Sneaky's Brian Berry Cough & Gang


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Hi 420 fam sneaky here starting a new journal after a successful outdoor season.
I have just ordered a 5 pack of TGA subcool Brian berry cough seeds. they are regular photos.
I also received a bunch of freebies which I'm pretty stoked with
1x dinafem kush n cheese fem
1x blimburn seeds Girl Scout cookies fem
1x dinafem critical cheese
1x blimburn granddaddy purple
1x humboldt blue dream cbd
1x g13 labs Pineapple Express auto
1x reserva prida sour diesel
Should receive these in around 2 weeks I used stealth shipping
In the mean time I'll get my tent setup again, I'll probably put the auto outside never done an auto so will be interesting to see what happens with it outside in the cold.
I'll be using a mix of cfl and led lights
Oscillating fan
Exhaust fan with carbon filter
Everything will be in coco mixed with perlite
Canna nutes again not going to change what works
Tents a growlush 900x900x2100

Looking forward to sharing this one with you all
re: Sneaky's Brian Berry Cough & Gang

Subbed in mate, quite interested in the Brian Berry Cough :) Genetics look awesome :thumb: Strawberry Cough x Space Queen :circle-of-love:
Great to see so many TGA grows, thinking about grabbing that 9 pound hammer soon and a few others, hopefully attitude might have a TGA promo in the near future :) I hear there may be a new archive drop soon, looking to grab some of their gear also :thumb:
Subbed in, looking forward to it.

Feral, should we try swing him to the darkside before he sets
everything up?

Sneaky, can we twist your arm to give a cmh light a crack?
I know you mentioned LED and cfl's, just thought i might be able
to convert you before you set it up. haha

Subbed in anyway mate, should be good ;)
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