Sneaky's Brian Berry Cough & Gang

Hot today
I topped the two taller tops on the kush n cheese last night and topped the main cola on the Brian berry cough pheno #1
I'll get some pics up soon it's bloody hot out there!

The critical cheese is set for a new home as I'm not too keen on having 4 girls flowering outside and as the critical cheese is a uk cheese X skunk it is potently stinky the less smell out here the best given last year lol
Dinafem Aussie

They seem to have good seeds from the plants ive seen on here. Will be nice. I have a critical sensi star going (delicious seeds) but they say its a limited brancher and more for SOG the more ive been reading. May not fit my style but looing forward to it none the less. Might just let it do one big bud amoungst the canopy.
Lost my train of thought on that. Was going to say i love skunk and cheese strains. Always great smoke. Its hard to beat a good skunk i reckon. I wonder what the best most pure skunk around is theee days. Someone should have taken it to a whole new level by now. Been around since i first started shaving my bum fluff...
Yeah I done an og kush from dinafem which hermied right at the end.
A few toppings and it will branch has no choice then

True, but some strains respond better than others. Some just go off. Others take a weeks vacation. Like most things i dont beleive much of it till i give it a bash myself anyway. Pesimistic old bastard i am...
As with last season I have moved a couple plants on to new homes
Sad to see them go but I will pay them a visit.
So the kush n cheese and Brian berry cough #2 will be staying home.
Also a bit lighter on me if i was to be caught.
I will be getting some of the other girls when they are done too which is good .

Kush n cheese by dinafem


Looking lanky but strong . I am dealing with mites on her tho which is a pain in the ass!

Brian berry cough by tga subcool


She looks great very healthy no mites and spotted a pray mantis on her
Mate the cops will weigh the pots and all, even the chook shed and claim a street value of 2.7million dollars anyway. Tho if you tell the judge you had one plant ( 3kilos) its better than if you had 16 plants with a gram each in solo cups. Its fucked up.
Yeah that's it mate throw a few shovels of dirt on the scales too sand the full watering can haha
here 1 outdoor plant is a citation on the spot fine
2-5 they up the charge unless you can prove personal. Think I'll have an easier chance with 2 then I would with 4
Plus not much room for 4 decent plants atleast this way anything does happen I'll still have some going somewhere else.

Would love to have seen all four out but after last seasons effort with smell I don't think I can really push it lol
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