has plant 1&2 in it it used to have 4 but a slug killed one and a deer trampled the other. i dug bug holes for spot 1 probably 15-20gal hole i filled with compost.
spot 2 has plants 3-5 in it the fourth was also killed by a slug. i dug smaller holes for these plants probably 10-12 gal.
my third spot which i have not taken or uploaded pictures of yet is a compost pile on the east side of some woods i planted 7 plants in this and although i have not seen it in a long time i expect the plants to be monstrous, last year i had 4 plants there and they all yelled a pound, the only thing was they looked like they were still full of nitrogen the leaves were still green in early october when i cut. The bud was also very leafy and trimming was a pain. i was wondering if giving them bloom nutes this season would help them finish and stay less leafy?

this is a pic of my compost, its a small hole i cleared of weeds from my compost pile


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i just checked my 3rd spot and sadly there are only 4 out of 7 left. i didnt take any pics cause it was at night. the plants were leaning over pretty bad, but i guess thats a good problem cause there big. one plant is actually massive and the stem was split 4 times at the bottom even tho its as thick as a pop can, im gona go back with bamboo sticks and see what the hell im going to do with it. it has a 6ft branch laying on the ground in each north south east west direction its filled a 6x6 area pretty full.

gona post pics soon you will want to see the last 4 plants!


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ok sorry for so long since last update. i have not done much with the plants since last post except prop them up using y shaped twigs and some cheap bamboo sticks. i did give them a gallon each of 20ml botanicare bloom 2ml big bud 2 ml carboload and a bit of molases. i was surprised to see the plants budding so much already i wonder if the water stress earlier in the season had anything to contribute. also it seems i have mostly sativas this year with only one or two indica dominant plants unless you think otherwise.
plant 1 update:

plant 2 looking tall:

plant 2 bud/stem shots:


plant 3 coming along fast: wish i had more like this

plant 4 and 5 they look really similar budding nicely looks like they will be early


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And finally i made it to take pics of "The Beast" i shall name it! its definelty in the top 3 biggest plants i ever had and it took alot of work proping back up, there were 4 or 5 limbs split off the trunk and the whole thing was lying flat when i found it
front view looking west compost pile its on/behind is kinda out of the shot, the woods are right behind it:

view looking east, there are budsites everywhere plant mush be 6ft across! Also i may not have been able to save that one branch:

The mighty stem on this beast:

here are the other plants i have in this spot. There was one short plant i didnt take a pic of, it was indica mabey and needed more light. i weeded around it mabey when its got buds ill take a pic, the rest are sativa for sure. i wish they had more light but they are growing just how i wanted, the lower part is behind the compost pile and there is just the top getting light, they are hidden as well as i could have hoped in this spot


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ok time to update this thing. today i checked out the plants again i just pulled some dead leaves out of the colas, didnt water or feed them. it would be great if somone commented on this journal ive been wondering what you thought are these indica/sativa? what ratios u think? does it remind you of a strain? name?

this is plant 1 and its top bud, im not impressed by this one its kinda small especially since this was one of the large holes i dug and it is a late bloomer

this is plant 2 its pretty tall, i cant reach the top bud and it was hard to fit in a pic but i got a nice shot of a side bud and im stoked! im guessing this is sativa at least 90% what do u think?

next we have plant 3 and its definetly a bit obese lol! when i checked the bud out it was still immature and has a lot of growing to do. i thought it was indica untill i saw it today and the bud structure didnt seem right, i remember seeing skunk sativa pics with fat buds so this might be a sativa?

i picked the top bud i guess i couldnt help myself :p but the way i see it if something happens to it in the next 2 weeks/month at least i harvested something. to my horror i noticed the insides of this bud are mold paradise, the pistils the plant sent out in early june are all over looking dead and brown also the leaves that have crispedup and fallen off left nasty little brown stubs, i noticeds one spot of mold in the bud (affecting 3 calyxes) i cut it out and put directly under a fan to dry asap i dont want another plant to get ruined by mold spreading before the bud is dry

finally we have plants 4 and 5 and they are finally starting to look a little different at first i thought they were sisters. both look kinda sativa and only have bud on the ends of the branches but the one is a little fatrther along and has indica structure i think, the other im not sure. the yeilds will be pretty low with these 2 plants but they look like there pretty safe from bud rot


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hope i can get to the other spot in a day or 3 to check things out and get some pics. its definetly a more exiting patch and i wish i had more pics to upload but i simply havnt been out there. also regarding my plant that will probably start bud roting on me soon, could bloom fertilizers help finish it faster if i gave it some? and speaking of fertilizer when i do visit my other patch im going to bring some bloom ferts because those plants seemed less mature, the compost pile they are feeding from may be giving a lot of N? mabey because it gets east sun it makes them later flowering? mabey both... hope that i can kick them into budding with some botanicare bloom, probly add molases and AN Big bud just for kicks. i wonder if anyone looking at this tread has ever dealt with a high N potting mix and what you did to kick the girls into flower


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OK I finally made it to the other 5 plants and i sure wish i had checked on them sooner, 2 of them were down again and the buds were rotting , of course my biggest plant is just too damn big for its own good and looks terrible. also i think termites or some other similar pest have gotten into the stem and i think the left half of the plant (front view) is toast and that sad branch from last time was dead too.
this is the first pic in my journal from this plant, its about 3 feet tall and i was surprised how much bud its making since last time it seemed too small and whimpy to even bother taking a pic


this is one of the plants that went down on me, the leaves arent facing the sun yet

heres a bud shot not sure if it was from the downed plant or the next one

this one has some big ass budz forming i think the bloom ferts i gave them last time did the trick and snapped her out of N abundance that this spot showed me last season.

this plant is also making some nice buds and its a nice sturdy plant that hasnt given me any flopping over problems. i think the soft compost i have these in and the fact that they make all the bud/weight facing east toward the sun is whats giving me trouble with most of these plants



im not sure what plant out of the 5 this bud is from.

heres what i have left from my big plant, as you can see proping it up the second time hasnt worked as well as it did the first, i also picked 2 healthy branches because i needed to shed some weight to get the rest off the ground, they look like they have an ounce each once they are dried

heres the stem again it hasnt grown as much as i hoped

heres a front view you can see only half the plant is healthy, the other half was down and i think that half of the stem is infected also :(

and i have these other 2 front shots i couldnt keep track of which plants they are from, the one with big buds is one of the 2 heavy setters, and the smaller one i think is the same plant as the tall one with the bamboo support from my previous update from this spot


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i checked out the first 5 plants again today and did some harvesting. i picked all of plants 3 and 4 and half of plant 2. they werent done ripening but i noticed a few borers in plant 4 and it just looked like it was giving up on life. plant 3 finally was starting to finish also and i think the mold was going to start eating more than the plant was growing, luckilly theres not much as long as it doesnt spread during drying.
heres some bud shots

and some plant shots

i threw in 2 pics of what im guessing is powdery mildew that is on a bunch of plants in the area of plants 3-5 i saw a little on my plants leaves but they must have been fairly resistant, im glad they didnt look like that.
if you can see the line about halfway up the plant where leaves are green under the line and yellowing above it thats where i harvested the top half, i didnt bring my loupe but i could see the trichs were cloudy


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i checked on the big plant today and had to take the left half which had resisted me proping it back up by snapping the rest of the way theres still more than an average plant growing at least and it smells really good, i smoked a bit of it i dried for like 2 days, it didnt taste great yet but it was very potent.
I think my harvest from these ten plants will be 4lb by my guess which is a hell of alot better per plant than all my other grows.
I did the maths and it seems that in a 365day year i will have just under 5g per day smoke for the year... not too shabby. of course on a bad day when i really need to medicate heavy i can smoke a gram at a time (my water bong holds about 1g) and do it every 2 hours, considering im awake 18 hrs a day usually thats 9g i consume (during the winter its easy lol). i have doubts whether my stash will last me the whole year, i guess i got to conserve a little :439:
Ya just to clear anything up this is definetly a personal use grow im not dealing this to the cartels lol and if it was totally free and legal i bet i would smoke 15g+ a day but alas i must restrain myself :tokin:


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afternoon SB

just got done reading and lookin at ur journal, it's all good , look's like to me :goodjob:

I enjoyed it , it was a good read and great pics, all that from bag seed, not fuckin bad......:) ur good to go for a while...

I've got two, a 5'.5'' bubblegum and a fem. seed, ''swiss cheese'' and it's about 6'.5''+ and they r both doing great . the bubblegum will be ready ummmmm maybe 4-6 days at the most, there mostly cloudy but no amber's at all .. the swiss cheese will be ready maybe a week to 10 days by the looks of the tric's , lots of cloudy stuff, but if u look deep into the bud the tric's r still clear down in on the calysts(sp), so , I guess I just keep and eye on them.

hea smoking bowl best of luck with the rest of ur harvest, and thanx for the great post and pics

be well and regards



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thanks for stopping by fringe501 ya im happy with this years turnout so far too :) i grew some bublegum before and it was pretty good, definetly has a taste thats different from all the bagseed i ever grew, a really good taste! the cuts i grew only had bud on the tips of the branches it definetly wasnt a super yeilder but theres nothing wrong with harvsting a plant thats all colas. mabey different cuts have diff structure to them tho? let me know how the swiss cheese is ive been looking into getting some strains that finish in september and can handle a wet climate


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heres another little update but no pics. the weather has been ok to me this fall so far its only been raining every 5 days or so instead of every 3 like i'm used to. temps have been chilly lately with plenty of clouds and they forecasted the low at 37 with frost warning for yesterday but it didn't get that cold luckily. chance of thunder storms tomorrow :/ we have been getting temps that are exactly average this september according to the newspaper and the 90day extended forecast shows above average oct,nov,december due to the canadian vortex not forming which blows cold air down to us from the far north most years :)

I checked the compost plants briefly yesterday when i went out to gather soil to send to the lab. the plants are swelling up nicely but they have 90% white hairs and trichs are pretty clear looking so i will wait on pics to surprise you with. I will just say that I haven't had buds this fat without major mold issues ever before and so far no sign of bud rot even in the densest part of the biggest buds.
I got two soil samples sent in one from my compost pile and one from a muck field I thought would replace peat but the soil is alot heavier than peat. I never had a soil test done before but hopefully I will be able to use the data to amend next year and have something to grow trees with. Im looking to build soil that has my major nutrients to be off the charts, my micro nutes somewhere in the middle, and a high CEC.
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