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Snapped clone first grow


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hi all

this is my first post and first grow.
the day started full of promis as i awaited the arrival of my first two clones (lemon diesel) for my first grow, a dwc scrog with 2x400w mh for veg changing to hps for flower.
i waited patiently all day when finally the big moment arrived when my good friend dropped them off.
they went straight to the veg room to be poped into there net pots. the first was removed from the box but when i went back to get the second, imagen my horror to find the second was snapped! not just a little but completely off 1/3 of the way up the stem.
the clone was well established with good roots probably 7 inches tall (before it snapped) and still has a few leaves
i have put it in the pot regardless with the water lapping at the bottom and what i want to know is what are its chances of survival and if t dose survive how far behind its sister clone it will be.

apologies for any sloppy spelling it really isn't a strong point



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You should try to add some rooting hormone in order to give the little guy a fighting chance

I'll have to wait until Monday when the hydroponic shop is open. hopfully the shock wont have done her in before then. How long dose it usually take for tge roots to start making there way through the net pots?


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I had damage to two of my clones. The main stem ended up dying off. One ended up pretty good, short and very bushy, the other never grew very tall compared to the other clones started at the same time.

From what I know, it seems to effect the whole life/size of the plant.

I don't know your situation, but if you really want a large healthy plant, you might want to grab a new clone.

One other thing I noticed was that when I made my 26 clones, the longer stemmed ones, started growing taller faster. I don't know if this is luck/chance or what, but I took clones of different sizes, and it seem the longer branch clones grow more and grew faster.

These plants seem to handle a lot of stress/damage if you take reasonable care of them, so it'll probably find a way to live, but you can almost count on a much smaller plant.


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It may recover from the shock (which is actually pretty great) if you take good care of it and you have to patch it somehow, i.e. rejoin the bottom part of the stem; the one with the root, with the top part; with the branches and leaves. If it recovers it will spend a lot of energy reinforcing that point and it'll swell in that spot, so it might take a while to grow but eventually it'll catch up, specially in veg.
The other option is to discard the roots system and plant the rest again where the stem broke (some trimming might be required) with some rooting solution and put it in whatever medium you use. This will probably take longer but I think the chance for recovery is improved, but I might be mistaken.

Happy growing.
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