Sneaky's White Widow x Big Bud Outdoor Feminized


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Welcome to my second grow journal!

I have picked out my number 1 WWXBB seedling
From herbies female seeds which I had 100% success rate germinating soaked for 24hrs in cup of water then into paper towel till about 1.5cm tap root.
Moved into a solo cup of canna pure coco 4 weeks ago
Popped up 48 hrs later now 3 weeks old approx 6 inches tall X 9 inches wide 50/50 indica sativa.
I am feeding 3ml-1ltr canna coco a+b daily and once a week they receive 0.5ml/1ltr flair form CMX cal mag iron.
She will be transplanted to a 17 gal fabric grow pot next weekend and moved into the garden!!
This will be a long veg time approx 3 months and hoping she finishes around mid January early feb.

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I am getting some nute burn which is getting to it rather quick. I found this problem last time aswell I will be dropping my nutes back to 2ml per litre she was much happier at that level

Besides this growth is still coming along quickly and she's throwing off quite a nice smell already. If my grow bag gets here before the weekend I'll be transplanting earlier as the weather is going to be great come Thursday. I will be mixing in some perlite as it's going to be such a big bag it'll take a bit to dry out.

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Well there goes that as I decided to put her into the enclosed vege patch out in the sun today and the dog have never gone in there. Well I go out and and the dog has decided it wanted to go in there today aswell and pulled the plant out of the cup!! I've replanted her but I don't know if it will pull through so I'm going to pop my afgani seeds too just in case!!

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