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Sneaky's Back After A Blue Dream


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Hey guys I'm back it's been a long break but I have as always a plant outside inthe great Australian sun
This year I am trying out a Blue Dream CBD
10% of both thc and cbd
Growing in a mixture of soil and coco in the ground.
Cana nutrients
I have topped her multiple times and only just tied her down ready for flower stretch I topped the main centre cola aswell when I tied her down. She's been lollipopped aswell so quite naked under there

I'll be updating with pics every few days she will be flowering any time soon now


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Nice one mate, just finished a blue dream. Really enjoyed the smoke. She didnt really handle my tents high humidity, a little stretch through flowering. Friend of a friend that recieved one of the extras.

Best of luck, excited to see how she turns out.


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Update on the blue dream about 6-7 weeks in flower now smells so sweet almost a berry crossed with pepper smell

Trichome production is going great

She's using a lot of energy from fan leaves now as I am not feeding her anymore going with just clean water

Abit of purple coming in through the sugar leaves now with the drop in temperature I will be pushing this girl right to the end


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