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Sneaky's White Widow x Big Bud Outdoor Feminized


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Hey man. Looks like you are looking after that plant really well. I grew a plant that it reminds me of that was a nightmare. Few females who were prone to switching and weird stunted seedlings with genetic mutations or something caused them to be all crinkled and stunted in same growing medium same seed batch. I didn't want to be negative because yours looks fine you got these seeds off the internet?


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Ok just looking out for you didn't mean to be negative. Wasnt going to say anything but I thought what good is that if you've had experiences good AND bad you should share them. The plants that I had problems with that looked similar in strain were bag seed. I got batch of like 100-200 and they were all very small for seeds and grew mostly absolute nightmares. Anyways looking good man sorry to introduce bag seed paranoia for no reason.


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Start to have a think about it for sure. Depends what you want to end up with. Can I recommend essential viewing to answer your question?

How to grow "Mendo Dope" from Seed - Part 1 - YouTube

You are welcome in advance [emoji6]
Thanks for the vid! Mad outdoor like to find episode 2!!?
I'm still not sure but I think I will top once and remove another set of bottoms
I took one set and buried it to that depth at transplant.



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Watch 1-5 man they end up 14lb monsters. Just google "how to grow mendo dope from seed pt. X" (X=1-5)

Here is pt. 2 for example.

How to grow "Mendo Dope" from Seed - Part 2 (Vegetive State Of Mind) - YouTube

Also should be next video along naturally on YouTube. ie press skip track button after video and hit play. Or just hit play while it's losing after video finishes. Should be pt. 3!

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