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Sniff sniff sniff sniff: What y'all smoking on?


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Finally Friday! I thought the weekend would never get here.

I’m gonna enjoy the excellent 2nd album by Aerosmith, Get Your Wings.
This set of songs are probably my favorite from the band.

Slick. Sleazy. Spacey. Stoney. Sexy. Sassy. Sensual
This rockin’ record captures the band in their raw formative years. Sounds great after all these decades and stands the test of time as a strong testament to good ol’ American hard rock.
Sounds like the band is playing in your living room.
Very good but basic and simple production. The songs speak for themselves.

“Same Old Song and Dance” is a great rocker and a fine LP opener. “Lord of the Thighs” is pretty greasy, while “Seasons of Wither” shows the sensitive side of their songwriting. “Woman of the World” is sophisticated and mature in its delivery. “Spaced” is a great stoner’s experience. Yeah - great album.
No headphones tonight. This one deserves to be played at maximum volume. Ok - reasonable volume!

An indulgence in some cannabis definitely enhances the vibe.
It’s gonna be some homegrown Afghan Kush to go along with it. Happy Friday everyone!
Yay for the weekend! :bong::blunt:



I see it is closing in on 11:00. Time for a breakfast bowl (simply because I can) consisting of some Sour Banana Sherbet. That was my latest $100 ounce purchase at $90 (thanks to the military discount). It's pretty decent at 21.94% THC and for what it is worth, .04% CBD).

Also got an ounce of Twisted Citrus. Granted, it is only 15.43% THC, but it was only $80 per ounce, so we couldn't pass it up (they also charge $4.20 per gram for this, which I thought mildly amusing). Haven't tried it yet though.

Now to step out for my breakfast bowl, get today's eBay listings up, then post an update on my Tardis grow journal. :)


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I’m winding up the weekend with the very fine 3rd LP from U2.

This album really shows the band finding their sound. Raw & real. They sound like the worlds best garage band here, with basic, minimalistic production.
The Edge’s angular, choppy rhythm guitar style is in full bloom on this set of songs.

The recording features their classics “New Years Day “ & “Sunday Bloody Sunday”, but all the other tracks are strong too.
“Like a Song” & “Two Hearts Beat As One” are standouts to me personally.
Edge gets to sing one too. “Seconds” is his and he does a great job on the vocals.

Some homegrown Gorilla Glue tops of a fine listen.

Hope everyone had a good weekend!




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Going way back in time with this album. 1966... 53 friggin’ years ago!

Considered to be the beginnings of psychedelic rock, Revolver is an amazing record.

John took the lead with trippy tunes like “She Said She Said”, “I’m Only Sleeping” and the epically stoney “Tomorrow Never Knows”.

George had the rocking “Taxman”, the oddly discordant “I Want to Tell You” and the Indian inspired “Love To You”.

Paul offered up the haunting “Eleanor Rigby”, the lovely “Here, There and Everywhere” and the upbeat “Got To Get You Into My Life”.

Ringo sang the kiddie’s favorite “Yellow Submarine”.

Some homegrown Acapulco Gold goes great with this LP.

“And Your Bird Can Sing”...

Happy Friday one and all!

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Dry sifted mix of GDP, Cookies, Green Rhino, and Bubba Kush. So delicious, and stoney!
Sounds like a winner!

I might bust out the bong tonight to burn a little blonde hash I made from sift.

Headed to Flavortown!
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