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Sneaky's White Widow x Big Bud Outdoor Feminized


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Sneaky in 7-10 days when you are done drying can I straight up loan your humidifier and scrubber off you. I don't want to ask my friend(s) have become jealous and are out for paydays lol. I just don't want to screw everything up. Only as a last resort tell me when you are done drying. I'm going for 45%.

Oh don't forget to dark it out.



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Wow Sneaks, an exciting end!
Seriously man, I don't know you from Adam, but I've loved every minute of this grow!
Informative entertainment!
Remember, just because you're paranoid, doesn't mean some dick isn't plotting to steal your apples!
Hats off champ...job very well done!

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Thanks well waters I've enjoyed your encouragement

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Damn sneak, I'm jelly. You have yourself a yield. Looking like a couple kilos. I pulled mine, it basically ended up drying out. But I have a clone of her I'm going to try before I end it till the fall. Just gotta flush out the old soil the momma was in. Anyways brother I envy you mate. Totally awsome!

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Congratulations on your harvest :high-five::48:


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Got them cleaned up real quick. Your a gun. Some great nugs in there. Huge colas. Loved the video. You'll need to drive over a weigh bridge down the local truck depot.

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